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Ann Tyrrell (Norreys) MP (1475 - 1531)

Anne Tyrrell (Goring) MP (c.1480 - d.)

Anne Tyrrell (Arundell) MP (c.1455 - d.)

SIR JAMES TYRELL or TYRRELL, (d. 1502) , supposed murderer of the princes in the Tower, was the eldest son of William Tyrell of Gipping, Suffolk, by Margaret, daughter of Robert Darcy of Maiden. Sir Jo...

Anne Tyrrell (Fitzsimondes) MP (deceased)

Catherine Baker (Tyrrell) MP (c.1520 - d.)

Edmund Tyrrell, MP MP (c.1511 - 1576)

Family and Education b. by 1513, s. of Jasper Tyrrell by Anne, da. of one Goodinge or Goring of Suff. m. by 1543, Susan Cooke, 4da. suc. gd.-fa. 28 Sept. 1543.1 Offices Held Parker, Ramsden Barring...

Eleanor Knyvett (Tyrrell) MP (1464 - 1514)

Eleanor Knyvett of Buckenham Castle, Norfolk (Tyrrell) (1464 - d.) Is this the same as from Suffolk? Edmund KNYVETT of Buckenham (Sir Knight) Born: ABT 1462, Buckenham, Norfolk, England Died: ABT...

Sir James Tyrrell, Kt. MP (1450 - 1502)

Sir James Tyrell (c. 1450 – May 6, 1502) was an English knight, a trusted servant of King Richard III of England. He is known for 'confessing' to the murders of the Princes in the Tower under ...

Jasper Tyrrell, of Beeches MP (1463 - 1539)

He was mentioned in his father's will, 16 March 1471. Between 1519 and 1529 he was involved in litigation, Roger Cholmeley of London, gentleman vs. Jasper Tirrell, gentleman, son of William Tirrell, kn...

John Tyrrell MP (1478 - d.)

John Tyrrell, of Heron MP (b. - 1541)

Called Thomas on the Tyrrell pedigree in the Visitations of Essex of 1558 and 1612 (but they are inconsistent even on who belongs to which generation). Called John in both Baker and Browne pedigrees, w...

Katherine Tyrrell (Walden) MP (deceased)

Keziah Reynolds (Tyrrell) MP (b. - 1694)

Keziah Tyrrell (Harvey) MP (1622 - 1659)

Margaret Tyrrell (Darcy) MP (1425 - 1525)

DARCY4 Margaret DARCY Born: ABT 1425, Gripping, Essex, England Father: Robert DARCY (Sir Knight) Mother: Alice FITZLANGLEY Married: William TYRRELL (Sir Knight) (b. ABT 1415) (son of John Tyr...

Mary Tyrell (Tyrrell) MP (deceased)

Mary Tyrrell MP (1512 - 1541)

Mary Huntington (Tyrrell) MP (deceased)

Philippa Tyrrell (Thornbury) MP (c.1430 - 1486)

Phillipe or Phillippa Cornwallis (Tyrrell) MP (c.1425 - d.)

Magna Carta Ancestry: A Study in Coloncial And Medieval Families Pg.20 11. PHILIPPE TYRRELL, She was a legatee in the 1442 will of her father. She was co-heiress after 1442 to her brother, Edward...

Roger Tyrrell (Terrill), of Milford MP (c.1616 - 1682)

Roger Tyrrell arrived America (Boston) 14 Sept 1632 from Nanzy, Essex, England on the ship Lyon, and landed at Watertown--now Cambridge, Mass. and was married there. After tarrying awhile in Boston and...

Thomas Tyrrell MP (deceased)

Thomas Tyrrell, of Beeches MP (deceased)

Sir William Tyrrell, Kt. of Gipping MP (c.1408 - 1462)

From his father's Wikipedia page: ) William Tyrrell of Gipping, Suffolk, beheaded on Tower Hill 23 February 1462, who married Margaret Darcy, by whom he was the father of Sir James Tyrrell.[1] Fo...

William George Tyrrell, 1st and last Baron Tyrrell of Avon MP (1866 - 1947)

William George Tyrrell, 1st and last Baron Tyrrell of Avon held the office of Ambassador Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary to France. He was educated at Balliol College, Oxford University, O...

William Tyrrell MP (c.1430 - 1471)

Sir Thomas Tyrrell (c. 1411 – 28 March 1477) of Heron, heir not only to his father but also to his uncle, Edward Tyrrell (d. 17 December 1442), mentioned above. Sir Thomas Tyrrell married Anne M...

