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Chlodéric "the Parricide", King of the Franks at Cologne MP (c.478 - 509)

Chlodoric (or Chloderic ) the Patricide (died c. 509) murdered his own father, Sigobert the Lame, in order to take his kingdom. Chlodoric acted upon the instigation of Clovis I a rival king of the Sali...

Gero, archbishop of Cologne MP (923 - 976)

Hugues, Duke of Burgundy MP (830 - 886)

From the Foundation of Medieval Genealogy page on Burgundy Dukes: [HUGUES . The Gestis Consulum Andegavensium names "Hugo Dux Burgundiæ, filius alterius Hugonis" was "ex parte matris su�...

Siegbert I the Lame, King of the Franks at Cologne MP (c.445 - c.509)

HE WAS NOT THE FATHER OF CLOVIS I Sigobert the Lame (also Sigibert or Sigebert, d. ca. 509) was a king of the Franks in the area of Zülpich (Latin: Tolbiac) and Cologne. He was presumably ...

Konrad I. von Bachem (Kämmerer von Köln) (c.1070 - 1153)

Amalberge of the Franks (c.435 - c.478)

Anno II von Köln (von Steusslingen), Bischof (c.1010 - 1075)

Childebert King of Cologne (c.435 - c.483)

Chlogio I von Köln (c.350 - 398)

clodion von koln (400 - 448)

Diocles of Cologne (c.365 - d.)

(Diocles de Cologne Roi) (Diocles des Francs Ripuaires du Nord)

Ferdinand von Bayern, Erzbischof von Köln (1577 - 1650)

Gottfried von Bachem (Kämmerer von Köln) (c.1175 - 1227)

Herman II von Köln (Ezzonen), Archbishop (996 - 1056)

Hermann, Archbishop von Köln (1089 - d.)

Ildegone Von Koln (Franks) (deceased)

Marcomir Von Köln, VI (deceased)

Marcomir Köln (von Köln) (347 - 404)

N Alariksdotter av von Köln (Toulouse) (deceased)

queen ildegonde von koln (de cologne) (399 - 450)

Sigimerus Merovingian (von Köln I) (445 - 509)