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Anna van der Byl b1c1 MP (1703 - 1752)

Gerhard Pieterszoon van der Byl, SV/PROG MP (c.1640 - 1698)

Voor Maart 1668 het hy die Kaapse owerhede versoek om toe te laat dat sy vrou en kind ook na die Kaap kom. Boer Vredenburg, Stellenbosch. Before March 1668, he asked the Cape authorities to allow him...

Pieter Kenyon Fleming-Voltelyn van der Byl MP (1923 - 1999)

Major Pieter Voltelyn Graeme van der Byl MP (1889 - 1975)

The Honourable Major Pieter Voltelyn Graham van der Byl (1889–1975), MC, was a South African soldier and statesman. He was a member of the liberal South African party and then the United Par...

Abraham Sophinus Van Der Byl (deceased)

Adriaan Jacobus van der Byl (1812 - 1883)

Born on SPIER. Bought the farm NATTE VALLEIJ at Klapmuts in 1839. Built the present front gable at Natte Valleij in 1840. Family owned Natte Valleij until 1937, just under 100 years. Buried in the VdBi...

Agnita Pauline Van der Byl (Heynike) (b. - 1983)

Agnita Pauline Van der Byl (Heynike) (1910 - 1983)

Alban Van der Byl Machado (deceased)

Captain Albert Lawrence Montagu van der Bijl (1900 - 1922)


Aletta Hendrina Van Der Byl (Faure) (1848 - 1918)

Source: Geneology of Old South African Families (GOSAF) d4 Jacobus Christiaan *22 May 1798, m.4 Aug 1821 Elisabeth Brink, †Dec. 1825; m. 29 Nov 1836 Elisabeth Myburgh e1Jacobus Christiaan *23 ...

Andries Christoffel Van der Byl (deceased)

Andries Christoffel Van Der Byl (deceased)

Andries Christoffel Van der Byl (deceased)

Andries Christoffel van der Byl (1818 - 1859)

Andries Christoffel van der Byl (1749 - 1830)

Bought SPIER in 1781. The farm stayed in the family until 1918 (nearly 150 years). Buried in the family vault, in the grounds of the Moeder Kerk, Stellenbosch

Andries Christoffel Van der Byl (deceased)

Andries Christoffel van der Byl (1818 - 1859)

Andries Christoffel Van der Byl (1854 - 1909)

Andries Christoffel van der Byl (1882 - 1951)

Andries Christoffel Van der Byl (1883 - 1946)

Angelique Myra van der Byl (1890 - d.)

Anna Maria Van Der Byl (1862 - d.)

Anna Jacoba Christina van der Byl (Hoffmann) (1813 - 1861)

Anna Debora Catharina van der Byl (1863 - 1902)

Anna Dorothea van der Byl (van Nierop) (1842 - 1896)

Anna Maria Johanna Kotze (van der Byl) (1842 - 1894)

Anna van der Byl (deceased)

Anna Elizabeth Cloete (van der Byl) (1779 - 1865)

Anna Grove (Van der Byl) (1749 - 1775)

Anna Elisabeth van der Byl (van der Bijl) (1822 - 1853)

Anna Elizabeth van Dyk (van der Byl) (1822 - 1853)

Anna Elizabeth Van der Byl (deceased)

Anna Jacoba Christina van der Byl (Hoffman), b3c6d3 (1813 - 1861)

Anna Sophia Van der Byl (1828 - 1899)

Anna Sophia Van der Byl (1881 - 1963)

Anne Hopley (van der Byl) (deceased)

Married in 1882 in Cape Town - Wynberg Dutch Reformed Church

Anne Catherine Van der Byl (van der Byl) (1858 - 1922)

Aubrey Ronald Robertson van der Byl (deceased)

Aubrey Van der Byl (deceased)

Aubrey van der Byl (deceased)

Barney van der Byl (deceased)

Catharina Sophia Cloete (van der Byl), b1c6d5e6 (1785 - 1861)

Catharina Maria van der Byl (Mechau) (deceased)

Catharina van der Byl, b1c9 (1710 - 1738)

Van der BYL For source of additional information, click here. a1 Gerhard Pieterszoon van der Byl gebore: ca. 1640 te Overschie, naby Rotterdam, in Nederland, gesterf: Stellenbosch 1698; getroud: Hollan...

Catharina Hendrina van der Byl, b1c10d1 (c.1750 - 1791)

Catharina Johanna Van der Byl (van der Byl) (1863 - 1898)

Catherine Lilian Herberden (van der Byl) (1882 - 1962)

Charles Gerhardus Van der Byl (1909 - d.)

