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Louis Trichardt, b2c4 MP (1783 - 1838)

Louis Tregardt Louis Tregardt was the grandson of a Swedish employee of the Dutch East India Company born on the 10th August 1783 in Oudtshoorn. When old enough he became a farmer and settled in the ...

? Trichardt (deceased)

Adolphine Helen Isobella Trichardt (De Witt) (b. - 4)

Adolphine Helen Isobella Trichardt (De Witt) (b. - 1947)

Alegra Trichardt (deceased)

Anna van Aardt (Trichardt) (deceased)

Anna Susanna Trichardt (1850 - d.)

d4 Louis Gustavus * 2.4.1827 † Pietermaritzburg 5.6.1891 x Pietermaritzburg 25.6.1849 Christina Maria Magdalena VAN DER WESTHUIZEN * c. 1831 e1 Anna Susanna * 21.5.1850 » Pietermaritzbu...

Anna Susanna Trichardt (Enslin) (b. - 1966)

Anna Catharina Trichardt (b. - 1904)

Anna Catharina (born Trichardt) Erasmus was married to the third owner of Rietvlej farm, Stephanus, Petrus “Swart lawaai” Erasmus. She was the daughter of Carolus ( Carel ) Johannes Trich...

Anna Catharina Trichardt (van Wyk) (1905 - 1981)

Anna Elisabeth Trichardt, b4f1r1e6f3g4 (1832 - 1902)

Anna Elisabeth Trichardt (Nel), b2c3d6 (1759 - c.1784)

Anna Frederika Trichardt (Vermaak) (deceased)

Anétte (1955 - 2004)

nét aan Anétte fladder van tyd tot tyd verby my laat my jou aanskou hou jou vreugdevlug versigtig vietsste feetjievrou dat jou vlerkies nie vanoggend weer jou veertjies vou...

Carolus Trichardt (deceased)

Carolus Johannes Trichardt (1811 - 1901)

Carolus Gustavus Trichardt, b2c3 (1781 - d.)

Carolus Johannes Trichardt, b2c3d1 (1807 - d.)

Carolus Johannes Trichard (Trichardt), b2 (1753 - d.)

Carolus Gustav TREGARDT, a Swedish immigrant who worked as a signalman for the Dutch East India Company on Signal Hill in Cape Town. The surname was spelt with an 'e' then and only changed, incorre...

Catharina Helena Trichardt (Eloff) (1880 - d.)

Catherina Maria Trichardt (Grobbelaar) (deceased)

Christina Maria Magdalena van der Westhuizen (c.1831 - 1893)

Christina Maria van der Westhuizen tree op 25/6/1849 in die huwelik met Louis Gustavus Tregardt. Sy was die dogter van Johannes v d Westhuizen (1801-1872) en Anna Susanna Naude ( 1811-1871). UIt die hu...

Chrissie Olivier (Trichardt) (1913 - 1985)

Dawn Nel (Trichardt) (1941 - 1976)

De Wet Trichardt (deceased)

Elizabeth Maria Eloff (Trichardt) (deceased)

Evelyn Gladstone Trichardt (deceased)

Gezina Susanna Fredrika Wilhelmina Trichardt (Kruger) (deceased)

Hendrik Stephanus Trichardt (deceased)

Hendrina Magdalena de Beer (Trichardt) (1892 - 1980)

Hester Trichardt (deceased)

Jacob Lourens Carolus Trichardt (1887 - 1970)

Jacob Laurens Carolus Trichardt, d3e2 (1848 - 1930)

Jacob Lourens Carolus de Wet Trichardt (deceased)

Jacob Louwrens Carolus Trichardt (deceased)

Jacobus Gustavus Trichardt (Tregard), b1 (1745 - 1818)

Jacomina Jacoba Haarhoff (1909 - 2001)

Jan Trichardt (deceased)

Jan Christiaan Trichardt (deceased)

Johan Petrus Trichardt (deceased)

Johanna Salomina Barendina Trichardt (deceased)

Lettie du Plessis (Trichardt) (deceased)

Lottie Trichardt (deceased)

Louis Trichardt (deceased)

Louis Trichardt (deceased)

Louis Trichardt (deceased)

Louis Gustavus Trichardt (deceased)

Louis Jan Lourens Trichardt (1923 - 1979)

Louis Gustave Trichardt (deceased)

Louis Gustave Trichardt (1929 - c.1999)

At the age of 14, Louis forged his birth certificate to show his age as 16 or18. He then joined the Youth Brigade of Dr Danie Craven in Kimberley. After that he joined the Merchant Navy and eventually ...

Louis Gustavus Trichardt, b2c4d4 (1826 - 1892)

Louis Gustavus Tregardt 11/11/1826 - 5/6/1892 was die jongste seun van die bekende Voortrekkerleier en dagboeksrywer, Louis Tregardt (10/8/1783 - 525/10/1838) en Martha Susanna Bouwer (20/10/1795 - 1/5...

Lourens Trichardt (deceased)

Lourens Johannes Trichardt, b2c3d2 (1809 - d.)

Lukas Cornelis Trichardt (c.1882 - d.)

Maria Cornelia Trichardt (1788 - d.)

Maria Francis van Antwerp (Trichardt) (1914 - 1977)

Place of Cremation: Stellawood Crematorium, Funeral at Umkomaas Methodist Church & ashes laid in the Umkomaas Methodist Church Garden of Remembrance.

Maria Aletta Trichardt (deceased)

Maria Dorothea Trichardt (deceased)

Maria Elizabeth Louw Trichardt (Durr), b5c4d3e2 (1905 - d.)

Maria Francina Elizabeth Trichardt (Pienaar), f9g1 (deceased)

Maria Peggy Trichardt (Damon) (deceased)

Marthina Trichardt (deceased)

Mary Nash Carstens (Trichardt), II (1939 - 2006)

Mary Nash Trichardt, I (1933 - c.1936)

Olga Trichardt (deceased)

Olga Metta Trichardt (Jennings) (1924 - 1979)

Pep Trichardt (deceased)

Petrus Frederik (Pietie) Trichardt (deceased)

Petrus F. Trichardt (deceased)

Petrus Frederik Trichardt (deceased)

Petrus Frederik (Piet) Trichardt (deceased)

Petrus Johannes Trichardt (1896 - 1967)

Piet Trichardt (deceased)

Ruby Barends (Trichardt) (deceased)

Soph Trichardt (deceased)

Sophia Trichardt (deceased)

Stephanus Trichardt (deceased)

Steven Pieter Trichardt (1982 - 1983)

Susanna Sophia Trichardt (Erasmus) (1827 - d.)

Susanna Sophia Trichardt (c.1849 - 1927)

Oorlede: In 1902.

Tol Trichardt (deceased)

William Trichardt (deceased)

Zacharia Gertruida Trichardt (deceased)