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Angela Ansiela van Bengale, SM/PROG MP (c.1648 - 1720)

Angela/Ansela van Bengale Arrived at the Cape on board the Amerfoort by Pieter Kemp in 1656/7. She was born about 1648 in Bengal, India. She was bapt. on 29 April 1668 at Nederduitsch Gereformeer...

Anna Groothenning van Bengale, SM/PROG MP (1672 - c.1719)

Anna Groothenning van Bengale was a South African Slave from Bengal, India circa 1700 at de Caep de Goede Hoop, owned by Hans Kasper Geringer mtDNA Haplogroup M There is conflicting information regar...

Anthonij Jansz van Bengale, SV/PROG MP (1638 - 1682)

Anthonij Jansz van Bengale Born c.1646 Bengal. Baptism 12 September 1670 Cape Town Marriage Catharina van Paliacatta on 20 December 1671 Cape of Good Hope. Died before 17 December 1682 ...

Catharina Bock b3 MP (1705 - d.)

Birth Date 1705 Death Date 1740 First Name Catharina Last Name Gaucher Maiden Name Bock Gender Female Catharina Bok The First Fifty Years Project Born before 27 December 1705 Father...

Catharina van Bengale, SM/PROG MP (1651 - d.)

Catharina van Bengale on The First Fifty Years Project. PLEASE NOTE: This Catharina van Bengale is NOT the same as : Groote Catrijn (also known as Catharina van Bengale) Catharina Opklim (also ...

Dorothea van Bengale, SM/PROG MP (c.1772 - d.)

Dorothea of Bengale South African Slave Baptised as an adult in 1765. x wife of Oltman Ahlers, married 10 Dec 1780, Cape Town. She was his slave, whom he had emancipated in 1772. 7 children. ...

Louis van Bengale, SV/PROG MP (c.1652 - c.1716)

Reference The First Fifty Years Project Louis van Bengale Born c.1653 Bengal Baptised 5 May 1675 at Nederduitsch Gereformeerde Kerk, (Cape Town), de Caep de Goede Hoop, the record describes him a...

Lysbeth van Bengale, SM/PROG MP (c.1643 - d.)

See First Fifty Years Project for full Citations and references. Lysbeth van Bengale was born about 1643 in Bengal, and baptised on 29 October 1673. NGK G1 1/1, Nederduitsch Gereformeerde Kerk, K...

Rosaleijn van Bengale MP (deceased)

Rosetta van Bengale MP (deceased)

1758 Rosetta van Bengale x Johannes Jansz, wewenaar van Rosaleijn van Bengale (lg vermoedelik oorlede 1757) [ Still deciding this: please see Discussion: ... Sharon JUly 2015] There is another couple w...

Rosetta van Bengale MP (deceased)

Rosetta van Bengale MP (deceased)

Die slavin, Rosetta van Bengale, is op 12.10.1734 vrygestel. (Vgl. C.J.3084, Obligatiën, Transporten van Slaven &c., 1734, pp. 133−134.)

Rosetta van Bengale, SM/PROG MP (c.1690 - 1764)

The Rosetta van Bengale who owned Rosetta van Java prior to 1719 was CHILDLESS and the same one who drew up a will in 1739 with Rosetta van Java (Boegies)'s children Jacob Jansz and Adolph Jonker plus ...

Adriaan Jacobsz (van Bengale) (c.1717 - d.)

Name: Adriaan Jacobsz born as a slave child to widow ten Damme Event Type: Baptism Event Date: 23 May 1717 Event Place: Cape Town, Cape of Good Hope, South Africa Father's Name: Floris Jacobsz ...

Amarensie van de Caep / van Bengale (deceased)

Annike van Bengale (c.1640 - d.)

See The First Fifty Years Project for full Citations and references. On 30 January 1662 the Angelier and Oijevaer departed from Batavia for the Cape where they docked on 2 April 1662. Among the pasen...

