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Rebekka van Bengal, SM/PROG MP (deceased)

Slave girl brought from Bengal to South Africa. Divon Lan 20/2/2013: Rebekka is my direct maternal ancestor (8th ggm through an all-female line), and my maternal haplogroup is R30a, which is exclusiv...

Anna van Bengal, PROG (deceased)

Carel Jansz van Bengal, SV/PROG (b. - 1744)

(Divon Lan) it is not clear when Carel Jansz was freed from slavery, but he was already a free citizen in 1712, as he appears on the "Muster roll of the free settlers at the Cape" from 31/12/1712: (D...

Domingo van Bengal, SV/PROG (c.1640 - d.)

Johannes van Bengal (deceased)

Maria van Bengal, SM/PROG (c.1660 - d.)

eGGSA:page 1 Cape Town Baptisms 1696 17 Junij 1696 gedoopt het kint van Ariaentie vande Cust onder getuygen van Maria van Bengale genaemt - Sophia eGGSA:page 82:Burgher Slave Baptisms 1696-1712 30 ...