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Emanuel van Meteren MP (1535 - 1612)

Van Meteren was prominent at the nexus of scholarship, politics, religion and business between the Low Countries and England. Critically, Van Meteren left a lasting impact not only on his times and pla...

? van Meteren (?) (deceased)

Aalbertie van Meteren (deceased)

Aaltje van Meteren (deceased)

Aaltje Johanna van der Flier (van Meteren) (1852 - d.)

Aart van Meteren (deceased)

Aart van Cuyck van Meteren (deceased)

Aart van Meteren (1799 - 1877)

Aart van Meteren (deceased)

Adriaan Van Cuick Van Meteren (1597 - d.)

Adriaantje Jans van Meteren (Westerhout) (1711 - c.1752)

Adriaantje Hendriks Kievit (van Meteren) (deceased)

Adriaen van Cuyck van Meteren (deceased)

Adriana Johanna van Meteren (Ochtman) (1881 - 1961)

Aert van Meteren (1545 - d.)

Aert Van Meteren (deceased)

Anna van Cuyck van Meteren (deceased)

Anneken Van Meteren (1592 - d.)

Anneken van Cuyck van Meteren (deceased)

Annetjie Van Meteren (Wyncoop) (c.1698 - c.1757)

Annigje van Meteren (c.1754 - 1835)

Antonia van Meteren (1826 - 1893)

Antonie van Meteren (c.1763 - c.1767)

Ariaantje van Meteren (c.1757 - c.1762)

Arie van Meteren (c.1834 - 1927)

Bruidegom: Arie van Meteren Leeftijd: 28 Beroep: arbeider Vader bruidegom: Aart van Meteren Beroep: Landbouwer Moeder bruidegom: Maaike van Rossem Beroep: landbouwster Bruid: Hendrika Verbeek Leeftijd:...

Arience Van Meteren (Anneken) (1608 - 1690)

Balthasar van Cuyck van Meteren, heer van Tuyl (1595 - c.1654)

Balthasar Van Meteren (deceased)

Balthazar van Cuyck van Meteren (deceased)

Barbara Van Meteren (1574 - d.)

Beligje van Meteren (1746 - d.)

Boudewijn van Meteren, seigneur de Chantraines (b. - 1575)

Catalina Van Meteren (Hendricks) (1681 - 1719)

Catharina van Meteren (Teljeur) (deceased)

Catharina Heikoop (van Meteren) (deceased)

Catherin or Cathelina Crom Mulliner (Van Meteren (aka Van Meter)) (1659 - 1716)

Catrina Heikoop (van Meteren) (1817 - 1895)

Christina Hendrina van Meteren (1870 - d.)

Cornelia van Cuyck van Meteren (deceased)

Cornelia Van Meteren (deceased)

Cornelia van Meteren (Vroege) (deceased)

Cornelia Gijsberts van Meteren (1698 - d.)

Cornelis Antonius Franciscus van Meteren (1879 - 1939)

Cornelis van Meteren (1836 - d.)

Cornelis van Meteren (1740 - d.)

Cornelis Johannes van Meteren (1864 - 1882)

Cornelius Curt Van Meteren (1540 - d.)

Cornelius van Meteren (1540 - d.)

Cornelius Van Meteren (c.1553 - 1653)

Cornelius Van Meteren (deceased)

Crein Janse van Meteren (c.1649 - 1720)

Dirck van Meteren (c.1732 - c.1733)

Dirk van Meteren (deceased)

Dirk van Meteren (c.1736 - d.)

Dirkje Middelkoop (van Meteren) (c.1742 - d.)

Diske Van Meteren (?) (1580 - 1680)

Elizabeth Van Meteren (c.1712 - 1793)

Children: Rebecca Shepherd 1733-Deceased David Shepherd 1734-1795 William Shepherd 1736-1824 Sarah Shepard 1737-1780 Elizabeth Shepherd 1738-1788 Mary Baldwin Sheppard 1742-1814 Thomas C....

Emanuel Van Meteren (1580 - d.)

Ermgard van Cuijck van Meteren (deceased)

Ermhard Van Cuijck Van Meteren (1407 - d.)

Filippina Gerardina van Meteren (deceased)

Franciscus Cornelis van Meteren (deceased)

Geertje van Meteren (deceased)

Geertruida van Meteren (deceased)

Geertruida Arida van Meteren (1905 - 1975)

Gerdina de Kruijff (van Meteren) (1809 - 1889)

Gertruida Van Meteren (deceased)

Gijsbert van Meteren (deceased)

Gijsbert van Meteren (1876 - 1876)

Gijsbert van Meteren (1869 - d.)

Gijsbert van Meteren (deceased)

Gijsbert Van Meteren (1515 - d.)

Gijsbert Joosten Van Meteren (1565 - d.)

Gijsbert Meertensz van Meteren (1666 - 1714)

Gilbert (Gysbert) Van Meteren (1694 - c.1773)

Gilbert Joosten van Meteren (c.1590 - d.)

Goossen van Cuyck van Meteren (deceased)

Grietje van Meteren (Barten) (deceased)

Hendrica Taling (van Meteren) (1788 - 1847)

Hendrick van Cuyck van Meteren (deceased)

Hendrik van Meteren (1706 - d.)

Hendrik van Meteren (deceased)

Hendrik van Meteren (deceased)

Hendrik van Meteren (c.1768 - d.)

Hendrik van Meteren (c.1759 - c.1762)

Hendrika Christina van Meteren (1864 - 1925)

Hendrika Christina van Meteren (1864 - 1925)

Hendrix Van Meteren (1603 - d.)

Hermina van Meteren (1695 - 1782)

Hermina van Meteren (Becking) (c.1765 - d.)

Hillegonda van Cuyck van Meteren (deceased)

Isaac Joosten Van Meteren (1692 - c.1757)

scalped by indians--------------------Bought a number of Tracts of land near Salem, New Jersey where he resided until 1730. On June 17, 1730, he obtained from Gov. Goost of Virginia a grant of 10,000...

Jacobus van Meteren (c.1765 - d.)

Jacobus Van Meteren (1556 - d.)

Jacobus Cornelius Van Meteren (1519 - 1550)

History of the Van Meteren family This text is in English because lot of my relatives, who might be interested in this story live in the USA. I started my research on the family history in 1978. I ha...

Jan van Meteren (deceased)

Jan Van Meteren (deceased)

Jan van Cuyck van Meteren (1570 - 1678)

Jan Joosten Van Meteren (1630 - 1706)

"Two years before this transfer Jan Joosten Van Meteren arrived at New Amsterdam with his family on the ship "Vos" (Fox) on April 12, 1662. He settled in an area on the west side of the Hudson River ab...

Jan Van Meteren (deceased)