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? Trichardt (deceased)

Anna Elizabeth van Aarde (Triegaardt), b2c3d5 (1818 - 1905)

Anna Frederika Trichardt (Vermaak) (deceased)

Carolus Trichardt (deceased)

Carolus Gustavus Trichardt, b2c3 (1781 - d.)

Carolus Johannes Trichardt, b2c3d1 (1807 - d.)

Catharina Helena Trichardt (Eloff) (1880 - d.)

Gezina Susanna Frederika Trichardt (Kruger) (deceased)

Married in community of property to Petrus Frederik Trichardt

Jan Christiaan Trichardt (deceased)

Louis Trichardt (deceased)

Louis Triechardt, b2c4 (1783 - 1838)

Louis Tregardt Louis Tregardt was the grandson of a Swedish employee of the Dutch East India Company born on the 10th August 1783 in Oudtshoorn. When old enough he became a farmer and settled in the ...

Louis Gustave Trichardt (deceased)

Lourens Johannes Trichardt, b2c3d2 (1809 - d.)