Skilton (Tyrrell) (deceased)

(unknown) Tyrrell (deceased)

(unknown) Tyrrell (deceased)

Mother of this baby boy was in England with the baby in a carriage. She stopped to look into a store window and let go of the carriage. The carriage rolled down into the street and was hit by a truck. ...

? Tyrrell (Dearness) (deceased)

? Brooks (Tyrrell) (deceased)

?? Tyrrell (deceased)

[--?--] Tyrrell (deceased)

`Austin Bird Tyrrell (deceased)

Abigail Grayce Tyrrell (Peck) (1852 - 1939)

Abigail Tyrrell (Bixby) (c.1797 - 1876)

Abijah Tyrrell (1810 - 1870)

Abijah Tyrrell (1775 - 1853)

Ada Lucia Thompson (Tyrrell) (1875 - 1957)

Ada Thompson (Tyrrell) (deceased)

Adaline Tyrrell (Smith) (1848 - 1920)

Adelaide Haughton (Tyrrell) (1835 - 1886)

Adelaide Tyrrell (Giffard) (c.1065 - c.1138)

Adelaide Virginia MacIntosh (Tyrrell) (1915 - d.)

Adelia L? M? TYRRELL (c.1859 - d.)

Adeline Tyrrell (deceased)

Adeline Culver (Tyrrell) (1878 - 1926)

Agnes Ann Tyrrell (Mulcahey) (1928 - d.)

Agnes Sharpe (Tyrrell) (1571 - 1640)

Agnes Marion Tolkien (Tyrrell) (1843 - 1907)

Agnes Sharpe (Tyrrell) (1425 - 1484)

Alan Peter Tyrrell (1929 - 1999)

Albert Tyrrell (1893 - 1916)

From the War Graves Commission Albert died on active duty at Thiepal Flanders

Albert Edward Tyrrell (1880 - 1957)

Alex Tyrrell (deceased)

Alexander Tyrrell (deceased)

Alfred Leslie Tyrrell (1909 - d.)

alfred tyrrell (deceased)

Alfred Tyrrell (deceased)

Alfred John Tyrrell (1827 - d.)

Alice Brooke (Tyrrell) (b. - 1580)

Alice Hansen (Tyrrell) (deceased)

Alice Emma Tyrrell (1877 - 1947)

alice lesley Tyrrell (Forrest) (1921 - 1965)

Alice Tyrrell (deceased)

Alice Sophia Tyrrell (1875 - 1927)

Alice Emma Dunning (Tyrrell) (deceased)

Alice Tyrrell (Blaund) (c.1330 - d.)

Alice Tyrrell (Dueweke) (1894 - 1971)

Alice Ussher Charlton (Tyrrell) (deceased)

Alice Emma Dunning (Tyrrell) (deceased)

Alice Tyrrell (c.1505 - d.)

all Tyrrell (deceased)

Allan Frederick Tyrrell (1906 - d.)

Allan Percy Tyrrell (1870 - 1940)

Althea A. Tyrrell (1854 - d.)

Althea A. Tyrrell (1854 - d.)

Alvin Junior Tyrrell (1932 - 1998)

Alys Eileen Tyrrell (deceased)

Amanda N Cronkhite (Tyrrell) (1829 - 1865)

Born in Ferrisberg, Addison Co, Vermont. Mother of five children: Henry, Vernor S, Earl, Edith and Geneva.Inscription:wife of Henry Cronkhite - age 35 yrs

Amariah Plumb Tyrrell (1831 - 1907)

Ambrose Walter TYRRELL (1903 - 1904)

Amelia Tyrrell (deceased)

Amelia Tyrrell (b. - 1852)

Amos Tyrrell (deceased)

Andrew James Tyrrell (1934 - 1997)

Andrew James Tyrrell (1895 - d.)

andrew james tyrrell (1895 - 1967)

Ann Tyrrell (deceased)

Ann Tyrrell (Kennedy) (deceased)

Ann Roseter Jordan (Tyrrell) (deceased)

Ann Tyrrell (MacBride) (c.1835 - d.)

An interesting article. The Ann McBride named in the article is ours. Arrived in Australia in1849

Ann Tyrrell (1856 - d.)

Ann Tyrrell (Norris) (deceased)

Ann Tyrrell (O'Malley (O'Melia)) (c.1851 - 1912)

Ann Tyrrell (Pashley) (deceased)

Ann Tyrrell (Norreys) (c.1482 - 1531)

Ann Jane Tyrrell (Francosco) (1823 - 1888)

Ann Tyrrell (1950 - d.)

Ann Tyrrell (Heuser) (1926 - d.)