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Abraham Todd, Jr. MP (1738 - 1797)

Rev. Abraham Todd MP (1710 - 1772)

Alexander Humphreys "Aleck" Todd MP (1839 - 1862)

Alexander Todd, called “Aleck” by Mary, served in Benjamin Helm’s 1st Kentucky Calvary regiment. He was killed during the Battle of Baton Rouge on August 5, 1863. It is recorded th...

Ann Marie Todd MP (1822 - 1891)

Ann Todd MP (1520 - 1571)

Ann Powell (Todd) MP (c.1732 - 1813)

Sources More York, Lancaster, Chester and Philadelphia Todds

Anna Agnes Todd or Tidd (Dane) MP (c.1564 - 1651)

m. 1588, Yarmouth, Isle Of Wight, England John Tidd /Anne Or Agnes Dane b. abt 1563, Of Yarmouth, Isle Of Wight, England d. bur. occ. cen. im. . ud. b. abt 1564/1567, Yarmouth, Isle Of Wight, Hampshir...

Anne Todd (Gorsuch) MP (1637 - 1694)

In 1664 Thomas Todd came from England and settled in Ware Parish, Gloucester Co., Virginia, bringing with him his wife and one or two children born in England. He was a ship master and died at sea in 1...

Mike Todd MP (1907 - 1958)

Michael Todd was an American theatre and film producer, best known for his 1956 production of Around the World in Eighty Days , which won an Academy Award for Best Picture. He is also well-known as the...

Carolyn J Crawford (Todd) MP (1940 - 2009)

Carolyn J. Crawford, 68, of Perry, Oklahoma, was the daughter of Hubert Riley and Georgie Violet (Inman) Todd. She was born on June 28, 1940 in Ingalls, Oklahoma and died Thursday, January 1, 2009 at h...

Christopher Todd MP (1617 - 1686)

Christopher was barely 20 years old when he & his young bride sailed with Mr. Davenport's company on the 'Hector', probably in April 1637. Two months was perhaps the average time consumed in sailing fr...

David Humphreys Todd MP (1832 - c.1871)

Dolly Madison, First Lady of the USA MP (1768 - 1849)

First Lady of the United States from 1809 to 1817. She also occasionally acted as what is now described as First Lady of the United States during the administration of Thomas Jefferson, fulfilling the ...

Eleanor Maitland (Todd), Countess of Lauderdale MP (c.1762 - 1856)

Elizabeth Todd (Gilbert) MP (1694 - 1717)

Sources Jacobus, Donald Lines, compiler, Families of Ancient New Haven [CT] (Baltimore, Genealogical Pub. Co., 1974) Page: v. 3, p. 642 Links

Elizabeth Todd (Rockhold) MP (c.1690 - 1741)

Elizabeth Todd MP (c.1506 - d.)

Elizabeth Ann Todd (Parker) MP (1794 - 1825)

Mary Todd Lincoln had three sisters: Elizabeth Todd Edwards (1813-1888), Frances "Fanny" Todd Wallace (1815-1899) and Ann Todd Smith (1824-1891) and three brothers: Levi O. Todd (1817-1...

Elizabeth Todd (Brocklebank) MP (c.1661 - 1725)

Elizabeth Brocklebank was born in 1661 (some have 20 Nov 1660) in Rowley (Essex) Massachusetts, and died 5 Apr 1725 in Rowley. Married John Todd, son of John Todd and ...

Elizabeth ? Todd MP (c.1616 - d.)

Elizabeth Todd (Brown) MP (c.1665 - c.1740)

Elizabeth Browne Todd, widow of Michael Todd, married Lieut. Samuel STREET on 20 Dec 1716. His first wife was Hannah Glover. He died in 1720.

Elizabeth Todd (McFarland) MP (c.1664 - d.)

She has been given as: eleanor mcfarland, Jean Smith Isabella Isabella Parker Bradley Isabelle Parker or Bodley [her mother was a Parker] ================ The Isabella Parker comes in...

Elizabeth Todd MP (1724 - 1788)

Elizabeth Dayton (Todd) MP (1690 - 1752)

The Tuttle story is one of my qualifying stories for Rootsweb's International Black Sheep Society After checking out the citations that people sent me, as much as I could get ahold of them, mostly ...

