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Agnes Tyrwhitt, Baroness Borough of Gainsborough MP (1479 - 1522)

Agnes, daughter of Sir William Tyrwhitt and Anne Constable, married Thomas Burroughs (later 3rd Baron Burroughs of Gainsborough) in 1496. Of ther numerous children, daughters Dorothy and Elizabeth beca...

Agnes Hansard (Tyrwhitt) MP (1504 - d.)

Sir William's daughters were,  1. Agnes, wife of Sir William Hansard of Kelsey, co. Lincoln, Knt. (Inquis. post mortem, 8 Henry VIII.), by whom she had one daughter and heir, wife of Sir Franc...

Alice Tyrwhitt (Skipwith) MP (deceased)

Anna Kaye (Tyrwhitt) MP (1534 - 1618)

Ursula Tyrwhitt Name also seen as Elizabeth & Ann Married Edward Kaye, of Woodson, in county Yorkshire Children: Lucy (d 1565) Married John Pickering Margaret Kaye. Married William L...

Anne Bolles (Tyrwhitt) MP (1506 - d.)

The daughters were, 1. Anne, married to Bolles, of Hough, Esq; Sources The English Baronetage: Containing a Genealogical and Historical Account of All the English Baronets, Now Existing: Their ...

Bridget Tyrwhitt (Wiltshire) MP (1470 - 1534)

Coheiress of father. Married 1st Sir Richard Wingfield of Kimbolton Castle 2nd Sir Nicholas Harvey of Ickworth (d. 5 August 1532), and had a 3 sons including George. 3rd Sir Robert Tyrwhitt (d. 1...

Hon. Catherine Tyrwhitt (Browne) MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Tyrwhitt MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Rookwood (Tyrwhitt) MP (c.1567 - d.)

Elizabeth,2 married Ambrose Rookwood, of Coldham Hall and Stanningfield, eo. Suffolk, Esq.., who ... was dragged on hurdles from the Tower to Palace Yard, and there beheaded for participating in the Po...

Elizabeth Tyrwhitt (Oxenbridge) MP (c.1530 - 1590)

ELIZABETH OXENBRIDGE (c.1529-January 1590) From Kate Meerson's Tudor Women Elizabeth Oxenbridge was the daughter of Thomas Oxenbridge (1502-March 28,1540), half brother of Elizabeth Oxenbridge (abo...

Elizabeth Tyrwhitt (Freschville) MP (b. - 1590)

William Tyrwhitt, of Kettleby, Esq., a Roman Catholic, who married Elizabeth, daughter of Peter Frescheville, Esq., of Stayveley, near Chesterfield, co. Derby. He is said by writers of that Church (see...

Elizabeth Tyrwhitt (Oxenbridge) MP (c.1519 - 1578)

ELIZABETH OXENBRIDGE (c.1519-April 1578) Elizabeth Oxenbridge was the daughter of Goddard Oxenbridge (1465-February 10, 1531) of Brede and his second wife, Anne Fiennes (1490-May 24, 1531). She was a...

Ellen Tyrwhitt (Reresby) MP (deceased)

Faith Sutton (Tyrwhitt) MP (1547 - d.)

Sir Marmaduke Tyrwhitt, Kt., MP MP (1534 - 1600)

Family and Education b. 1533/34, 4th s. of Sir William Tyrwhitt of Scotter by Isabel, da. of William Girlington of Normanby; bro. of Sir Robert II and Tristram†. m. c.1560, Ellen, da. of Lionel ...

Mary Monson (Tyrwhitt) MP (deceased)

Maud Tyrwhitt (Talboys) MP (c.1482 - 1557)

Children 1. Eleanor Tyrwhitt 1500-1546 m. William Monson 2. William Tyrwhitt 1501-1541 m. Isabella Ascough 3. Elizabeth Tyrwhitt 1503- m. Richard Thimbleby 4. Agnes Tyrwhitt 1504- 5. Kather...

