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Brás Esteves (Teves) MP (c.1520 - c.1615)

Braz Teves, * Ilha da Maderia, falec. S Paulo, SP. Veio casado da ilha da Madeira, segundo Silva Leme, Teves (corrompido no Brazil em Esteves). Proprietário do engenho de açúcar ch...

? Teves (deceased)

Agnes Valente (Teves) (deceased)

Agueda diago Teves (Longa) (deceased)

Alda Teves Costa (deceased)

Alda de Teves Costa (1884 - 1960)

Alfred Clyde Tavares Teves (1881 - d.)

Ana de Teves (deceased)

Andrea Maria de Teves y Villamizar (deceased)

Ane Marie jacob Algren (Teves) (c.1762 - 1818)

Angel Teves (deceased)

angelina Teves (deceased)

Anne Marie Catharina Lüneburg (Teves) (1831 - 1915)

Antonia Dias Leme (Teves) (deceased)

Antonio teves (1959 - 1955)

Antónia de Teves (deceased)

Aquilino Teves (c.1887 - d.)

Ariston Villamil Teves (c.1821 - d.)

asela tatad teves (deceased)

Augusto Teves (deceased)

Augusto Torralba Teves (deceased)

Aurelia (deceased)

Barbara Teves (deceased)

Benedicta Teves (Pinto) (deceased)

Benita Teves (deceased)

Benjamin Pro. Teves (deceased)

Bernardo Teves (deceased)

Bernardo Teves (deceased)

Bernardo Jr. Teves (deceased)

Bernice Teves (Hussman) (deceased)

boris teves (deceased)

Braz Teves (deceased)

Carl TEVES (deceased)

Carlos Teves (deceased)

Carmelina Teves (deceased)

Carmen Aberasturi Teves (Gonzalez) (1920 - c.1988)

Carmen Teves (deceased)

Carmen Pastor (deceased)

Cecilia Teves (deceased)

Charles TEVES (deceased)

Claudia Teves (1905 - 2000)

Condrada Custodio (Teves) (deceased)

Cornelia Teves (deceased)

Cresencio teves (deceased)

Dada Teves (deceased)

Darling Teves (deceased)

David C. Teves (1941 - 2007)

Diego de Teves (deceased)

Diego Vas de Teves (deceased)

Dominga Teves (deceased)

Dominges de Teves Aguiar (deceased)

Domingo Teves (deceased)

Domingues de Teves (deceased)

Doroteo M. Teves (c.1858 - d.)

Nanay Tiyay (deceased)

Eda Teves (deceased)

Edward Teves (deceased)

Edwin Teves (deceased)

Edwin Teves (deceased)

Elisa Teves (deceased)

Elvira Teves Rodrigues (deceased)

Emilio Teves (deceased)

Emilio Teves Yuipco (deceased)

Emilio Teves (deceased)

Engel Varnhagen (Teves) (deceased)

Engr Teves (deceased)

Enriqueta Teves (deceased)

Escolastica Teves (deceased)

Escolatica Teves (deceased)

Esperanza 'Peran' Zayco Teves (1930 - 2009)

Ester Teves (deceased)

Eufemia Molo (Teves) (deceased)

Eugenia Teves (deceased)

Eustaquia Teves (c.1830 - d.)

Eva Teves (deceased)

Evencio Teves (deceased)

Fausta Teves (deceased)

Felicidad Tribiana (Teves) (1914 - d.)

Felix Teves (deceased)

Feliza Teves (deceased)

Fidelina Jeanjaquet Teves (deceased)

Filomena Teves (Agravante) (deceased)

Francisca Guivelondo Teves (Guivelondo) (deceased)

Francisca teves (deceased)

Francisco Teves (deceased)

Francisco Teves (deceased)

Francisco Teves (deceased)

Francisco de Paula Teves (deceased)

Contra -Almirante da Armada Portuguesa.

Fred Teves (deceased)

Gaspar Teves, caballerizo mayor (deceased)

Gaspar de Teves, marqués de la Fuente (deceased)

Gaspar de Teves (deceased)

Gaspar de Teves, I marqués de la Fuente (deceased)

? ? TEVES (deceased)

"Maquita" Germana Romão de TC (deceased)

Golden 'Laie' Teves (1926 - 2011)

Aunty Golden Laie Kamauoha Teves whose birthday was yesterday, May 2nd, has returned home to our Heavenly Father and our ohana. Services are scheduled for Monday, May 16th at the Kaimuki Chapel of The ...

gonzalo teves (deceased)

Guadalupe Pesons-Teves (1915 - 2005)

Herman Richard Teves (1921 - 1998)

Hermenigildo Teves (deceased)