Elizabeth Todd (Bernard) MP (c.1664 - 1710)

Elizabeth Seaton (Todd) MP (c.1686 - 1743)

There is no connection between these Augustines and the Col. Augustine Moore who married (his second wife) Elizabeth Todd. The ancestry of Col. Moore is unknown. He is said to have been born in Engla...

Elizabeth Todd MP (1730 - 1790)

Elizabeth P. Edwards (Todd) MP (1813 - 1888)

Elodie "Dedee" Breck Dawson (Todd) MP (1840 - 1877)

Elodie Breck Todd, wife of Nathaniel Henry Rhodes Dawson, was the daughter of Robert S. Todd and Elizabeth L. Humphreys. Elodie Breck Todd Dawson was the half sister of Mary Todd Lincoln and half sis...

Emilie Pariet Helm (Todd) MP (1836 - 1930)

Race of Ideology and the missionary Quest of Lucinda and Mary helms: What kentucky patricians thought they know about the 'Negor element', fred A. Bailey Kentucky register winter 2001 vol. 99 No. 1 pg....

Frances "Fanny" Jane Todd MP (1815 - 1899)

Birth: Mar. 7, 1815 Lexington Fayette County Kentucky, USA Death: Aug. 14, 1899 Springfield Sangamon County Illinois, USA Frances was the sister of Mary Todd Lincoln and the wife of Dr. William W...

George Rogers Clark Todd MP (1825 - 1900)

Grace Todd (Middlebrook) MP (1609 - 1686)

Christening was April 11, 1609 in Batley, Yorkshire, England. 6 children, all born in New Haven Colony:   John (1642 - 1723). Married Sarah Gilbert   Samuel (1645 - ...

Hannah Todd (Clark) MP (1685 - 1714)

The Tuttle story is one of my qualifying stories for Rootsweb's International Black Sheep Society After checking out the citations that people sent me, as much as I could get ahold of them, mostly ...

Hannah Todd (Dickerman) MP (1709 - 1777)

Hannah Reynolds (Todd) MP (1759 - 1846)

Isabel Todd (Rogerson) MP (1571 - 1614)

From these documents it appears that William Todd and Isabel Rogerson married Sept. 24, 1592, had two sons, William, who was baptized June 29th 1593, and John, who was baptized Oct. 18, 1594. Links ...

Isabella Todd (Parker) MP (1664 - d.)

Isabella Todd / Madison (Minor) MP (c.1663 - 1706)

Isabella Minor Madison is Dorothy Willard's 7th great grandmother. Dorothy Willard (Duncan) -John Henry Duncan, Dorothy’s father-Emma Whitman, John Henry’s mother- Mary Jane Stodghill, ...

James Todd MP (c.1639 - 1679)

James Todd: Laird of Dunbar. Captured in the Battle of Bothwell Bridge (near Glasgow on the River Clyde). Marched to Edinburgh and held prisioner with others in an open pen into the winter. Loaded on...

James Todd MP (1696 - 1779)

Jane "Jennie" Harrison (Todd) MP (1750 - 1805)

John Todd MP (c.1618 - 1689)

Born BET 1618 AND 1621 in Bradford, Yorkshire, England and died 14 FEB 1689/90 in Rowley, Essex Co., MA 1 Parents: John Todd b: BEF 18 OCT 1594 in Pontefract, West Riding, Yorkshire, England & Alice ...

John Payne Todd MP (1792 - 1851)

John Todd, Jr. MP (1764 - 1793)

John Todd, of Pontefract MP (c.1594 - d.)

John Todd who was baptized Oct. 18, 1594, was born at Pontefract, York County, England, and married in 1620, Alice Clayton of Bradford, York County, England, where their son John was born. John ll ma...

John William Todd MP (1730 - 1795)

Generation No. 1 1. ROBERT TODD He married ELIZABETH I. BODLEY' Child of ROBERT TODD and 'ELIZABETH BODLEY is: 2. i. WILLIAM2 TODD?, b. 1730; d. 1795, Bedford Co., Virginia. Generation No. 2 2....

John Todd MP (deceased)

Discoveries of the Todd DNA Project... (2) John Todd who went to Mecklenburg Co NC by 1767 =================== The Todds of Mecklenburg County, North Carolina and Their Decendants Authors: Glenn C....

