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Elizabeth Trelawny MP (c.1449 - 1489)

Elizabeth Trelawny was the daughter of Sir John Trelawny, Knight, and his first wife Blanche Powna. She married Thomas Flamank (or Flammock), son of Thomas Flamank (or Flammock) of Buscarne. In c.1489 ...

Jane Trelawny (Trewynick) MP (1220 - d.)

Jane/Jone Trelawny MP (deceased)

Jane Trelawny was the daughter of Sir John Trelawny, Knight, and his second wife Jane Holland. Her name appears as Jone in the Visitations of Cornwall, but as Jane in other sources. She married John Wi...

Joan Trelawny MP (1427 - 1464)

Joan de Trelawny was the daughter of Sir John de Trelawny, Knight, and his wife Agnes Trogodeck. She married Thomas Upton of Treloish

Joan Trelawny, Heiress of Brightorre MP (c.1504 - 1589)

Joan Trelawny was the only child and sole heir of Roger Trelawny of Brightorre. She married, William Hawkyns of Tavestock, son of William Hawkyns and Joan Amados. William was a noted sea captain of the...

Sir John de Trelawny, Knight MP (c.1388 - 1434)

Sir John de Trelawny was the son of Sir John de Trelony and wife Mathilda Mynwenyke. He married Agnes Trogodeck, daughter of Rober Trogodeck. Their children married successfully into noted English fami...

John (the youger) Trelawney, MP MP (b. - c.1467)

John de Trelawny, Esq. , was the second son of Sir John de Trelawny, Knight, and his wife Agnes Trogodeck. He was also known as John Trelawny of Tresserett and as John Trelawny of Brightorre. He marrie...

John Trelawney Jr. MP (1450 - 1513)

John Trelawny , son and heir of Sir John Trelawny, Knight, and first wife Blanche Powna, married Florence, the fourth daughter of Sir Hugh Courtenay of Boconnock. They had three sons. He was among thos...

Richard de Trelawny, Esq. MP (c.1425 - 1449)

Additional Curators Notes The profiles I am curating for the Trelawny family are based on the Visitations of Cornwall and on the various studies of the genealogy of the English baronets. The authors ...

Richard Trelawny of Launceston MP (c.1456 - d.)

Richard Trelawny was the fourth son of Sir John Trelawny, Knight, and wife Blanche Powna. He received the family properties at Launceston. According to the Visitations of Cornwall, he had children, but...

Roger Trelawny of Brightorre, Esq. MP (1460 - 1500)

Roger Trelawny was the son of Sir John Trelawny, Knight and wife Blanche Powna. He received the family properties at Brightorre. He had one daughter, Joan, his sole heir. She married William Hawkyns of...

Thomas Trelawny MP (deceased)

Thomas Trelawny was the fifth son of Sir John Trelawny, Knight, and wife Blanche Powna. He died unmarried and without heirs. Links to additional material: The Baronetage of England, or, The histo...

Walter Trelawny MP (1474 - 1518)

Walter Trelawny was the son and heir of John Trelawny and wife Florence Courtenay. He married Isabel Towse, daughter of John Towse of Taunton, in Somersetshire. There were two known children, John and ...

William de Trelawny MP (1120 - d.)

William Trelawny MP (1217 - d.)

2nd daughter de Trelawny (deceased)

Agnes Anne Trelawny (deceased)

Agnes Trelawny (Hawkins) (c.1480 - d.)

Agnes Trelawny (Blackwood) (b. - 1777)

Agnes De Trelawny (Henwood) (deceased)

Amoretta Trelawny (Crawford) (b. - 1741)

Anne Trelawny (Brown) (b. - 1822)

Anne Basset (Trelawny) (b. - 1652)

Caroline Hobhouse (Salusbury-Trelawny) (1820 - d.)

