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Annica Antonis Southard (van Salee) MP (c.1632 - 1698)

After Thomas and Annica moved to Hempstead she changed (anglicized) her name to Eunice. Late in life and probably at the time of her death, she was living with her youngest son, Isaac. The address of...

Antony Jansen van Salee MP (1607 - 1676)

Anthony van Salee Birth: 1607 Death: 1676 Manhattan New York County (Manhattan) New York, USA He was my 10th great grandfather. Some believe he is buried on the property of 29,31,33,35,37 and 39 ...

Cornelia Anthonisdr van Barkelo (van Salee) MP (c.1638 - 1666)

Birth: 1638 Kings County (Brooklyn) New York, USA Death: 1666, USA She died age 27. She married Willem Janse Lubberdink Van Borculo. Family links: Parents: Anthony Jansen Van Salee (1607 - 1...

Eva Antonis van Sicklen (van Salee) MP (1641 - 1712)

Source: Title: Teunis G. Bergen, REGISTER, IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER, OF THE EARLY SETTLERS OF KINGS COUNTY, LONG ISLAND, N.Y Repository: Media: Book Page: p. 156 -------------------- more on a...

Metje Andries van Salee (Grevenraet) MP (1630 - 1686)

"Saturday, May 10, 1664. Metje Grevenraat boards the son of Claas Martens dec"*, for 250 guilders per annum." (there has been considerable study by genealogists as to the role of Metje Grevenraet's f...

Sara Antonis Emans (van Salee) MP (1639 - 1680)

Birth: 1635 New York, USA Death: 1715 New York, USA Children of Sarah Antonise Van Salee and John Emans Sr. Johanes Emans b. bt 1660 - 1670, d. Feb 1723/24 Hendrick Emans b. c 1665, d. b May 1699 A...

Abraham Frans Van Salee (deceased)

Abram Frans Van Salee [Sale or Salee], born at Betfort Helena De Vries [j.d.] born on Long [York] Island February 1, 1708 [betrothed December 27, Married February 1, 1708]

Abraham Jansen Janszoon van Salee (van Salee) (1602 - d.)

Sources: "Muslims in Early America" (see sources tab) There is a map here that shows New Amsterdam in 1660. The map depicts homes and farms and it has an accompanying table identifying the owners...

Abram Van Salee (1714 - d.)

Anna Maria Van Salee (1718 - d.)

Antony Jansen Van Salee (1607 - 1676)

Ariaentje Van Salee (1711 - d.)

Cornelis Janszoon van Salee (van Salee) (1608 - d.)

Elizabeth Van Salee (1718 - d.)

Engeltje Anthony van Salee (1635 - 1715)

Eva Antonis Van Sycklin (Jansen Van Salee) (1641 - 1712)

France Van Salee (b. - 1737)

will written May third 1737 in which he names his wife, their children, and his wife's child. "In the name of God Amen the third day of May in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and thir...

Frans Van Salee (1709 - d.)

Helena Van Salee (de Vries) (1784 - d.)

Isabella Van Salee (Barber) (deceased)

another source holds that this Isabella has different parents: Francois D'angola and Barbara Manuels

Jan Van Salee (1725 - d.)


Jan van Salee (deceased)

Jan Berents van Salee (van Driest) (deceased)

Locreesi (Lucretia?) Van Salee (1717 - d.)

Lucretia Van Salee (Dircks) (deceased)

Maria Van Salee (1712 - d.)

Phillip Jansz van Salee (1604 - d.)