John Todd, of Bermuda MP (c.1605 - c.1677)

John Todd Born: CA 1605-1610 in: Eling (Southamptonshire), England Died: 19-Mar-1678 in: Eling (Southamptonshire), England Buried: 1678 in: Port Royal (Southampton), Bermuda Then called Port Ro...

John "the Todd" MP (c.1650 - 1719)

NOTE: when comparing the profiles from MY Heritage side and adding data into this profile and his son John PLEASE BE VERY CAREFUL - the trees from that side are utterly a confusing mess they have confu...

John Todd, Sr. MP (c.1695 - 1758)

Links From Phase V DNA Report 4.         Georgia:  John Todd b abt 1695 d 1758   To our surprise, the DNA from a descenda...

John Todd, of New Haven MP (1642 - 1723)

i. John Todd was baptized in New Haven Colony on December 2, 1642. He married Sarah Gilbert on 26 Nov 1668. She died April 1, 1674. Their wedding was probably a double wedding with his brother, Samuel...

Jonah Todd MP (1684 - 1730)

The Tuttle story is one of my qualifying stories for Rootsweb's International Black Sheep Society After checking out the citations that people sent me, as much as I could get ahold of them, mostly ...

Josephine Todd (Vogel) MP (1864 - 1943)

United States Census, 1870 name: Josephine Vogel estimated birth year: 1865 gender: Female age in 1870: 5y color (white, black, mulatto, chinese, indian): White birthplace: Ohio home in 1870: ...

Josiah Todd MP (1686 - 1746)

The descendants of William and Elizabeth Tuttle, who came from old to New England in 1635, and settled in New Haven in 1639, with numerous biographical notes and sketches : also, some account of the de...

Katherine "Kitty" Bodley Herr (Todd) MP (1841 - 1875)

Katherine Todd (Ward) MP (1596 - 1666)

baptized in Pontefract on Monday, November 29, 1596. William Todd 2nd, married Katherine Ward May 22, 1614, and had two children, Mary, baptized Oct. 14th 1614, and Christopher, baptized Jan. 12, 161...

Lancelot Todd MP (1646 - c.1691)

BIOGRAPHY: From "The Ancestors of Brian Doig": Thomas was of age before 1671, when he was guardian to his brother John. On 14 Sept 1671, Lancelot and Cornelius Howard of Anne Arundel County, gu...

Capt. Lancelot Todd MP (c.1674 - 1735)

Christopher Johnsson claims that this Lancelot Todd was born about 1674. On 12 April 1698, Lancelot sold 100 acres of the 120 acre tract Todd's Range to Samuel Norwood. He was addressed as "Lancelot ...

Gen. Levi Todd MP (1756 - 1807)

Levi Todd (1756-1807) Mary Todd Lincoln’s grandfather, Levi Todd, was an early Kentucky pioneer, Revolutionary War veteran, and a founder of Lexington. Born in Pennsylvania in 1756, Todd ...

Levi Oldham Todd MP (1817 - 1864)

Lois Turner (Todd) MP (1729 - 1812)

Lord Alexander Robertus Todd, Nobel Prize of Chemistry, 1957 MP (1907 - 1997)

Alexander Robertus Todd , Baron Todd, OM, PRS, FRSE (2 October 1907 – 10 January 1997) was a Scottish biochemist, Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1957 "for his work on nucleotides and nucleotide co...

Louisa Mead (Todd) MP (c.1770 - d.)

Low Todd MP (c.1723 - 1792)

Low Todd, oldest son of William Todd, was baptized in Abington Presbyterian Church in 1723. He came with his father to Augusta County and purchased land there on Whistle Creek in 1750. He seems to have...

Lucy Payne Todd / Washington (Payne) MP (1772 - 1846)

BURIAL DATE IS CORRECT. Lucy was re-interred in 1893. See bio below. Birth: 1772 Hanover County Virginia, USA Death: Jan. 29, 1846 Wife of George Steptoe Washington. Was buried on the Was...