Catherine Trelawny (NN) (deceased)

Major-General Charles Trelawny, MP (c.1653 - 1731)

Family and Education b. c.1653, 4th but 2nd surv. s. of (Sir) Jonathan Trelawny I, 2nd Bt.; bro. of Henry Trelawny, John Trelawny II, and Sir Jonathan Trelawny, 3rd Bt., bp. of Bristol 1685-9, Exeter 1...

Charles Brereton Trelawny (c.1755 - 1860)

Charlotte Trevanion (Trelawny) (deceased)

Chichester Trelawny (b. - 1694)

Captain Clarence Trelawny (deceased)

Clarence Trelawny (deceased)

Edward Trelawny, MP (1699 - 1754)

Family and Education bap. 9 July 1699, 4th s. of Sir Jonathan Trelawny, 3rd Bt., bp. of Winchester, by Rebecca, da. and coh. of Thomas Hele of Bascombe, Devon; bro. of Sir John Trelawny, 4th Bt.. educ....

Edward John Trelawny (c.1792 - 1881)

Harriet Howard (1823 - 1865)

Harriet Howard, born Elizabeth Ann Haryett (1823–1865) was a mistress and financial backer of Louis Napoleon, later Napoleon III of France. Links Wiki - Harriet Howard

Elizabeth Morshead (Salusbury Trelawny) (deceased)

Elma Agnes Trelawny (c.1870 - d.)

Florence Rose Mary Fursdon (Salusbury-Trelawny) (b. - 1941)

Florence Rooper (Trelawny) (deceased)

Florence Trelawny (1860 - 1938)

Hamelin Trelawny, Col. R.A. Gov. of St. Helena (1782 - d.)

Harriet Jane Salusbury-Trelawny (Tremayne) (b. - 1879)

Harry Trelawny (deceased)

Sir Harry Trelawny, 5th Baronet (1687 - 1762)

Sir Harry Trelawny, 5th Baronet (15 February 1687 – 7 April 1762) was a British soldier and Member of Parliament. Trelawny was an aide-de-camp to the Duke of Marlborough during the War of ...

Rev. Sir Harry Trelawny, 7th Baronet (1756 - 1834)

Harry Brereton Trelawny (1820 - 1851)

Harry Brereton Trelawny (c.1792 - 1869)

Harry Trelawny (c.1730 - 1800)

Brig-Gen. Henry Trelawny (c.1650 - 1702)

Henry Trelawny, fought in the War of the Spanish Succession, defending Barcelona in 1705. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Brigadier-Gener...

Hilda Upton (Trelawny) (deceased)

Horace Dormer Trelawny (1824 - 1906)

Horace Dormer Trelawny (1824 - 1906)

Isabel de Trelawny (1430 - d.)

Isabel de Trelawny was the daughter of Sir John de Trelawny, Knight, and his wife Agnes Trogodeck. She married Stephen Trenewith.

Jane Trelawny (c.1810 - d.)

Jane de Trelawny (deceased)

Jessy Rose Mary Salusbury-Trelawny (Murray) (b. - 1871)

Joan Hawkins (Trelawny) (deceased)

Sir John Trelawny, MP, 4th Baronet (b. - 1756)

Family and Education b. 26 July 1691, 1st s. of Sir Jonathan Trelawny, 3rd Bt., bp. of Winchester, and bro. of Edward Trelawny. m. Agnes, da. of Thomas Blackwood of Scotland, s.p. educ. Ch. Ch. Oxf. 17...

Sir John Trelawny, Baron of Trelawny (deceased)

Sir John Salusbury-Trelawny, 9th Baronet (1816 - 1885)

Wikipedia contributors. " John Salusbury-Trelawny ." Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Burke, Bernard, Sir. A genealogical and heraldic dictionary of the peerage and baronetage of the British Empire ...

John de Trelawny (1331 - d.)

Sir John Trelawny, 1st Baronet (1592 - 1664)

Biographical Summary " John Trelawny, of Trelawny , co. Cornwall, Esq.,' s. and h. of Sir Jonathan Trelawny, of the same, sometime Sheriff and M.P. for that county, by Elizabeth, 2d da. of Sir Henry ...

