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Abigail Waite (Hall) MP (1702 - c.1760)

Alice Waite (Wightman) MP (1666 - 1747)

Amos Waite MP (1679 - 1728)

Ann Waite MP (deceased)

Ann Eliza Blake (Waite) MP (deceased)

Ann Waite (Gardner) MP (1736 - 1794)

Anna Waite (Lynde) MP (1688 - 1739)

Anna Lynde was born on 29 May 1688 in Malden, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.1,2,3 She was the daughter of Joseph Lynde and Elizabeth Tufts.1,2,3 Citations Flagg, Francis G.. "Early Malden Recor...

Dr. Benjamin Waite MP (1729 - 1817)

Benjamin, Jr., a physician and an elder and at one time sheriff of Wickford, Rhode Island.

Dr. Benjamin Waite MP (1703 - 1745)

Berdina Lucille Pinder (Waite) MP (1893 - 1981)

Bertha Maria Waite (Blake) MP (1857 - 1935)

Bessie Asenath Waite MP (1886 - d.)

Bethiah Rice Waterman (Waite) MP (c.1600 - 1680)

Canada Smith (Waite) MP (c.1678 - 1749)

"[Canade Waite] was the child born in captivity to Benjamin Waite, the hero of the early days, who with Stephen Jennings made the perilous trip to Canada in the winter to ransom captives taken in the m...

Charles H. Waite MP (1851 - 1903)

Daniel Waite MP (1753 - 1829)

XXI. — DANIEL5 (Samuel4, Joseph3, Reuben2, Thomas1). Fifth Great Grandfather - Daniel Waite, born on October 1, 1753, in Dartmouth, Massachusetts. Son of Samuel Waite and Theodate Waite, nee Tri...

Davis Hanson Waite, Governor MP (1825 - 1901)

Davis Hanson Waite (April 9, 1825 – November 27, 1901) was an American politician. He was a member of the Populist Party, and he served as the eighth Governor of Colorado from 1893 to 1895. ...

Deborah Waite (Sargent) MP (1684 - 1750)

Deborah Sargent, dau. of John Sargent Sr. and Lydia Chipman; married THOMAS WAITE. Sources Sargent genealogy

Dorcas Waite MP (deceased)

Doris Blake (Waite) MP (deceased)

Eleanor Tripp (Waite) MP (1688 - c.1709)

From name, date & location of birth NOTE: birth year may be 1688 instead of 1687; date & location of marriage NOTE: may be 1704 instead of 1703

Elizabeth Wightman (Waite) MP (1726 - 1796)

Elizabeth Waite (Cutting) MP (1678 - d.)

Elizabeth Lucy / Waite MP (c.1444 - d.)

The identity of his mother is uncertain; the most likely candidate appears to be the "wanton wench" Elizabeth Wayte, although the historical record is spotty on this issue, and it is not entirely clear...

Elizabeth Waite (Sullivan, b. 1715) MP (1715 - d.)

Elizabeth Hicks (Waite) MP (1726 - 1827)

George Waite MP (deceased)

George Henry Waite MP (deceased)

Hannah Waite (Matteson) MP (1756 - 1839)

Harvey C. Waite MP (1883 - 1897)

Jarrad Waite MP

Jeremiah Waite MP (1749 - 1823)

Joan Waite (Fisher) MP (1553 - 1610)

John Waite MP (1639 - 1691)

John A. Waite (1711-1770) MP (1711 - 1770)

John Waite MP (1680 - 1744)

Capt. John Waite MP (c.1618 - 1693)

Capt. John Wait MP (1709 - 1776)

Capt. Jonathan Waite MP (1742 - 1817)

Served as Justice of the Peace 1791-1796, and Judge of the Court of the Common Pleas of Washington County. In his younger days he was a silversmith.

Julia Roberta Blake (Waite) MP (deceased)

Margaret Waite (Sheffield) MP (deceased)

Martha Asenath Waite (Thomas) MP (1857 - d.)

Martha Thomas in household of Hiram Smith, "United States Census, 1870" Name: Martha Thomas Birth Year (Estimated): 1858 Gender: Female Age (Original): 12y Race: White Birthplace: M...

Mary Weare (Waite) MP (c.1675 - 1754)

Mary Waite (Ward) MP (c.1580 - 1660)

ID: I736 Name: Mary WARD Sex: F Birth: 14 Jan 1581/82 in Haverhill, Essex, England Note: Notes for Mary Ward: Christening information from: Martha S. Winters ( ) From: wait...

Mary Waite (Woodward) MP (1641 - 1718)

Mary Waite (Green) MP (1633 - d.)

4. Mary, born in England about 1633 ; married Captain John Waite

Mary Waite (unknown) MP (1606 - 1679)

Birth: 1607, England Death: Jan. 21, 1679 Watertown Middlesex County Massachusetts, USA Mary, was born about 1607 in England; her parentage has not yet been determined. Mary married, Richard Waight/W...

