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Catrina / Catharina Livingston (Van Brugh) MP (c.1689 - 1756)

Catharina Van Brugh was born in 1689 the only child of Manhattan trader Pieter Van Brugh and Sara Cuyler. Within a few years, Catharina's parents followed the Cuylers to Albany where they too found suc...

VAN BRUGH (c.1560 - d.)

Anna Grevenraet (Van Brugh) (c.1662 - 1735)

Catherine VAN BRUGH (c.1562 - d.)

Catherine Annetje Van Rensselaer (Van Brugh) (c.1665 - 1730)

Birth: Apr. 19, 1665, USA Death: Dec. 6, 1730 Greenbush Schoharie County New York, USA Born in New Amsterdam, New Netherlands Daughter of Johannes Pieterse van BRUGH 1624 – 1699 and Tr...

Elizabeth Van Brugh (1712 - c.1753)

Gertrude Van Brugh (c.1540 - d.)

Gilles Van Brugh (c.1540 - 1635)

Gilles Van Brugh of Leende, North Brabant, The Netherlands was born in The Netherlands about 1540, and died in 1635. His will was dated July 3, 1635. Gertrude _____ was born in Leende, North Brabant, T...

Gillis van Brugh (1591 - d.)

Heinrie Or Hendrick VAN BRUGH (c.1564 - d.)

Helena van Brugh (deceased)

Helena DeKay (Van Brugh) (c.1660 - 1736)

Helena Van Brugh (Van Burgh) (1660 - d.)

Henrick Janszen VAN BRUGH (c.1606 - d.)

Jacobus Or James VAN BRUGGE (VAN BRUGH) (c.1587 - d.)

Jan Gillisen van Brugh (c.1615 - d.)

Jan Gillissen van Brugh (c.1565 - d.)

Jan Van Brugh was born in Haarlem, North Holland, The Netherlands, in 1565. Greetjen Jacobse was born in Haarlem about 1563. He is the son of Gilles and Gertrude (_____) Van Brugh. They had five childr...

Johanna van Brugh (1697 - d.)

Johannes Pieterszen Van Brugh (deceased)

Corporal Blue Flag Co, Burgner Corps 1652-3 New Amsterdam, President of the Bench 1662 Provincial Envoy to Amsterdam 1664 Burgemeister 1673-4 Captain, New Orange 1673-4

Johannes van Brugh, II (1671 - c.1720)

Johannes Pieterszen van Brugh, I (c.1624 - 1699)

marriage to "Tryn" Roelofs • 1658 29 Mar; Johannes Pieterszen Ver Brugge, van Haerlem; Catharina Roelofs, wid Lucas Rodenborg • with 92 others, co-signed the Remonstrance that convinc...

Lijve Or Levine VAN BRUGH (c.1564 - d.)

Maria Verbrugge van Brugh (c.1589 - d.)

Maria Richards (Van Brugh) (c.1673 - d.)

Pieter Van Brugh (c.1666 - 1740)

findagrave... ; Pieter Van Brugh was born in 1666 the oldest son of Manhattan-based overseas trader Johannes Pieterse and Catharina Roeloffs Van Brugh. His father had prospered in New Netherland by...

Pieterse Van Brugge/Van Brugh (c.1593 - d.)

Pieter Van Brugge of Haarlem, North Holland, The Netherlands was born in Holland about 1593. His name was alternately spelled Van Brugh. Helena Pottai of Haarlem, North Holland, The Netherlands was bor...

William Van Brugh (c.1506 - d.)

Willem Van Brugh was born in Leende, North Brabant, The Netherlands, about 1506. Elizabeth Luden of The Hague was born in The Netherlands about 1511. She is the daughter of Jan Luden. An unknown number...

William van Brugh (c.1558 - d.)