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James VanDerZee MP (1886 - 1983)

James Van Der Zee (June 29, 1886 - May 15, 1983) was an African American photographer best known for his portraits of black New Yorkers. He was a leading figure in the Harlem Renaissance. Aside from ...

Aegie Vanderzee (deceased)

Albert Vanderzee (deceased)

Andrew VanderZee (deceased)

Ariaantje Vanderzee (deceased)

Cornelis Vanderzee (deceased)

David Vanderzee (deceased)

Echie Vanderzee (VanDerZee) (1736 - 1817)

Edward Vanderzee (deceased)

Edwin R. VanderZee (1916 - 2003)

Elizabeth Slingerland (VanDerZee) (1698 - 1745)

About Elizabeth VAN DER ZEE birth from First Dutch Reformed Church, Albany, NY IGI Batch #C50619-2 listed as parent marriage from IGI BS# M506191, Film # 1002781 First Dutch Reformed Church, Albany, Al...

Eva (VanDerzee) Slingerland (deceased)

Eva (Slingerland) VanDerzee (1714 - d.)

Harmon VanDerzee (deceased)

Hilletje (deceased)

Hilletje Vanderzee (deceased)

Jannetje Teunisse VanDerZee (Swart) (1688 - 1719)

Lena (Slingerland) VanDerzee (1716 - 1737)

Lucia Vanderzee (deceased)

Lysbeth (Slingerland) VanDerzee (1707 - d.)

Nelson Vanderzee (deceased)

Storm (1636 - d.)

Storm Albertse VanDerzee (1709 - d.)

Storm Wouterse VanDerzee (1701 - d.)

Teunis Vanderzee (deceased)

Thelma VanderZee (Swainston) (deceased)

Wouter (deceased)

Wouter Vanderzee (deceased)