Sir Robert Tyrwhitt of Kettleby MP (1510 - 1581)

Sir Robert Tyrwhitt of Kettleby (1526-November 16, 1581) was also at court. Many accounts confuse these two sets of Robert and Elizabeth Tyrwhitts, or try to combine them into one couple instead of two...

Sir Robert Tyrwhitt, of Kettleby MP (1482 - 1548)

Sir Robert Tyrwhitt, the only son, was knighted, and sheriff of Lincolnshire, 15 Hen. VIII. and by his wife, the daughter of Sir Gilbert Tailboys, of Kyme, in com. Line. Knt. had issue, three sons; and...

Sir Robert Tyrwhitt, MP MP (c.1502 - 1581)

Family and Education b. by 1504, 2nd s. of Sir Robert Tyrwhitt, and bro. of Philip. m. (1) Bridget, da. and h. of Sir John Wiltshire of Stone Castle, Kent, wid. of Sir Richard Wingfield of Kimbolton, H...

Tristram Tyrwhitt, MP MP (c.1530 - 1590)

Family and Education b. c.1530, yr. s. of Sir William Tyrwhitt (d.1541), of Scotter, Lincs. (sheriff, Lincs. 1537) by Isabel, da. of William Girlington of Normanby, wid. of Christopher Kelke; bro. of M...

Troth Darcy (Tyrwhitt) MP (1534 - 1617)

Ursula Sheffield (Tyrwhitt) MP (c.1565 - 1618)

Ursula Tyrwhitt Birth: - Kettleby, Lincolnshire, England, United Kingdom Death: May 4 1617 - Butterwike, Boston, Lincoln County, England, UK Parents: Robert Tyrwhitt Husband: Edmund (1st Ear...

William Tyrwhitt, MP MP (1531 - 1591)

From TYRWHITT, William (by 1531-91), of Twigmoor and Kettleby, Lincs. Family and Education b. by 1531, 1st s. of Sir Robert Tyrwhitt II of Kettleby by Elizabeth, da. and h. of Sir Thomas Oxenbridge...

William Tyrwhitt MP (1524 - 1555)

William Tyrwhitt MP (b. - 1642)

Sir William Tyrwhitt, Kt. MP (c.1501 - 1541)

Sources The English Baronetage: Containing a Genealogical and Historical Account of All the English Baronets, Now Existing: Their Descents, Marriages, and Issues; Memorable Actions, Both in War, an...

Tyrwhitt (deceased)

Tyrwhitt (deceased)

( Sir ) Robert Tyrwhitt (1510 - 1572)

Agnes Tyrwhitt (1516 - d.)

Agnes DeBurgh (Tyrwhitt) (deceased)

Alice Catherine Tyrwhitt (1864 - d.)

Amy Ruth May Tyrwhitt Drake (Corless) (c.1905 - d.)

Ann Tyrwhitt (1661 - d.)

Ann Brackenbury (Tyrwhitt) (b. - 1787)

Anne Tyrwhitt (Saunderson) (deceased)

Anne (Constable) Tyrwhitt (1444 - 1505)

Anne Tyrwhitt (b. - 1589)

Anne Tyrwhitt (Wycliffe) (c.1280 - d.)

Anne Tyrwhitt (Dalison) (deceased)

Ardyn Mary, Viscountess Knollys (b. - 1922)

Arthur Tyrwhitt Drake (1861 - 1938)

Augusta Dawkins (Tyrwhitt Drake) (deceased)

Barbara Constance Barclay Tyrwhitt Drake (Ewart) (1906 - d.)

Beauchamp Edward Tyrwhitt (1867 - d.)

Bridget Tyrwhitt (b. - 1614)

Bridget Tyrwhitt (Manners) (1572 - 1604)

Catherine Hunloke (Tyrwhitt) (deceased)

Catherine Tyrwhitt (deceased)

Catherine Tyrwhitt (deceased)

Cecil Robert Tyrwhitt (1863 - d.)

Cecil Tyrwhitt (1646 - d.)

