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Mathilde of Saxony, countess of Flanders MP (c.940 - 1008)

The name of Mathilde's mother does not seem to appear in the primary sources. Her name is given as Hildegard in numerous secondary sources, but given the uncertainty about Hermann's marriage(s), includ...

Aethelbert von Sachsen-Billung (deceased)

Artarich of the Saxons of the Saxons (von Sachsen-Billung) (-90 - 80)

Godesti von Sachsen (von Sachsen Billung), princess, abbess von Meteln & Herford (997 - 1040)

NN von Sachsen-Billung (deceased)

Thietmar von Sachsen Billung (c.1003 - 1048)

Vechta von Sachsen-Billung (c.249 - d.)

Witta von Sachsen-Billung (c.310 - d.)