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Blesinde of Cologne MP (c.380 - c.418)

------------------------------ - de cologne HM George I s 36-oldemor. HRE Ferdinand I s 32-oldemor. Agnes Harris '40-oldemor. --- poss. Ægtemænd / Partnere: Theodemer des FRANCS RIPUAIRES ...

Bruno von Köln, Duke of Lorraine MP (925 - 965)

Bruno the Great or Bruno I (925-965) was Archbishop of Cologne, Germany, from 953 until his death, and Duke of Lotharingia from 954. He was the brother of Otto I, king of Germany and later Holy Roman E...

Chlodégar, King of the Franks at Cologne MP (398 - 448)

Hugues, Duke of Burgundy MP (830 - 886)

From the Foundation of Medieval Genealogy page on Burgundy Dukes: [HUGUES . The Gestis Consulum Andegavensium names "Hugo Dux Burgundiæ, filius alterius Hugonis" was "ex parte matris suæ [Fulco] co...

Mundéric, Lord of Vitry-en-Perthois MP (c.495 - c.532)

Munderic, Lord of Vitry-en-Parthois; rebelled against Thierry I who killed him. Source: 'Royalty for Commoners', Roderick W. Stuart, 1993, p 128. 'Pedigrees of Some of the Emperor Charlemagne's Desce...

Chlodwig I von Köln (415 - 455)

Roi de Cologne

Chlodwig (419 - d.)

Diocles von Köln (c.365 - d.)

Gero von Koln, archbishop (923 - d.)

Herman II von Koln, Archbishop (996 - 1056)

Hermann, Archbishop von Köln (1089 - d.)

Ildegonde / Hildegonde von Köln (c.395 - 463)

Hildegon de von Koln 399 - 450 Birth 399 Cologne, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany Gender Died 450 Cologne, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

N Alariksdotter av von Köln (Toulouse) (deceased)

Siegbert I, King of the Franks at Cologne MP (c.445 - 509)

HE WAS NOT THE FATHER OF CLOVIS I Sigobert the Lame (also Sigibert or Sigebert, d. ca. 509) was a king of the Franks in the area of Zülpich (Latin: Tolbiac) and Cologne. He was presumably wounded...

Theodomir, King of the Ostrogoths MP (c.413 - 474)

From the Foundation for Medieval Genealogy page on Hungary (covering Theodomir's parents and brothers: VANDALARIUS, son of VINITHARIUS . Iordanes names "Vandiliarum" as son of "Vinitharius" and fat...