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Jose Villarama MP (deceased)

Jose Villarama was a physican by education and trade. He was already already a successful businessman (he operated two bus companies), he served as Vice-Governor, then Governor of Bulacan in the 1960s....

Alfredo Villarama (deceased)

Anacleta Villarama (Santos) (deceased)

Aniang (deceased)

Anicia Villarama (deceased)

Antonio Villarama (deceased)

Apas Villarama (Fernandez) (deceased)

Carmelita Villarama-Santiago (deceased)

Carmen Villarama (deceased)

Donato Villarama (deceased)

Quetang (b. - 1990)

Felipa Mercadal Villarama (deceased)

Filomeno Villarama (deceased)

Filomeno Villarama (deceased)

Francisco Villarama (deceased)

Francisco Villarama, Sr. (deceased)

Francisco Villarama (deceased)

Hilarion Villarama (deceased)

Pito (deceased)

Juan Villarama (deceased)

Juanito Villarama (deceased)

Juanito Villarama (deceased)

Julita Cruz (Villarama) (1900 - d.)

Julita Villarama (deceased)

Leonora Villarama-Sta.Cruz (deceased)

Lina Villarama (deceased)

Mameng Villarama (deceased)

Maria Villarama (deceased)

Menteng (deceased)

Mercedes Villarama Santos (deceased)

mirasol villarama (deceased)

Monica (deceased)

Pabling (deceased)

pablo villarama (deceased)

Patricia de los Santos (Villarama) (b. - 1929)

Pedro Villarama (deceased)

Pedro V Villarama, Jr. (deceased)

Petra Villarama (deceased)

Pilar Santos (Villarama) (deceased)

Pilar De La Paz Villarama (Buyson) (c.1920 - c.2011)

Pilar Buyson Villarama (c.1920 - c.2011)

RAding Villarama (deceased)

rodolfo villarama (deceased)

Rodolfo VILLARAMA (deceased)

Silverio Villarama (deceased)

Simeona Villarama Fulgencio (b. - 1990)

Simplicio Santos Villarama (deceased)

Trinidad Villarama (Hizon) (deceased)