Mary Waite-LeBaron (Wilder) MP (1668 - 1737)

Mary Bartlett (Waite) MP (c.1646 - 1721)

Mary WAITE was born on 15 Feb 1646 in Newton, Middlesex, MA. She died on 21 Dec 1721 in Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts. Parents: daughter of Richard Waite (Weyte), born Apr. 10, 1604, Alford, Linco...

Mary Waite (Nichols) MP (1732 - 1822)

Mary Waite (Belding) MP (1685 - d.)

Mary Bement (Waite) MP (1740 - 1823)

Mary Lord (Waite) MP (1612 - 1683)

Robert Lord was born in 1602 in England, married Nov. 11, 1630 in Filchingfeld, Suffolk County, England, to Mary Waite, of Wethersfield, England. They emigrated to America and settled in Ipswich, Mass....

Return Waite MP (1678 - 1751)

Richard Waite (Wayte) MP (1608 - 1669)

Richard and Gamaliel settled in Phymoth: Colney. Also some records say Richard settled in Plymouth and was Marshall of the Colony. Birth: 1608 Wethersfield Essex, England Death: Jan. 16, 1669 Waterto...

Roger Waite MP (c.1552 - 1588)

Samuel Waite MP (1701 - 1752)

Samuel Waite MP (1738 - 1811)

Mr. Wait served the continental army.

Samuel Waite MP (1640 - 1676)

Samuel recleved his father's land in Narragansett and seemed to have have been there as early as March 8, 1656. He was one o£ the inhabitants and propletors of land in Narragansett who petitio...

Samuel Waite MP (c.1577 - 1648)

These brothers are said to have been cousins of Thomas Walt who was a member of Parliament and one of the Judges who signed the death warrent of Charles the 1st. Our Wayte Coat of Arms was used up unti...

Samuel Waite MP (1660 - 1752)

Samuel resided in that part of Kingston R.I. which was set off as March 30, 1693 he sold land called" Lit tie Silver" to Wjn. Burlngton. May 1694 sold 50 acres of land at Kingstown to James Reynolds fo...

Sarah Waite (Smith) MP (1711 - 1782)

Sarah Waite (Greene) MP (1700 - c.1751)

Sarah Allis (Waite) MP (1675 - 1726)

Sarah Cutler Waite MP (1653 - 1744)

Birth: unknown Watertown Middlesex County Massachusetts, USA Death: Jan. 17, 1744 Sarah, born about 1653, was the dau. of James and Mary ( ) Cutler of Watertown, MA. Sarah, married Thomas Wayte/Wai...

Tabitha Waite (Ellis) MP (1721 - 1813)

Thomas Waite, of Alford & Portsmouth MP (1601 - 1665)

1634- Immigrated to New England with his brothers Richard and Gamaliel. He settled in Portsmouth, Rhode Island. His brothers settled in Boston, MA. 1639, July 1- Granted a house lot in Portsmouth, RI...

Thomas Alexander Waite MP (deceased)

Thomas Waite, Jr. MP (1716 - 1790)

Thomas Alexander Waite MP (deceased)

Rev. William Waite MP (1731 - 1826)

William Waite (?) MP (c.1566 - 1607)

Source, World One Tree, Ancestrycom. Reliability unknown. Some One World sources say the fathers name is Samuel or Richard, though most say William. Wife seems to be the same in every case. _______...

Waite (deceased)

When surnames were generally introduced into England in the eleventh century, those who held an office in most cases added its designation to their Christian names, thus: Richard, the minstral-wa...

Kilian (Waite) (deceased)

Waite (1888 - 1888)

Waite (Keightley) (deceased)

'Nan' Waite (deceased)

(1) Helena Mary Waite (Winkworth) (deceased)

(2) Emily Waite (Morish) (deceased)

(not known) Waite (deceased)

(Unknown) Waite (deceased)

*Elizabeth Waite (1755 - 1820)

"John and Keziah Waite were listed on an Indenture with his siblings for the sale of his father Richard's land in 1793. The siblings listed were John and his wife Keziah of Madison County, George and h...

---- WAITE (deceased)

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? Waite (deceased)

? Waite (Inman) (deceased)

? Waite (deceased)

? Openshaw (Waite) (deceased)

? Waite (deceased)

? Waite (deceased)

? Brown (Waite?) (deceased)

? Waite (deceased)

? Waite (1846 - d.)

? Saayman (Waite) (deceased)

? Waite (deceased)

??? Waite (deceased)

???? Waite (????) (deceased)

[-?-] Abercrombie (Waite) (deceased)

_____? Waite (deceased)

A. P. Waite (1853 - d.)