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Gabrielle Monique Union MP

Gabrielle Monique Union (born October 26, 1972) is an American actress and former model. Among her notable roles is as the cheerleader opposite Kirsten Dunst in the film Bring it On. Union starred op...

1st Union -- Te Rahu 2nd Union -- Piri (deceased)

Abraham Union (c.1830 - 1906)

Abraham Union (1872 - 1972)

Alberta White (Union) (1914 - 1980)

Amos Abbey Jr. (Union Army) (1824 - 1902)

Abbey, Amos, private, Company D, 161st Regiment, mustered in 28 Oct 1862, transferred to Company B, discharged 11 Aug 1865.

Ann Greenberg (Union) (1877 - 1959)

Belgian Motto: "Eéndracht maakt Macht" - "L'Union fait la Force" (deceased)

Bette Muldrow (Union) (1924 - 2005)

Caroline Lisette Wallace Union (1842 - d.)

Charley Union (1856 - d.)

Christopher Union (deceased)

Clifton Winfred Culp (Anna, Union Co., Illinois) (1883 - 1955)

Dr. Karol Guttman ( perished in the Soviet Union) (1911 - 1942)

Frederick Detraz (Union Soldier) (deceased)

Frederick Chandler Union, Jr. (deceased)

Frederick Chandler Union (deceased)

Gladys Greenfogel (Union) (deceased)

Hannah Union (Stevenson) (1882 - d.)

Harvey Union (1887 - 1963)

Helen Union (Nail) (deceased)

Hikimokuleia (Pi`o union with brother, Hua) (deceased)

Hina a auaku (Hinauapu) (Pi`o union with brother, Pili) (deceased)

Hina a Hinaau (Hinakina`u, Hinakinau) (Pi`o union with brother, Nanailani) (deceased)

Hinaakeka (Pi`o union with brother, Akalana a Kahiki) (deceased)

Hinakapaikua (628) (Pi`o Union with brother, Maui a Kalana) (deceased)

Hinamaihelii (Pi`o union with brother, Kaloahale) (deceased)

Hinamaikalani (Pi`o union with brother, Hulumanailani) (deceased)

Howard Union (deceased)

Huahuakapolei (Pi`o union with brother, Pohukaina) (deceased)

Hukulani (Pi`o union with brother, Kahoukapu) (deceased)

Isadore Union (1884 - 1979)

Jeremiah Elsworth Vest (Civil War Union Army) (1830 - 1887)

Jerome Union (deceased)

Joan Union (deceased)

Joan Union (deceased)

Joe Union (1845 - c.1893)

Joseph Union (1890 - 1891)

Joseph Union (1891 - 1972)

José Joaquín de Iturbide y Arregui (c.1739 - 1825)

Julius Union (1903 - 1984)

Julius Union, Jr. (1931 - 2009)

Kahilolaamea (Pi`o union with brother, Kalahuimoku II) (deceased)

Kalohialiiokawai (Pi`o union with brother, Lanakawai) (deceased)

Kapohakia (Pi`o union with brother, Pau) (deceased)

Kapohuleiula (Pi`o union with brother, Lu`anu`u II) (deceased)

Kapumaleolani (Pi`o union with brother, Nanaulu) (deceased)

Kate Ann Union (Miller) (1855 - 1933)

Kauilaanapa (Pi`o union with brother, Haho) (deceased)

Kekaulani (Pi`o union with brother, Waikulani) (deceased)

Kukaolimaulialoha (Pi`o union with brother, Laau) (deceased)

Kumuokalani (Pi`o union with brother, Kanaloa) (deceased)

Levator Union (White) (1907 - 1939)

Mahuialani (Pi`o union with brother, Hanalaanui) (deceased)

Mary Liza Buie (Union) (deceased)

Mary Union (c.1620 - 1687)

Mary UNION (ONION) (1780 - d.)

Mary Union (deceased)

Mary Crabtree (London or Union) (deceased)

Mary Mapp (Union?) (c.1620 - d.)

Mary Ann Union (Mullen) (deceased)

Maurice Robert Union (1881 - 1965)

Ollie Mae Smith (Union) (1899 - 1944)

Patience UNION ?? (1812 - d.)

Rebecca Rudofsky (Union) (1880 - 1910)

Rosa Lee Baker (Union) (1929 - 1997)

Rosario Union (deceased)

Roseanna Union (Boylan) (deceased)

Samuel Union (1878 - 1965)

Sylvester Union, Sr. (deceased)

Ulumaikehoa (Pi`o union with brother, Kamea) (deceased)

Willie Buie (Union) (1907 - 1967)

Yirmiyahu Union (deceased)