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Bruno Magnus Coloniensis MP (925 - 965)

Bruno the Great or Bruno I (925-965) was Archbishop of Cologne, Germany, from 953 until his death, and Duke of Lotharingia from 954. He was the brother of Otto I, king of Germany and later Holy Roman E...

Gero, archbishop of Cologne MP (923 - d.)

Hugues, Duke of Burgundy MP (830 - 886)

From the Foundation of Medieval Genealogy page on Burgundy Dukes: [HUGUES . The Gestis Consulum Andegavensium names "Hugo Dux Burgundiæ, filius alterius Hugonis" was "ex parte matris su�...

Mundéric, lord of Vitry-en-Perthois MP (c.495 - c.532)

Munderic (c495-c532), Lord of Vitry-en-Parthois. He claimed to be son of Clodéric "the Parricide" but there is room for doubt. He was very young in 509 when his father was killed. He claimed the...

Amalaberge Von Köln (Der Franken) (c.435 - c.478)

Childebert Von Köln (400 - 483)

Chlogio I I von Köln (c.350 - 398)

Cloderic De Parricide von Köln (c.475 - 509)

clodion von koln (400 - 448)

Diocles of Cologne (c.365 - d.)

(Diocles de Cologne Roi) (Diocles des Francs Ripuaires du Nord)

Herman II von Köln (Ezzonen), Archbishop (996 - 1056)

Hermann, Archbishop von Köln (1089 - d.)

N Alariksdotter av von Köln (Toulouse) (deceased)

queen ildegonde von koln (de cologne) (399 - 450)

Sigebert Von Köln (c.545 - 509)