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Aeltje van Couwenhoven MP (1645 - d.)

Aeltje was Baptised in the Dutch Reformed Church in New Amsterdam, New Netherlands. 1645 Aug 27 ; Jacob Wolfertszen; Aeltje ; Wolfert Gerritszen, Pieter Wolfertszen, Maryken Thymens, Ariaentje Cornelis

Aeltje Willemse van Couwenhoven MP (1665 - 1689)

Aeltje Pieterse van Couwenhoven MP (1642 - 1698)

I, the undersigned Pieter Wolphersen, hereby acknowledge for myself, my heirs and successors that this day, date underwritten, I have adopted,as I do hereby adopt, Aeltjem Pieters van Couwenhoven, my o...

Cornelius Williamse van Couwenhoven MP (1672 - 1736)

Cornelius Willemse Couwenhoven (son of William Gerrrese vanCouwenhoven and Jannetje (Jane) Monfort) was born 29 NOV 1671 in: Flatlands. He died 16 MAY 1736 in: Pleasant Valley,NJ (bur there) (Other spo...

Gerret Wolfersen van Couwenhoven MP (1610 - 1645)

, ------------------------ " 'This day, date underwritten, before me Cornelis Van Tienhoven, secretary, in the presence of the undersigned witnesses, appeared Wolphert Gerritsen and Gerrit Wolphert...

Jacob Wolphertse van Couwenhoven MP (c.1612 - 1670)

Notes for Jacob Wolphertse Van Kouwenhoven: Came to New Amsterdam as a teenager (see Russell Shorto 's book {note below}) Jacob Wolphertse Van Kouwenhoven was born in 1615 at Amersfoort, Utrecht, N...

Jan Willemsen Van Couwenhoven MP (c.1495 - d.)

Jan van Couwenhoven MP (1641 - c.1693)

Margaretta Roelofs van Couwenhoven (Schenck) MP (1677 - 1751)

Cornelius Willemse Couwenhoven (son of William Gerrrese vanCouwenhoven and Jannetje (Jane) Monfort) was born 29 NOV 1671 in: Flatlands. He died 16 MAY 1736 in: Pleasant Valley,NJ (bur there) (Other spo...

Marretje Gerretse Van Couwenhoven MP (1644 - c.1709)

Marretje Gerretje Van Couwenhoven Descendants of Wolphert Gerretse Van Kouwenhoven father - Gerret Wolfersen Van Kouwenhoven mother - Aeltje Cornelis Cool born - before 10 Apr 1644 baptised...

Petronella Jacobsdr van Couwenhoven MP (c.1648 - c.1674)


Pieter Wolphertse van Couwenhoven, Lieutenant MP (1614 - 1689)

Pieter Wolfertsen (also Wolphertsen) van Couwenhoven. Brewer. July 11, prior to 1658. Brewer Pieter Wolfertsen van Couwenhoven almost made history. As one of the first schepens in the newly incorporate...

Sarah Willemse Van Couwenhoven MP (c.1674 - 1761)

vancleavefamilytree... ;

- Van Nederveen (Van Couwenhoven) (deceased)

Aagje van Couwenhoven (1723 - 1797)

Aagje Jacobsdr van Couwenhoven (deceased)

Aaltje Cozine (Van Couwenhoven) (c.1701 - d.)

Adriaen Willemsz van Couwenhoven (c.1555 - 1596)

Adriaen Willemsz. van Holy, bouwman Ambacht Zouteveen, overl. vóór 9-2-1596, tr. 1e Grietgen Aerntsdr. (overl. vóór 23-10-1587, tr. 1e Andries Cornelisz.); tr. 2e De Lier (G...

Aeltje Willemse Van Aersdalen (Van Couwenhoven) (deceased)

Aeltje Middagh (Van Couwenhoven) (c.1702 - 1776)

Cornelius married Aeltje VAN COUWENHOVEN 22 Feb 1739 in Monmouth, NJ. Cornelius and Aeltje were married by license. In the license Aeltje is referred to as the widow of van DEVENTER (no first name give...

