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Aristeo Rizal Ubaldo MP (c.1886 - 1954)

Dr. Aristeo Rizal Ubaldo was a nephew of Jose Rizal. As a young man, he would write letters to his expatriated uncle, telling him of his progress at the Ateneo de Manila. A pioneering specialist in opt...

Margarita Roxas de Ayala MP (1826 - 1869)

In 1843, Margarita Ubaldo Roxas de Ayala assumed control of the her father's company, Casa Roxas, the precursor of Ayala Corporation. She was an astute businesswoman and generous philanthropist. More h...

Olimpia Limjap Ubaldo-Lozano MP (1917 - d.)

Olimpia Ubaldo-Lozano was the grandniece of Jose Rizal. She was a renowned educator at the Centro Escular University. She was the second woman to receive the Philippine Legion of Honor, for her meritor...

Silvestre Ubaldo MP (c.1852 - 1917)

Silvestre Ubaldo was from Manila, working as a telegraph operator under the "Inspeccion General de Comunicaciones". He married Olympia Rizal, Jose Rizal's older sister. He frequently corresponded with ...

Adriano Ubaldo (deceased)

Anatolia Blanco Ubaldo (Mendiola) (deceased)

artemio ubaldo (deceased)

CARmelita ubaldo (deceased)

carmelita ubaldo (deceased)

crisenciana ubaldo (deceased)

dead1? ubaldo (deceased)

dead? ubaldo (deceased)

diogenes gillego Ubaldo (deceased)

diogenes gillego Ubaldo (deceased)

diogenes gillego Ubaldo (deceased)

Domiciano ubaldo (deceased)

domiciano mendiola ubaldo (c.1920 - 1978)

Domingos Ubaldo (deceased)

doroteo ubaldo (deceased)

doroteo ubaldo (deceased)

Emiliana Enriquez (Ubaldo) (deceased)

enma ubaldo (deceased)

Ermelinda Ubaldo (deceased)

eufemia mahinay ubaldo (deceased)

felipe jr ubaldo (deceased)

fernando ubaldo (deceased)

Fernando Di Ubaldo (deceased)

fernando borja ubaldo (deceased)

Florentino Ubaldo van der Biezen (deceased)

Francisco José Ubaldo Landaeta y Natera (c.1738 - d.)

Giuseppe ubaldo (deceased)

indo ubaldo (deceased)

Jair Ubaldo Rey (deceased)

Joana Ubaldo Belfort Salgado (deceased)

Joaquim Ubaldo (deceased)

Joaquina Ubaldo Escorza (1920 - 2004)

jose marlon ubaldo (deceased)

José Ubaldo, (familia Ubaldo) (1859 - d.)

Juan Ubaldo (deceased)

Leonarda L. Ubaldo (1920 - 1999)

long lost brother ubaldo (deceased)

long lost brother ubaldo (deceased)

lost? ubaldo (deceased)

Luz Maravilla Ubaldo (Rafols) (deceased)

Ma. Saturtina Ubaldo (deceased)

Manuel Ubaldo Tolentino (deceased)

Marita Limjap Marasigan (Ubaldo) (c.1905 - d.)

María Saturnina Ubaldo (deceased)


Miguel Ubaldo (deceased)

Ofelia Ubaldo (deceased)

pacita ubaldo (deceased)

Paulino Crisostomo (Ubaldo) (deceased)

Paz Limjap Ubaldo (c.1911 - d.)

pedro ubaldo (deceased)

pedro ubaldo (deceased)

Policarpio Ubaldo (deceased)

Raymundo Valdez Ubaldo, Sr. (deceased)

Ruy Ubaldo Ribeiro (deceased)

saturnino ubaldo sr. (deceased)

Silvestre Ubaldo (deceased)

Silvestre Ubaldo (deceased)

Silvestre Ubaldo (deceased)

Silvestre Ubaldo (deceased)

Silvestre Ubaldo (deceased)

Tito Ubaldo (deceased)

twin baby girl ubaldo (deceased)

unknown ubaldo (deceased)

unknown ubaldo (deceased)

unknown mamang ubaldo (deceased)

unknown papang ubaldo (deceased)