Carel van Bengale (deceased)

Catharina van Bengale (deceased)

Catharina van Bengale (deceased)

Catharina van de Caep / van Bengale (deceased)

Cecilia Valentyn (van Bengale) (deceased)

Rajah VAN TAMBORA Rajah VAN TAMBORA was exiled to the Cape by a resolution of the East Indies in Batavia on 13 August 1697, for rebelling against the Dutch and plotting against the King of Dompo and ...

Claas Gerritz van Bengale (a5) (van Bengale), SV/PROG (1666 - c.1697)

Jette (Henriette) CLAESZ, sy was die dogter van die slawe Christiaan en Sara VAN SOLOOR. Sara van Soloor was eers getroud met Claas Gerrit van Bengale en later met Christiaan. 3.3.1686 trou Claas Gerri...

claesje van Bengale (deceased)

Cleleli van Bengale, SM/PROG (deceased)

Lang (Pieter) ; and Eva of the Cape : submit that at the departure hence of the ex -burgher- Councillor, Henning Joachim Prehn, to Europe, they had bought from him the slave woman, named Cleleli of Ben...

Constantia van Bengale, SM/PROG (c.1685 - c.1735)

Constantia van Bengale (deceased)

Darius van Bengale, SV/PROG (c.1677 - d.)

Domingo van Bengale (deceased)

"Angela was brought to the Cape, via Batavia, with her husband Domingo and their three children onboard of the VOC ship Amersfoort. They arrived with a fleet of ships including the Prins Willem, on 24 ...

Domingo van Bengale (1686 - d.)

Old colonial documents show that Domingo was either from Bengal [modern day Bangladesh] or of Begali descent and a Free Black [Vryswarte] by 1693 if not already freeborn. May have died around 1712. N...

Geertruyda Helena van Bengale (deceased)

Gina van Bengale (deceased)

Helena van de Kust (van Bengale) (1712 - d.)

Soure: Family Search, Dutch Reform Church Registers, Cape Town, South Africa. Slave of Luit Glotsboo

Hendrika Johanna van Bengale (deceased)

Isaak van Bengale (deceased)

Jacob van Bengale, SV/PROG (deceased)

Jan van Bengale (deceased)

Johanna van Bengale (c.1746 - d.)

Johannes Jansz van Bengale (deceased)

Lucas van Bengale (1746 - d.)

Magdalena van de Caep (deceased)

Maria van Bengale (b. - c.1678)

Maria Magdalena van Bengale, SM/PROG (deceased)

Maria van Bengale, SM/PROG (c.1660 - c.1712)

1712 could be the year she died: National Archives of South Africa (NASA) Database: Cape Town Archives Repository DEPOT KAB SOURCE CJ TYPE LEER VOLUME_NO 2598

Maria van Bengale, SM/PROG (1638 - 1665)

Born in 1638 in Bengal Married Jan Zacharias on 21 July 1658 Cape Town Died on 21 May 1665 at the Cape of Good Hope Feb 1655 - Maria van Bengale and Maria da Costa van Bengale...

NN Father of Catharina and Magdalena van Bengale (deceased)

Pieter van Bengale (deceased)

Regina du Plooy (van Bengale) (deceased)

Robbert Schot (van Bengale) (deceased)

Robert Schott van Bengale, SV/PROG (b. - c.1741)

Rosina Rigard (van Bengale) (deceased)

Sara van Bengale (1690 - d.)

Sylvester Rodrigo van de Kust (van Bengale) (1712 - d.)

Thomas van Bengale (deceased)

Titus van Bengale (c.1684 - c.1714)

Titus van Bengale Born. c. 1684, Bengal India H.F. Heese, Reg en Onreg (Kaapse Regspraak in die Agtiende Eeu) (Belville, South Africa: Instituut vir Historiese Navorsing, Universiteit van Wes-K...

Titus Thomsen van Bengale (deceased)