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Patrick George Troughton MP (1920 - 1987)

Troughton was an English actor most widely known for his roles in fantasy, science fiction and horror films, particularly in his role as the second incarnation of the Doctor in the long-running British...

(Caroline) Gladys Troughton, SV2b6c7d2 (1890 - 1950)

Baptism information found on; Natal; Estcourt St Barnabas; 1867-1976; image No 56. Gladys was baptised by her grandfather James Green, Dean of Pietermaritzburg, at St Barnabas Church i...

.Jennifer A.Hall troughton (deceased)

? Troughton (deceased)

? Troughton (1420 - d.)

Abagail Troughton troughton (deceased)

Adamson troughton (deceased)

Alan John Troughton (deceased)

Alec Robert Troughton (1915 - 1994)

Alec George Troughton (1887 - 1953)

Alice Postlethwaite (Troughton) (1611 - d.)

Alice Troughton, SV2b6c7d5 (1896 - d.)

Alice Ely Troughton (1918 - 2009)

Alice Huddleston (Troughton) (c.1300 - 1339)

Alice Ann Troughton (deceased)

Amelia Troughton (c.1842 - 1886)

Ann Browne (Troughton) (1658 - 1722)

Ann Troughton (1770 - d.)

Ann? Troughton (c.1781 - d.)

ann? Troughton (1748 - d.)

ann? Troughton (1728 - d.)

Nancy Troughton (1909 - 1991)

Arthur Troughton, SV2b6c7d3 (1892 - 1892)

Baptism information found on; Natal; Estcourt St Barnabas; 1867-1976. Arthur was baptised by his father Arthur Perceval, the incumbent, at St Barnabas Church in Estcourt. Arthur died i...

Arthur Troughton (1884 - d.)

Arthur troughton (deceased)

arthur Troughton (deceased)

Arthur Troughton (1884 - c.1941)

Arthur Hartley Troughton (deceased)

Arthur Perceval Troughton (1858 - 1937)

Born 21 February 1858, Litherland (Seaforth), Lancashire; 1888 - married Lucy Mildred Green (the marriage solemnized by her father Dean James Green); {Entry #425 in Microfilm #1295028: Pietermaritzbu...

Arturo Troughton (deceased)

athur Hartley Troughton (deceased)

Austin Marwood Troughton (1861 - 1914)

Poultry farmer in Cheshire; probate granted 23 Dec 1914 to brother Rev. Leslie Wycliffe Troughton

Basil Edward Troughton (1865 - 1938)

ben Troughton (deceased)

Ben Troughton (deceased)

Betty Troughton (Bibby) (c.1783 - 1843)

Born circa 1783 (aged 60 at time of death); married John Troughton (a Cooper) in the church at Toxteth St James, by licence, on 7 January 1804 Abode at the time of her death was Upper Parliament St...

Caroline Isabel Frances Troughton (1869 - 1905)

Charles Vivian Troughton (deceased)

Sir Charles Hugh Willis Troughton (1916 - d.)

Charles Willis Troughton (1856 - 1920)

Baptism: 30 Jul 1856 St Luke, Crosby, Lancashire, England Charles Willis Troughton - Son of George Troughton & Caroline Abode: Seaforth Occupation: Clergyman Baptised by: George Troughton, Off. Min...

Charlotte Troughton (deceased)

Christopher Troughton (deceased)

Clara Troughton (deceased)

Constance Emily Troughton (1875 - 1948)

Constance Gillean Troughton (Mitford) (1920 - d.)

Constance Scylla Troughton (Tate) (deceased)

Craig R.Troughton troughton (deceased)

Daisy Bain (Troughton) (deceased)

David Troughton (1943 - 1985)

David Troughton Troughton (deceased)

Dora M troughton (deceased)

Doreen Troughton (deceased)

Doris Trumper (Troughton) (deceased)

Dorothy Evelyn Troughton (Offord) (1886 - 1979)

Duff Troughton (deceased)

e Troughton (whitwell) (deceased)

Ed Troughton, Jr. (deceased)

Edith G. Troughton (c.1879 - d.)

Edith Troughton (Hammond) (b. - 1972)

edith payne gregg (troughton) (deceased)

Edmond Skillman Troughton (1848 - d.)

Edna Brown (troughton) (deceased)

Edward Troughton, Sr. (deceased)

Edward Percival Troughton, SV2b6c7d6 (1899 - 1945)

London Gazette 6 April 1920: 175158 Edward Percival Troughton, cadet, granted honorary commission as 2nd Lt, with effect from date of demobilisation (NB - check whether this is the same Edward Trou...

Edward Troughton (c.1783 - 1847)

Edward Troughton (deceased)

edward payne (ned) troughton (c.1889 - d.)

edward payne (young ned) troughton (deceased)

eizabeth? Troughton (deceased)

Eleanor Trotton Troughton (1780 - d.)

Eleanor Badger Troughton (deceased)

Eliza Troughton (deceased)

Eliza Troughton (1838 - 1838)

Elizaberth Philllips Troughton (deceased)

elizabeth Troughton (deceased)

Elizabeth Troughton (deceased)

Elizabeth (Trotton) Troughton (1770 - c.1835)

elizabeth troughton (kileen) (deceased)

Elizabeth Troughton (deceased)

elizabeth Troughton (deceased)

Elizabeth? Troughton (deceased)

Elizabeth? Troughton (b. - c.1749)

ellen badger Troughton (deceased)

ellen badger Troughton (deceased)

Ellen Badger Troughton (deceased)

Enid May Troughton (Powell) (1917 - 2007)

Ernest Troughton (deceased)

Ernest Troughton (1879 - d.)

Ethal Maude Mary Troughton (Falla) (1887 - 1955)

Ethel Carrter Troughton (deceased)

Ethel Elixaberth Carter Troughton (deceased)

Ethel Irene troughton (1904 - d.)

Evangeline Stewart Troughton (c.1855 - 1940)

Baptism: 19 Jan 1855 St Luke, Crosby, Lancashire, England Evangeline Stewart Troughton - Child of George Troughton & Caroline Abode: Little Brighton Occupation: Clergyman Baptised by: George Trough...

father Troughton (deceased)

Florence C. Cann (Troughton) (b. - 1951)

florence payne patchett (troughton) (1926 - d.)

Frances Ann Troughton (Baggett) (1831 - 1894)

Frances TROUGHTON (1849 - d.)

Francis Troughton (1686 - 1722)

Frank Troughton (c.1905 - d.)

Frank Troughton was born circa 1905. On 26 October 1932 Frank Troughton married Dora Mary "Dolly" Girdlestone, 25, daughter of Ernest Richard Gay Girdlestone and Mary Harnwell, at West Walton, Norfolk,...