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Matisyahu Treves of Paris MP (c.1325 - c.1387)

MATTITHIAH B. JOSEPH THE PROVENÇALChief rabbi of Paris and of France from 1360 to 1385; son of Joseph b. Johanan of Treves, rabbi of Marseilles;pupil of Perez b. Isaac ha-Kohen and of Nissim b. ...

Naftali Hirsch Treves, [of Frankfurt] MP (1493 - 1540)


Rabbi Yochanan II Treves, of Paris MP (1365 - 1429)

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ELIEZER אליעזר Treves טרבס (deceased)

HaRav Yosef Treves, ABD Marsseiles (deceased)

Naftali נפתלי Hirsh הירש Treves טרבס (deceased)

R' Matityahu Treves, of Paris (deceased)

UNLIKELY bat Menassier de Vesoul Treves טרבס, of Paris (deceased)

wife Yohanan Treves, Gt.Gd.son of Yehuda from Paris (deceased)

wife, Matityahu Treves טרבס (Treves) (deceased)

wife, Yossef Treves טרבס (deceased)