Aeltje Pieterse Van Couwenhoven (1642 - 1698)

Agatha van Couwenhoven (deceased)

Albert Willemse Covenhoven (c.1676 - 1748)

Allert Jacobsz van Couwenhoven (deceased)

Anna Elisabeth van Couwenhoven (deceased)

Anna Elisabeth van Couwenhoven (1757 - 1827)

Annetje van Couwenhoven (1644 - 1673)

pos Annetje Peterson was the daughter of Lt. Pieter Wolphertse Van Kouwenhoven. I came across this item in the Fall 1997 Swedish Colonial News. It has a Couwenhoven reference which may be of interest t...

Antje Van Couwenhoven (deceased)

Arien Claes Florisz Van Couwenhoven (c.1485 - c.1520)

Barbara Pieters van Couwenhoven (Couwenhoven) (1710 - 1747)

Bernardus Lambertus van Coevenhoven (gezegt van Couwenhoven) (1713 - 1781)

Bernardus Lambertus Van Coevenhoven , Merchant of Amsterdam , Holland His will was dated:22 December 1781

Catharina van Couwenhoven (deceased)

Clazina van Couwenhoven (1661 - 1740)

Cornelia Vlaerdingerwoud (van Couwenhoven) (1649 - 1723)

Cornelia Janse van Couwenhoven (c.1671 - 1710)

Cornelia Jans Cowenhoven "Born in Brooklyn, on 1671 to Jan Gerretse Van Kouwenhoven and Gerardina De Sille. Cornelia Jans married Gerret Middagh and had 4 children. She passed away on 1710"----------...

Cornelis van Couwenhoven (1632 - 1692)

Derick Wolfertse van Couwenhoven (1613 - d.)

Dirckie Willemsdr van Couwenhoven (b. - 1727)

Dorothea Geertruij van Couwenhoven (deceased)

Elisabeth Jacobsdr van Couwenhoven (deceased)

Eva van Couwenhoven (deceased)

Eva Jacobsdr van Couwenhoven (deceased)

Eynout van Couwenhoven (deceased)

Francina Cornelia van Couwenhoven (deceased)

Fransjen van Couwenhoven (b. - 1671)

Geertgen Adriaens van Couwenhoven (van Triest) (c.1600 - 1667)

Geertruyd Fransdr. van Couwenhoven (1543 - 1575)

Geertruyd Booth (Van Couwenhoven) (1543 - d.)

Gerard van Couwenhoven (deceased)

Gerard van Couwenhoven (deceased)

Gerard van Couwenhoven (deceased)

Gerrit Janz Couwenhoven (1516 - c.1578)

Gerritt Jansz Couwenhoven was a tenant farmer of the estate Couwenhoven in the neighborhood Ceulhorst on the Hoogland near Amersfoort, owned by the family De Wijs who were holding if from the feudal La...

Gijsbert Dirksz van Couwenhoven (deceased)

Hendrik van Couwenhoven (b. - 1691)

Hendrik van Couwenhoven (1750 - d.)

Hendrik van Couwenhoven (1711 - 1792)

Hendrik Van Couwenhoven FamilySearch Stammbaum Geburt: 5. Nov. 1711 - Konigsberg, Germany Eltern: Gerard van Couwenhoven, Dorothea Strodt Ehefrau: Anna Eliesabeth Bruijningh Kinder: Gerard van Couw...

Hendrik Jansz van Couwenhoven (1595 - 1631)

Henrick van Couwenhoven (b. - 1671)

Hester van Couwenhoven (deceased)

Jacob Willemse Van Couwenhoven (c.1679 - 1744)

Jacob Allardsz van Couwenhoven (deceased)

Jacob Huighsz van Couwenhoven van Holij (1385 - 1420)

Jacob Jacobsz van Couwenhoven, heer van Oude en Nieuwe Struyten (c.1592 - 1661)

Voorman van de Remonstranten in Rotterdam. Eigenaar van brouwerij de Twee Klimmende Leeuwen te Rotterdam, De brouwerij werd ook gebruikt voor de bijeenkomsten van Remonstranten.

