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Полное имя

Ardeshir Wadia (deceased)

Bejan Wadia (deceased)

Bejanji Shapurji Wadia (deceased)

Beramji Wadia (deceased)

Clara Evelyn Byng (Nowrosjee Wadia), Countess of Strafford (b. - 1985)

Dinyar Wadia (deceased)

Dosa bhai Wadia (deceased)

Dosabhai Navroji Wadia (deceased)

Framroze Dosabhai Wadia (c.1813 - d.)

Helen Wadia (deceased)

Jane Noronha (Wadia) (deceased)

Kali Jehangirji Wadia (deceased)

Louis Wadia (deceased)

Maneksha Wadia (deceased)

Marie Isabelle Shorten (Wadia) (deceased)

Minoo Jehingirji Wadia (deceased)

Moti Faredoonji Wadia (Malavwalla) (b. - 1713)

Navroji Bejanji Wadia (deceased)

Sir Ness Wadia (1873 - 1952)

Neville Ness Wadia (1911 - 1996)

Neville Ness Wadia (22 August 1911 – 31 July 1996) was an English businessman, philanthropist and a member of the Wadia family, an old Parsi family which, by the 1840s, was one of the leading forces in...

Sir Nusserwanjee Nowrosjee Wadia, KBE, CIE (deceased)

Shapurji Wadia (deceased)

Unknown Wadia (deceased)

Unknown Wadia (deceased)