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Anna Ticho MP (1894 - 1980)

Anna TichoAnna Ticho (אנה טיכו) (born 1894, died 1980) was a Jewish artist who became famous for her drawings of the Jerusalem hills. In 2005, she was v...

? Reininger (Ticho) (deceased)

? Kritzler (Ticho) (deceased)


Abraham Ticho (deceased)

Dr. Abraham Albert Ticho (1883 - 1960)

Abraham Ticho (1883-1960) -- Born in Moravia, Dr. Ticho arrived in Jerusalem in 1912 determined to battle the trachoma and other endemic eye diseases that caused thousands of cases of blindness among t...

Adelheid Breda (Ticho) (b. - 1883)

Albert Ticho (deceased)

Alfred Ticho (deceased)

Antonia Ticho (Rieger) (1897 - d.)

Baruch Ticho (deceased)

Baruch Ticho (1889 - d.)

Benjamin Ticho (deceased)

Bernhard Ticho (deceased)

Berta Ticho (Braun) (deceased)

Chana Ticho (Hillel) (1898 - 1956)

David Ticho (deceased)

Dr. Josef Ticho (deceased)

Elsa Ticho (Herzog) (1894 - 1978)

Elsa Vogel (Ticho) (deceased)

Else Ticho (deceased)

Eugen Ticho (deceased)

Fanni Ticho (Pollak) (deceased)

Felix Ticho (b. - c.1991)

Filip Phillip Ticho (1854 - 1910)

Fritz Ticho (deceased)

Georg Rudi Ticho (deceased)

Heinrich Ticho (deceased)

Ida Kirschner (Ticho) (1887 - d.)

Wedding record (288)

Ignatz Itzhak Zvi Ticho (deceased)

Ignaz Ticho (deceased)

Irma Ticho (deceased)

Jack Ticho (deceased)

Jakob Ticho (deceased)

Jiří Ticho (1934 - 1942)

Josef Ticho (deceased)

Laura Ticho (Beer) (c.1850 - 1908)

Laura Esther Ticho (Beer) (b. - 1908)

Marie Handl (Ticho) (deceased)

Wedding 1875: Year 1875 Numerative 584 Code 2 Volume Tempelgasse Last Name Handl First Name Hermann Dr. Parents Last Name Ticho First name Marie

Max Ticho (deceased)

Max Ticho (deceased)

Mizzi Ticho (Jellinek) (1904 - d.)

Nanny Ticho (Himmelreich) (deceased)

Nathan Ticho (deceased)

Netti Broch (Ticho) (deceased)

Olga Ticho (Hohenberg) (1896 - 1988)

Birth record:

Resi Ticho (Fuchs) (deceased)

Dr. Robert Ticho (deceased)

Rosa Stern (Ticho) (deceased)

Rosa Ticho (Loewy) (1900 - c.1953)

Rosa Ticho (Löw) (deceased)

Salomon Ticho (deceased)

Sara Reiniger (Ticho) (1873 - 1944)

Dokumentationsarchiv des österreichischen Widerstandes First Name Sarah Last Name Reiniger Date of Birth 24.08.1873 Place of Birth Boskovice Residence Wien 2, Gr. Schiffgasse 5 Dat...

Sophie Ticho (Tudiover) (b. - 1989)

Stephen Ticho (deceased)

Trude Politzer (Ticho) (deceased)

Victor Ticho (c.1890 - d.)

Viktor Ticho (deceased)

Vilém Ticho (1903 - 1942)

Yosef Ticho (deceased)