Cecilia Newport (Tyrwhitt) (b. - 1477)

Cecilia de Tyrwhitt (de Tyrwhit) (deceased)

Edmund Tyrwhitt (b. - 1785)

Burke, Bernard, Sir, 1814-1892. cn; Burke, Ashworth Peter, 1864-1919. A genealogical and heraldic history of the colonial gentry, Vol. I ; London, Harrison; 1891; page 215

Sir Edward Tyrwhitt, MP, 2nd Baronet (1577 - 1628)

Family and Education bap. 23 Mar. 1577, o.s. of Sir Philip Tyrwhitt, 1st bt., of Stainfield and Martha, da. of Sir Anthony Thorold† of Marston, Lincs.1 educ. G. Inn 1594.2 m. (1) by 1598, Faith,...

Edward Tyrwhitt (deceased)

Edward Tyrwhitt (deceased)

Edward Tyrwhitt (deceased)

Eleanor Tyrwhitt (c.1492 - 1546)

Elisabeth Caroline Hicks Beach (Tyrwhitt-Drake) (1841 - 1901)

Elizabeth Tyrwhitt (deceased)

Elizabeth Caroline Hicks-Beach (Tyrwhitt-Drake) (deceased)

Elizabeth Skipwith (Tyrwhitt) (c.1497 - c.1525)

Elizabeth Tyrwhit (c.1497-c.1525) was the daughter of Sir William Tyrwhit, Knight, of Kettleby. She married Sir William Skipwith, Knight, of South Ormsby. After her death as a young woman, he married A...

Elizabeth Tyrwhitt (deceased)

Elizabeth Tyrwhitt (deceased)

Elizabeth Dallison (Tyrwhitt) (deceased)

Elizabeth Tyrwhitt (Lloyd) (deceased)

Elizabeth Tyrwhitt (NN) (deceased)

Elizabeth Tyrwhitt (Anne) (deceased)

Elizabeth Tyrwhitt (c.1507 - 1546)

Elizabeth Tyrwhitt (1568 - d.)

Elizabeth Tyrwhitt (deceased)

Elizabeth Tyrwhitt (deceased)

Elizabeth Tyrwhitt (deceased)

Elizabeth Tyrwhitt (Phillips) (deceased)

Emma Harriet, suo jure Baroness Berners (1835 - 1917)

Eva Frances St John Tyrwhitt (1893 - d.)

Faith Tyrwhitt (St Poll) (deceased)

Frances Thorold (Tyrwhitt) (deceased)

(Frances) Joyce Robinson (Tyrwhitt Drake) (1900 - 1987)

Francis Tyrwhitt (c.1634 - 1673)

George Tyrwhitt (deceased)

George Truitt/Truett/Tyrwhitt (c.1580 - c.1663)

George Tyrwhitt (deceased)

George Truitt/Truett/Tyrwhitt (c.1580 - c.1663)

Gerald Hugh Tyrwhitt, 14th Baron Berners (1883 - 1950)

Gerald Hugh Tyrwhitt-Wilson , 14th Baron Berners (18 September 1883 – 19 April 1950), also known as Gerald Tyrwhitt, was a British composer of classical music, novelist, painter and aesthete. He...

Goddard Tyrwhitt (deceased)

Goddard Tyrwhitt (deceased)

Grace / Ursula Babthorpe (Tyrwhitt) (deceased)

Harry Tyrwhitt-Wilson (1854 - 1891)

Sir Henry Thomas Tyrwhitt, 3rd Baronet (1824 - 1894)

Burke, Bernard, Sir. A genealogical and heraldic dictionary of the peerage and baronetage of the British Empire . London : Harrison 1869. page 1127

Hugh Tyrwhitt (1856 - 1907)

Hugh St John Tyrwhitt (1865 - d.)

Humphrey Tyrwhitt (deceased)

Jane Tyrwhitt (Waterton) (deceased)

Jane Tyrwhitt (Waterton) (c.1434 - 1461)

Joan Tyrwhitt (deceased)

John Tyrwhitt Drake (1901 - 1945)