Lydia Chapin (Todd) MP (1699 - 1790)

Lydia Todd (Sherman) MP (1699 - 1733)

Lydia Todd (Lowe) MP (c.1695 - d.)

her name is given as: Jean Lowe Lydia Lowe Alice LNU (possibly Lowe)

Mabel Mead (Todd) MP (1793 - 1848)

Mabel Todd MP (1907 - 1977)

Mabel Finch (Todd) MP (1744 - 1824)

Margaret Watkins (Todd) MP (1789 - 1854)

Margaret Low (Todd) MP (1597 - 1680)

Margaret Todd Birth: Nov 23 1596 - Polestead Hall, Suffolkshire, England Parents: Ananias Todd, Bridget Thompson Husband: Thomas Low Children  Thomas,   c. 8 May 1631, Gr...

Margaret Todd (Honeywell) MP (c.1610 - 1648)

Married: BEF 1637 in Portsmouth, Newport, RI to Rufus Barton Walter TODD Children Elizabeth BARTON b: ABT 1641. Married Thomas Greene. Phebe BARTON. Married Richard Codner. Benjamin B...

Margaret Kellogg (Todd) MP (1828 - 1904)

Martha K. White (Todd) MP (1833 - 1868)

Martha Todd (Edwards) MP (c.1670 - d.)

Mary Todd MP (c.1670 - d.)

Mary "Polly" Farrow (Todd) MP (1812 - 1888)

Mary Ruth Hunt (Todd) MP (1659 - 1724)

Mary Todd b. 10 June 1659 Rowley, Essex, Masachusetts probably the daughter of John Todd and Susannah Hunt. Susannah is allegedly the daughter of Enos Hunt b. Abt 1605 d. Oct 1677 Marlborough MA [2...

Mary Todd (Potter) MP (1710 - d.)

Mary Todd Lincoln, First Lady MP (1818 - 1882)

Mary Ann Todd Lincoln (December 13, 1818 – July 16, 1882) was the First Lady of the United States when her husband, Abraham Lincoln, served as the sixteenth President, from 1861 until 1865. ...

Mary McMurtry (Todd) MP (deceased)

Mary Todd (Bradley) MP (1655 - 1724)

The Tuttle story is one of my qualifying stories for Rootsweb's International Black Sheep Society After checking out the citations that people sent me, as much as I could get ahold of them, mostly ...

Mercy Cornwall (Todd) MP (1692 - d.)

Christening date of November 1692 at New Haven, New Haven, CT.

Nancy Ruth Todd (Lee) MP (1800 - 1839)

Nancy Ruth Lee 1800-1839 Parents: Richard Washington Lee 1753-1819 and Elizabeth Scott 1764-1838 Husband: ______ Todd (unverified)

NN Todd MP (deceased)

Rachel Duncan (Todd) MP (deceased)

Reginald Todd MP (c.1545 - c.1610)

It is thought probable that William Todd who married Isabel Rogerson was a son of Reginald Todd, freeman of York, 1605, and a collateral descendant of Sir William Todd, Lord Mayor of York, 1487. Sour...

Robert Todd MP (1510 - d.)

Robert Humphreys Todd MP (c.1827 - c.1827)

Robert Smith Todd MP (1791 - 1849)

Robert Smith Todd, was a wealthy businessman with connections to many noted bluegrass politicians. The son of a pioneer founder of Lexington, Robert was born there in February 1791. He studied at T...

Robert Parker Todd MP (c.1820 - 1822)

Robert S. Todd MP (deceased)

Robert Todd, Sr. MP (1697 - 1776)

Discoveries of the Todd DNA Project... The 1905 published history of the Mary Todd Lincoln Family summarized the origins of the family as contained in a letter written by a grandson of the Robert Todd ...

Rosa Todd (Cornell) MP (c.1680 - 1719)

She was the mother of only one of John 'the Todd's' children - that being Andrew. All others were of the 1st wife.

Ruth Wright (Todd) MP (1787 - 1834)

Samuel Brown Todd MP (1830 - 1862)

Samuel Todd served in Company F, of the Louisiana Crescent Regiment. Samuel died during the Battle of Shiloh on April 7, 1862, from a wound in the abdomen.

Samuel Todd, Sr. MP (1645 - 1714)

The Tuttle story is one of my qualifying stories for Rootsweb's International Black Sheep Society After checking out the citations that people sent me, as much as I could get ahold of them, mostly ...