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Beatrice von Hohenstauffen, Empress of the Holy Roman Empire MP (c.1198 - 1212)

Beatrice of Hohenstaufen From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Beatrice of Hohenstaufen (1198 – 11 August 1212) was the first Queen consort of Otto IV, Holy Roman Emperor. They were married in ...

Heinrich VI, Holy Roman Emperor MP (1165 - 1197)

-------------------- Henry VI (November 1165 – 28 September 1197) was King of Germany from 1190 to 1197, Holy Roman Emperor from 1191 to 1197 and King of Sicily from 1194 to 1197. Contents [hide]...

Beatrix von Hohenstauffen, Princess Of The Holy Roman Empire (1161 - 1181)

von Hohenstauffen (deceased)

Betrothed to Otto 1203(2?), contract broken abt 1207. Her betrothal with Otto von Wittelsbach was ended to enable her betrothal with a nephew of Pope Innocent III, negotiated in Rome as part of the set...

Constanza von Hohenstauffen (c.1195 - 1307)

Frederick I Von Hohenstauffen (1050 - 1105)

di Sicilia (deceased)

Margaret of Sicily From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (Redirected from Margaret of Germany) Margaret of Sicily (also called Margaret of Hohenstaufen or Margaret of Germany) (b. Foggia, 1 December 12...

Mary von Hohenstauffen (1201 - 1235)

account deleted (deceased)