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Éamon de Valera MP (1882 - 1975)

Irish nationalist of Irish and Spanish descent. Joined the IRB (Fenians) in 1913. Commanded Bollands Mills during the 1916 Easter Rising. Court-mashalled and sentenced to death, but repreived. Elected ...

? Valera (deceased)

Agaton Valera (deceased)

Agosto Valera (deceased)

Agripina Suarez Valera (Chacon) (1896 - 1996)

Agustin Valera Escobar (1858 - d.)

Agustin Valera (deceased)

Agustín de Montilla Valera (deceased)

Aleja Valera (deceased)

Alex Valera (deceased)

Alfonso Valera Lizardo (deceased)

Alfonzo Valera (deceased)

Alonso de Valera Saldaña (deceased)

Alvaro Valera (deceased)

Ana Valera (deceased)

Ana Valera (deceased)

Ana de Valera Esquivel (deceased)

Ana Valera (deceased)

Ana de Valera Sotomayor (deceased)

Ana Barrios Valera (1811 - d.)

Ana Valera Martín (deceased)

Ana America Valera (de Warden) (deceased)

Ana Gladys Valera (deceased)

Anacleta Valera-Sargan (deceased)

Anastacio valera (deceased)

Anastacio Valera (deceased)

Andrea Valera y Mesa (deceased)

Angela Valera (deceased)

Angelica Valera (deceased)

Angelina Valera (deceased)

Angelino Valera (deceased)

Angelito Valera (1947 - d.)

Anicia Valera (deceased)

Antonio Valera (deceased)

Antonio Valera (deceased)

Antonio Valera (deceased)

Antonio Hidalgo Valera (deceased)


Antonio Valera (deceased)

Antonio Alfonso Álvarez Valera (1930 - 2010)

ARTURO VALERA SR. (b. - 1986)

Asuncion Curiel Valera (deceased)

August Valera, Sr. (deceased)

Augusto Valera, Sr. (1920 - d.)

Aura Valera (deceased)

Bagoang Valera (deceased)

Baltasar Valera (deceased)

Baltasar Valera (c.1538 - c.1595)

Basilia Valera (Viste) (deceased)

Beatriz de Oviedo Valera (deceased)

Beatriz Valera (deceased)

Betty valera (deceased)

Biernes Valera (deceased)

Blanca Diaz- Valera (deceased)

Brian de Valera (1915 - 1936)

Brian is buried in the family plot at Glasnevin along with his father and mother, Eamon and Sinead de Valera.

candido valera (deceased)

Carlina Valera (deceased)

Carlos Valera (deceased)

Carlos Valera (deceased)

Carlos Valera (deceased)

Carlos (Carlito) Valera (deceased)

Carmelina Valera (Sierra) (b. - 1993)

Carmen Valera (deceased)

Carmen Valera-Arellano (1908 - d.)

Carmen Fernandez de Valera (deceased)

Carmen Valera (deceased)

Carmen Silva Valera (deceased)

Carmen Valera (deceased)

Carmen Aurora Diaz- Valera (deceased)

Carmen Nunez Valera (deceased)

Carolina Valera (deceased)

Catalina de Valera (deceased)

Catalina de Valera Saldaña (deceased)

Catalina Valera y de la Cadena (deceased)

Catalina Afenir (Valera) (deceased)

Catarina de Valera (deceased)

celeste valera (deceased)

Cenen Valera Briceño (deceased)

Charles Valera (deceased)

Clara de Alvarez (deceased)

Clara Valera (deceased)

Cologero Valera (1884 - 1927)

Conception Valera (deceased)

Concetta Valera (deceased)

Conrado Madamba Valera (1925 - 1988)

Conrado valera (deceased)

Conrado Valera (deceased)

Consolacion valera (deceased)

Constancia Valera Layo (Valera) (deceased)

Constante Valera (deceased)

Cornelia Valera (1887 - 1967)

Cornelia Lozoya Valera (1884 - d.)

Cristeta Valera (Tronqued) (deceased)

Cristina Valera (Asuncion) (deceased)

Cristobal Valera (deceased)

Cristobal Valera y de los Reyes (deceased)

Cristóbal de Montilla y Valera (deceased)

David Valera (deceased)

Dayuman Bona (Valera) (deceased)

Didi Valera (deceased)