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Ada van Berthout (deceased)

Agnes van Berthout (1215 - 1245)

Arnold van Berthout (c.1100 - d.)

Cornelia van Berthout van Thielen (1460 - 1533)

Daniel van Ranst, seigneur de Houthain-à-Val (1385 - 1461)

Egidius van Berthout Mechelen (deceased)

Hendrik I van Berthout, heer van Duffel (c.1190 - d.)

Hendrik van Berthout (deceased)

Liutgarde van Berthout (1090 - 1130)

Lodewijk van Berthout, Heer van Reet en van Grammene (1210 - 1271)

Madeleine van Meldert (van Berthout) (deceased)

N.N van Berthout (1140 - 1180)

N.N. Berthout (van Berthout) (c.1217 - d.)

According to FMG's Medlands, Wouter Berthout and Adeline d'Enghien had several daughters. This is what it says about them... Their existence is confirmed by the late 13th century genealogy by B...

Sophia Berthout, vrouwe van Mechelen (1303 - 1329)

Wouter I Berthout (1110 - c.1180)

Lord of Grimbergen Lord of Mechelen

Walter IV van Berthout (1140 - 1201)

Walter V van Berthout Mechelen (deceased)

Walter V van Berthout (deceased)

Walter V van Berthout, heer van Mechelen (c.1225 - 1296)

Wouter II Berthout, advocatus van Mechelen (c.1140 - c.1201)

Wouter III van Berthout, advocatus van Mechelen (c.1160 - 1219)

Heer van Mechelen en Duffel