Jacob Jacobsz van Couwenhoven (deceased)

Jan Henricks van Couwenhoven (c.1595 - 1632)

Jan Gerretse Van Couwenhoven (1639 - 1724)

Son of Gerritt Wolfertse Van Couwenhoven and Aeltje Cool

Jan Van Couwenhoven (c.1440 - c.1475)

Jan Gerretse Van Couwenhoven (deceased)

Jan Jacobsz van Couwenhoven (deceased)

Jan Willemse Williams van Couwenhoven (c.1681 - c.1756)

Jan Willmse Kowenhoven was born on Apr 9, 1681 at Flatlands, Kings County, New York. He was the son of Willem Gerretse Van Kouwenhoven and Jannetije Pieterse Monfoort. Jan Willmse Kowenhoven was baptiz...

Jane van Couwenhoven (deceased)

Johan van Couwenhoven (deceased)

Lysbeth Mosier (Van Couwenhoven) (1671 - 1742)

Lysbeth van Couwenhoven (1643 - d.)

Margaretha van Couwenhoven (deceased)

Margaretta Roelofse van Couwenhoven (Schenck) (1678 - 1750)

Margarita van Couwenhoven (deceased)

Doop van / baptism of Margarita Dopeling / child: Margarita Vader / father: Cornelis van Couwenhove Moeder / mother: Helena de Reus Getuige 1 / witness 1: Johan de Reus Getuige 2 / witness ...

Maria van Blootenburg (van Couwenhoven) (c.1619 - 1671)

Maria Anthonia van Couwenhoven (1759 - d.)

Maria Henrietta van Couwenhoven (1712 - 1772)

Maria Henriëtte van Couwenhoven (1712 - 1772)

Maria Jacobsdr van Couwenhoven (deceased)

Marija van Couwenhoven (deceased)

Maritgen van Couwenhoven (deceased)

Maritje Jacobsdr van Couwenhoven (deceased)

Marytje Ten Eyck (Van Couwenhoven) (1709 - 1761)

Meijnsgen Adriaensdr Couwenhoven (Holy) (c.1592 - c.1638)

N.N. van Couwenhoven (1647 - 1647)

Neeltje Roelofse van Couwenhoven (Schenck) (1681 - 1751)

Neeltje Volkertse (van Couwenhoven) (1678 - 1739)

Neeltje Williamse Van Couwenhoven, Couwenhoven (1667 - d.)

Alternate birthday is 7 Feb 1667.

Neeltje Janse Van Couwenhoven (c.1673 - d.)

Neeltje Gerretse Gerretse van Couwenhoven (c.1641 - 1672)

Baptism 1641 Sep 20; Gerrit Wolfertszen; Neeltje; Wolfert Gerritszen, Huyge Aertszen, Hester Simons NA DRC Baptisms 1731-1800

Neeltje Jacobse van Couwenhoven (1639 - d.)

Baptism 1639 Sep 25; Jacob Wolphertz; Neeltje; Gerrit Wolphertszen, David Provoost, Philip Gerritszen, Neeltje Wolpherts, Anneken Jans NA DRC Baptisms 1639-1730

Neeltjie van Couwenhoven (Willemsdochter) (deceased)

Nicasius Janse Van Couwenhoven (Kouvenhoven) (1681 - 1749)

Nikolaas Jacobsz van Couwenhoven (b. - 1666)

Pieter Willemse van Couwenhoven (c.1671 - c.1755)

Pieter Willemse Van Kouwenhoven was also known as Pieter Covenhoven. He was also known as Pieter Williamse Cowenhoven. He was baptized on 12 February 1671 at Flatlands, Kings County, New York. Pieter W...

Pieter Hendrik van Couwenhoven gezegd van Coevenhoven (1758 - 1832)

Sara van Couwenhoven (deceased)