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(Sir) John de Tracy, Jr., Sheriff of Glouchestershire MP (c.1335 - 1379)

Abel Tracy MP (1772 - d.)

Abigail Tracy (Adgate) MP (1661 - 1711)

Abigail Tracy MP (deceased)

Ada Maria Katherine Hanbury-Tracy MP (1848 - 1928)

Hon. Eva Isabella Henrietta Hanbury-Tracy F, #123606, b. 25 January 1869, d. 19 June 1935 Hon. Eva Isabella Henrietta Hanbury-Tracy was born on 25 January 1869 at London, England. She was the daugh...

Agnes Tracy (Erdley) MP (1568 - 1640)

Alternate Data, omitted during merge of 12/15/09: Last Name: Endley -------------------- See other entry for more information. -------------------- Name sometimes given as Fardley.

Alice Tracy MP (c.1593 - d.)

Alice Tracy (de la Spine) MP (c.1381 - 1441)

Alice Ann Tracy (Baldington) MP (c.1443 - 1506)

Andrew Tracy, I MP (1721 - 1807)

Andrew Tracy MP (deceased)

Andrew Tracy, III MP (1789 - 1861)

Andrew Tracy, II MP (1749 - 1819)

Andrew Tracy was a blacksmith and a major in the local militia. He married Anna Bingham 1772 in Lisbon. They arrived in Cornish during the winter of 1783-84. He is part of a long line of Andrew Tracys ...

Ann Tracy (Conway) MP (1611 - 1659)

Ann Tracy MP (b. - c.1881)

Anna Coit (Tracy) MP (1784 - 1829)

Anna Tracy (Bingham) MP (1750 - 1827)

Anna Tracy MP (deceased)

Anna Tracy (Berry) MP (deceased)

Anne Tracy (Throckmorton) MP (c.1546 - 1581)

'Anne Throckmorton1 'F, #176484, b. circa 1548 Last Edited=5 Feb 2013 ' Anne Throckmorton was born circa 1548 at Tortworth, Gloucestershire, England.3 She was the daughter of Sir Thomas Throckmor...

Anne Tracy (Shakerly) MP (c.1563 - 1615)

26 46. Sir Paul Tracy, who succeeded to the Manor of Stanway. He was created a Baronet June 29, 1611 by King James I, being the 13th created from the institution of' the order. He married, first, Anne,...

Anne Tracy MP (c.1579 - d.)

Anthony Tracy MP (1720 - 1769)

Barbara Tracy (Lucy) MP (c.1531 - 1605)

25 45. Richard. Tracy Esquire of Stanway. He was Sheriff of Gloucestershire in the second. year of the reign of Queen Elizabeth 1st. He married Barbara, daughter of Thomas Lucy. Their

Barbara Tracy MP (c.1590 - d.)

Bazzle Tracy MP (1803 - 1892)

Text: SOURCE: Beckwith, HISTORY OF MONTGOMERY COUNTY, INDIANA. Chicago: H.H. Hill & N. Iddings Publishers, 1881. pp. 593-594: "Bazzle Tracy, Waynetown, was born in Mason County , Kentucky, in the y...

Brig. General Benjamin F. Tracy (USA), U.S. Secretary of the Navy MP (1830 - 1915)

Benjamin Franklin Tracy (April 26, 1830 – August 6, 1915) was a United States political figure who served as Secretary of the Navy from 1889 through 1893, during the administration of U.S. Pre...

Catherine Fisher (Tracy) MP (1794 - d.)

Catherine Tracy (Griffin) MP (deceased)

Charles Douglas Richard Hanbury-Tracy, 4th Baron Sudeley of Toddington MP (1840 - 1922)

Christopher Tracy, Sr. MP (c.1559 - 1630)

Christopher Tracy MP (1677 - 1725)

Colline Amabel Hanbury-Tracy (St Hill) MP (1899 - 1985)

Daniel Tracy MP (deceased)

Daniel Tracy, II MP (1688 - 1771)

Daniel Tracy, I MP (1652 - 1728)

David Tracy MP (deceased)

Deborah Tracy MP (deceased)

Deborah Tracy (Bingham) MP (1683 - 1769)

Deborah Tracy MP (deceased)

Desire Grenard (Tracy) MP (1804 - 1878)

Birth: Jan. 6, 1804 Kentucky, USA Death: Jan. 20, 1878 Montgomery County Indiana, USA name also spelled Dezire or Desiah. Wife of John Grenard. Birthdate calculated based on information of age at...

Dolly Biddle (Tracy) MP (1809 - 1885)

Birth: Feb. 14, 1809 Fleming County Kentucky, USA Death: Aug. 21, 1885 Waynetown Montgomery County Indiana, USA Married to John P Biddle - 22 Jun 1826 (Fleming County, Kentucky) Daughter of John ...

Dorothy Ann Conway (Tracy) MP (c.1563 - 1612)

She was born at Hailes Abbey ? links

Ebenezer Tracy MP (1744 - 1803)

American Revolution Veteran - TRACY, EBENEZER - DAR Ancestor #: A115876 Service: CONNECTICUT Rank: SERGEANT Birth: 4-20-1744 NORWICH CONNECTICUT Death: 3-10-1803 LISBON CONNECTICUT Service Description:...