John Trelawny, MP (c.1504 - 1563)

Family and Education b. c.1504, 1st s. of Walter Trelawny of Poole by Isabella, da. of John Toose of Taunton, Som. m. (1) Margery, da. and h. of Thomas Lamellyn of Lanteglos by Fowey, 1s.; (2) Lore, da...

Captain John Trelawny (c.1646 - c.1680)

John Trelawny (b. - 1601)

John Trelawny of St. German's (deceased)

John Trelawny (c.1533 - 1568)

Jonathan Trelawny (deceased)

Sir Jonathan Trelawny, 3rd Bt and Bishop of Winchester (1650 - 1721)

Wikipedia Biographical Summary " Sir Jonathan Trelawny, 3rd Baronet (24 March 1650 – 19 July 1721) was a British Bishop of Bristol, Bishop of Exeter and Bishop of Winchester. Trelawny is best ...

Sir Jonathan Trelawny, 2nd Baronet (c.1623 - 1681)

Biographical Summary " Sir Jonathan Trblawny, Bart. 1628, of Trelawny , s. and h. by 1st wife ; b. about 1623 ; matric. at Oxford (Ex. Coll.), 14 Dec. 1640, aged 17 ; was fined (with his father) �...

Sir Jonathan Trelawny, MP (1568 - 1604)

Family and Education b. 17 Dec. 1568, 2nd (posth.) s. of John Trelawny of Menheniot by Anne, da. of William Reskimer. educ. Emmanuel, Camb. 1585; M. Temple 1586, m. Elizabeth, da. of Henry Killigrew, 2...

Laetitia Anne Trelawny (b. - 1845)

Letitia Trelawny (b. - 1772)

Letitia Trelawny (b. - 1775)

Laetitia was the daughter of The Right Reverend Sir Jonathon Trelawny.

Letitia Trelawny (c.1768 - 1857)

Lore Trelawny (Trecarel) (deceased)

Margaret Fulford (Trelawny) (deceased)

Margaret Trelawny (Boston) (1455 - d.)

Maria Katherine Trelawny (Walsh) (b. - 1910)

Mary Trelawny (Seymour) (b. - 1680)

Mary Trelawny (Bisset) (c.1700 - d.)

Patience Christian Salusbury-Trelawny (Carpenter) (b. - 1857)

Patience Christian Salusbury-Trelawny (Carpenter) (deceased)

Rebecca Trelawny (Hales) (c.1650 - d.)

Rebecca Buller (Trelawny) (1696 - d.)

Richard De Trelawny, MP (c.1389 - 1449)

Family and Education b.c.1389, prob. s. of John Trelawny I*. m. (1) by 1418, Joan; (2) aft. 1436, Agnes Henwood, 2da. Offices Held Commr. of inquiry, Devon, Cornw. Mar. 1442 (estates of (Sir) John ...

Robert Trelawny (deceased)

Roger Trelawny (deceased)

Rose Trelawny (1873 - 1921)

Rose Trelawny (1873 - 1920)

Ruby Trelawny (deceased)

Ruby Trelawny (c.1870 - d.)

Sophia Trelawny (c.1753 - d.)

Thomas Trelawney (Trelawny) (c.1458 - d.)

Walter Trelawny (1455 - d.)

Walter Trelawny (1564 - d.)

Sir William Lewis Salusbury-Trelawny, 8th Baronet (1781 - 1856)

Sir William Lewis Salisbury-Trelawny, 10th Baronet (1844 - 1917)

Admiral Sir William Trelawny RN, 6th Bart (b. - 1772)

Admiral Sir William Trelawny, RN, 6th Bart. of Trelawne, Cornwall. He was at one time Governor of Jamaica.

William Trelawny (deceased)

Captain William Trelawny (c.1696 - d.)

William Trelawny was a captain serving in the army.