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Anna van Bengal (deceased)

Anna Groothenning (van Bengale), SM/PROG MP (b. - c.1719)

There is conflicting information regarding the father of all Anna's children. Some source say that Geringer fathered one of her children, others that the father of the two early children was Darius van...

Catharina van Paliacatta, SM/PROG MP (c.1631 - c.1683)

See detailed history here: First Fifty years Alternative birthplace from merge - Pulicat, Tamil Nadu, India She was taken to Batavia as a slave where she was raped by a friend called Claes van Mala...

Domingo van Bengal (deceased)

Johannes van Bengal (deceased)

Maria van Bengal (deceased)

Rebekka van Bengal (deceased)

Slave girl brought from Bengal to South Africa. Divon Lan 20/2/2013: Rebekka is my direct maternal ancestor (8th ggm through an all-female line), and my maternal haplogroup is R30a, which is exclusiv...