Ebenezer Tracy, II MP (deceased)

Elias Tracy MP (1780 - 1850)

Elijah Tracy MP (c.1795 - c.1806)

Elijah Tracy MP (deceased)

Eliza Tracy MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Umsted (Tracy) MP (1806 - d.)

Elizabeth le Hommedian (Tracy) MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Tracy MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Mairi Hanbury-Tracy (Keppel) MP

Elizabeth Tracy MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Tracy (Price) MP (1804 - 1886)

Birth: May 8, 1804 Fleming County Kentucky, USA Death: Oct. 4, 1886 Montgomery County Indiana, USA Daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth (Galloway)Price, Married Bazzle Tracy, 4 Mar 1822,KY Mother to Na...

Elizabeth Tracy (Love) MP (1835 - 1856)

Birth: Oct., 1835 Mercer County Illinois, USA Death: Sep. 8, 1868 Aged 32y, 11m, 15d Family links: Parents: George Love (1810 - 1885) Narcissus Magby Love (1812 - 1864) Spouse: Jonathan T...

Elizabeth Tracy (Leffingwell) MP (1676 - 1737)

The family became one of the first in Norwich, in numbers, social position and wealth. Headstone: Here Lies Interred the Body of Mrs Elizabeth Tracy the loving and Well-Beloved Confort of Mr John Tra...

Erastus Tracy MP (deceased)

Hon Dame Eva Isabella Anstruther, DBE MP (1869 - 1935)

Eva Hanbury-Tracy was born in 1869, the eldest child of the 4th Lord Sudeley. She grew up in a vast Gothic-style mansion in Gloucestershire - Toddington Manor, the house having rooms numbered in thei...

Eve de Tracy MP (c.1203 - 1273)

Faith Tracy (Bingham) MP (c.1745 - 1806)

Felix Tracy MP (deceased)

Francis Fernando Tracy MP (c.1545 - d.)

Frederick Tracy MP (deceased)

Freeman Tracy MP (deceased)

George W Tracy MP (1840 - d.)

Birth: Dec. 31, 1857 Mercer County Illinois, USA Death: May 16, 1864 Mercer County Illinois, USA Aged 6y, 4m, 16d Family links: Parents: Jonathan Tracy (1830 - 1878) Elizabeth Love Tracy (1...

George Tracy MP (deceased)

Gieva de Tracy (concubine #12 of Henry I) MP (1068 - c.1100)

The Medlands site has no record of a name for the mother of William de Tracy. WILLIAM de Tracy (-after Dec 1135). Guillaume de Jumièges names "Guillaume de Tracy" as illegitimate son of King...

Grace de Tracy MP (1105 - 1140)

Grace de Tracy Possibly daughter of William de Tracy (illgt. son of Geiva de Tracy and Henry I King of England) Medlands: WILLIAM de Tracy (-after Dec 1135). Guillaume de Jumièges names ...

Hannah Tracy (Backus) MP (c.1657 - 1671)

Hannah H. Davison (Tracy) MP (c.1677 - 1706)

Hannah Tracy MP (deceased)

Hawise de Tracy MP (c.1200 - d.)

Hawise De Tracy (FitzWarin), of John "Lackland" MP (c.1167 - c.1217)

According to Nancy Elizabeth Hohorst Martin:- accuses him of being envious of many of his barons and kinsfolk, and seducing their more attractive daughters and sisters. many children ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~...

Hawise In de Tracy (?) MP (c.1220 - d.)

Hawise ? de Tracy MP (deceased)

Hawise was possibly the mother of Oliver de Tracy HENRY de Tracy of Barnstaple (-before 1165). “William de Tracy" donated property to Mont Saint-Michel on becoming a monk there by charter da...

Henry de Tracy MP (c.1280 - d.)

Henry de Tracy, I MP (c.1215 - 1296)

Sir Henry (c 1200) was summoned to perform military service at Carmarthen, in the 11th year (1283) of the reign of Edward I (Edward I Longshanks, reign 1272-1307.--------------------Henry de Tracy s/...

Henry de Tracy, Lord of Barnstaple MP (1068 - 1130)

Henry de Tracy, Baron of Barnstaple MP (1197 - 1274)

Henry de Tracy, Sir of Toddington MP (c.1305 - d.)

Henry Tracy, Esquire MP (1431 - 1501)

High Sheriff

Henry de Tracy MP (1185 - 1246)

Sir Henry Tracy of Bremridge MP (c.1232 - 1284)

Sheriff Humphrey Tracy MP (b. - 1651)

Isabella de Tracy MP (1280 - d.)

James Tracy MP (deceased)

Jedediah Tracy MP (deceased)

Jedidiah Tracy MP (1692 - 1776)

Jeremiah Tracy MP (1682 - d.)

Jerusha Rix (Tracy) MP (1697 - 1785)

Jesse Tracy (Tracey) MP (1745 - 1828)

Jesse Tracy MP (1792 - 1857)

Jesse Tracy MP (1795 - 1845)

From rootsweb: U.S. General Land Office Records, 1796-1907 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: The Generations Network, Inc., 2008. Original data: United States. Bureau of Land Manageme...

Jesse Tracy, II MP (deceased)

John Martin Tracy MP (deceased)

John Henry Tracy MP (c.1526 - 1551)

John Tracy, VII MP (1820 - 1820)

John Tracy MP (c.1817 - 1836)

John Tracy, IV MP (1726 - 1810)