Clara Isabella Vermeulen (van der Byl) (1916 - 1991)

Constance Van der Byl Machado (deceased)

Cornelia Maria Van der Byl (Snyman) (deceased)

David Van der Byl (deceased)

Edna Van der Byl (1918 - 2011)

Elisabeth Geertruida Frederica Neethling (van der Byl) (b. - 1930)

Elizabeth Wilhelmina Van der Byl (Herold) (deceased)

Elizabeth Wilhelmina Herold van der Byl (1881 - 1939)

Elizabeth Wilhelmina Barry (van der Byl) (1853 - 1888)

From 'A concise history of Port Beaufort & White Sands (also known as Witsand) including Family Trees White Sands & Port Beaufort' written by John McGregor

Elizabeth Maria Johanna Van der Byl (van der Byl) (1812 - d.)

Elizabeth van der Byl (deceased)

Elizabeth Georgina Squire Van der Byl (Janse van Rensburg) (1894 - d.)

Elizabeth Maria Spilhaus (van der Byl) (1910 - d.)

Elizabeth Wilhelmina van der Byl (van Der Byl) (1853 - 1888)

Elizabeth Wilhelmina van der Byl (Herold) (deceased)

Ellen Van der Byl (Conway) (deceased)

Crampton, Hazel. ‘The Sunburnt Queen’. Johannesburg: Jacana. 2004. Print. Contact Sharon Doubell

Enid Iris van der Byl (Rose) (deceased)

Enid Iris van der Byl (deceased)

Ester Hendricks (Van der Byl Machado) (deceased)

Ester Elisabeth van der Byl (de Wet), b1c1d6e3 (1792 - 1830)

Esther Elizabeth x Stellenbosch 03 02 1810 Johannes Albertus van der Byl,hy boer "Rustenburg", Idasvallei, dist. Stellenbosch en sterf 02 06 1819. EstherElizabeth xx Stellenbosch 08 12 1823 Johannes ...

Geertrude van der Byl (deceased)

Geertruida Catharina Van der Byl (1766 - 1809)

I have linked this profile without direct evidence, except the will in which she was left two thousand pounds by Daniel Egbertus Haupt. I do not know if they were married. Birth/ death dates need rev...

Gerald Van der byl (deceased)

Gerard Abraham Van der Byl (1770 - d.)

Gerhard van der Byl (deceased)

Gerhard van der Byl (1757 - 1823)

Gerhard Abraham van der Byl (1839 - 1866)

Gerhard Abraham Van Der Byl (1839 - 1866) Gerhard Abraham married Anna Dorothea Van Nierop in 1860 and had 3 children. He passed away on 9 Feb 1866 in Paarl, Cape, South Africa. Children: 1. Van Der ...

Gerrit van der Byl, b1c6 (1704 - 1767)

Gertruida Catherina van der Byl (1766 - 1809)

Gertruida Catharina Haupt (van der Byl) (1866 - 1908)

Gertruda Catherina van der Byl - daughter of Gerhardus Abraham van der Byl was left-250 pounds sterling in the will of Daniel Egbertus Haupt. Van Der Byl, Gertruida Catharina - Birth/ b: 15 JUL 1866 in...

Gesina Susanna van der Byl (Joubert) (deceased)

Gesina Wilhelmina Constantia Van der Byl (1886 - 1971)

Gladys Isabel Van der Byl (van der Byl) (1882 - 1954)

"Barbara Barry was my mother. One of the family heirlooms she left from Pilgrim’s Rest days is a beautiful silver bowl that was presented to her mother, Gladys Barry. This bowl is engraved with ...

Hanna Van der Byl Machado (deceased)

Helen Henrietta van der Byl (1821 - 1902)

Helena Elizabeth Van der Byl (van der Bijl), b1c6d5e13f8g6 (1870 - c.1941)

Hendrik Louis Nelson Van der Byl (1885 - 1928)

Hester Anna Van Der Byl (1861 - d.)

Hester Anna van der Byl b1c6d4 (1751 - 1814)

Hester Anna Van Der Byl (Briers) (1837 - 1929)

Irene Muriel Aurora van der Byl (1889 - d.)

Ivy Florence Cousins Van der Byl Machado (deceased)

James Eric van der Byl (1897 - 1898)

James John Le Sueur van der Byl (1861 - 1941)

Jessie Van der Byl Storm (deceased)

Johanna Cornelia van der Byl (Haupt) (deceased)

Johanna Van der Byl and her husband Andries Shristoffel van der Byl resided at the Paarl after their marriage in 1891. Prior to that she lived on the farm Rhone in the Groot Drakenstein with her mother...

Johanna van der Bijl (van der Byl) (c.1787 - 1789)

Johanna Van der Byl (Backstroo) (deceased)

Johanna Georgina van der Byl (Sprengler) (c.1781 - 1840)

Johanna Catharina Lambrechts (Van der Byl) (1758 - 1792)

Johannes Jacobus van der Byl (1842 - 1910)