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Juan S. Torralba MP (1883 - d.)

Juan S. Torralba was accepted into the bar on 11 October 1909. He served as the provincial Governor of Bohol from 1922 to 1928. He was a Philippine senator, representing the Eleventh Senatorial Distric...

? Torralba (deceased)

Adat Sasnchez Torralba (deceased)


Agustin Ramos Torralba (deceased)


Agustina Torralba Vda. de Ochoa (1888 - 1964)

Agustina Torralba Vda. de Ochoa died of heart attack. She was buried at Manila North Cemetery in Santa Cruz, Manila on January 18, 1964. Sources: Agustina Torralba Vda. de Ochoa's Death Certifica...

Agustina de Torralba Almodobar (deceased)

Alberta Torralba (deceased)

Albina Torralba (deceased)

Albinito Torralba (deceased)

Albino (Alvin ) Ramirez Torralba (1933 - 1996)

Alejandro Anasco Torralba (deceased)

Alfons Torralba (deceased)

Alonso de Torralba Almodobar (deceased)

Alonso Pérez de Guzmán, III Señor de Torralba (deceased)

Ambrosia Torralba (deceased)

Ana de Torralba de la Castaneda (deceased)

Ana Pérez de Paramo Torralba (1616 - 1699)

Ana de Torralba y Sotomayor (deceased)

Ana Torralba (deceased)

Ana Josefa Amélia Alvarez de la Fuente de Torralba y Baygorri (deceased)

Anacleto Ramirez Torralba (deceased)

Anastacia Torralba BOKINGO (Torralba) (deceased)

Anastacio Torralba (deceased)

Andres Torralba (deceased)

Andri Perpetuo Torralba (deceased)

Angela Torralba (deceased)

Antonio Torralba (deceased)

Antonio Torralba (c.1770 - d.)

Apolonia Torralba (deceased)

Augusto Torralba Teves (deceased)

Barbara Pérez de Paramo Torralba (1608 - d.)

Barbara Torralba (deceased)

Bartolomé de Torralba y Almodóvar (1590 - d.)

Basilia Torralba (deceased)

Basilisa Torralba (deceased)

Belén del Carmen Torralba (deceased)

Belén María de la Merced Briceño-León Torralba (deceased)

Benedicta Torralba (deceased)

Benita Francisca Bea Torralba (1794 - d.)

Benito Torralba (deceased)

Bernabe Torralba (deceased)

Bonifacio Torralba (deceased)

Bonifacio Torralba (deceased)


Brigida Torralba (deceased)

Buenaventura de Torralba Almodobar (deceased)

Candida Torralba (deceased)

Carlo Roman Torralba (deceased)

Carmencita Lagunsad (c.1926 - d.)

Her birthplace is uncertain. According to her stillborn daughter's birth certificate, she was born in Malolos, Bulacan. However, she was not found on her birth records. Also, her siblings were born in ...

casiano torralba (deceased)

Catalina de Torralba y Almodovar (deceased)

Catalina Carantes (Torralba) (deceased)

Celestino Torralba (deceased)

Cesar Villanueva Torralba (deceased)

Cesario Torralba (deceased)

Ciriaco Torralba (1919 - 1991)

Ciriaco Torralba (deceased)

Cirila Torralba (deceased)

Cirilla Sarmiento Torralba (deceased)

clara torralba (deceased)

Clemencia Almeda (deceased)

Clemente Torralba (deceased)

Clemente Torralba (deceased)

Cleto Torralba (deceased)


Constancio Torralba (deceased)

Constantina Torralba (deceased)

Consuelo Villanueva Torralba (deceased)

Cornela Burdeos Torralba (deceased)

Cornelia Torralba (Perea) (deceased)

Cornellio Torralba (deceased)

Cresencia Torralba (deceased)

Cresencio Torralba (deceased)

Crisanto Torralba (deceased)

Crispina Torralba (deceased)

Damiana Torralba (deceased)

Damiana Torralba (deceased) (deceased)

daniel calo torralba (deceased)

Danny Torralba (deceased)

Demetria Torralba (1920 - 2011)

Diego Pérez de Paramo Torralba (1622 - d.)

Digno Mora Torralba (deceased)

Diosdado Torralba (deceased)

Dolores Trillo (deceased)

Dolores Berenguer Torralba (1893 - 1908)

Domingo Torralba (deceased)

Domingo Torralba (deceased)

Edelberto Trillo Torralba (deceased)

Edilberto Torralba (deceased)

eleuteria madera torralba (deceased)

Ely Torralba Cabalquinto (1943 - d.)

Emerencia Torralba (deceased)

Emiliano Torralba (deceased)

emma torralba (yu) (deceased)

Encarnación Berenguer Torralba (c.1895 - c.1980)

Enriqueta Torralba (deceased)

Erlinda Torralba (Mesina) (b. - 2009)

Esperanza Fernandez (1901 - 1990)

Sources: Vicente Fernández and Esperanza Torralba's Marriage Certificate (Back): Vicente Fernández and Esperanza Torralba's Marriage Certificate (Front): Vicente Fernández ...