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(571) Caroline Elizabeth Ward MP (1857 - 1926)

++ NSC++ Landreth Ward MP (1811 - 1889)

++NSC++ Lewis Thomas Ward MP (1802 - 1875)

++NSC++ Silas Ward MP (1813 - 1885)

Aaron Montgomery Ward MP (1843 - 1913)

The following came from Investor’s Business Daily, Monday, March 31, 2014: Montgomery Ward Filled Catalogs, Stores, Coffers So many people told Aaron Montgomery Ward he would go broke trying...

Abigail Howard (Ward) MP (1643 - 1718)

Sources Dimon Genealogy - 2nd Generation . Page 12. #4. Married 2nd 1685 to Edw. Howard.

Abigail Ward MP (1682 - d.)

vii. ABIGAIL WARD, b. Abt. 1682; d. Died young. links

Abigail Ward (Heath) MP (1731 - 1813)

Abigail Ward MP (1665 - d.)

Abigail Ward Birth: Apr 20 1665 - Branford, Connecticut Parents: Sgt. John Ward, Sarah citations Genealogies of New Jersey Families, Vol. 1 Links

Agatha Callaway (Ward) MP (c.1747 - d.)

Alexander Evelyn Giles Ward MP

Alexander Ward MP (deceased)

Alice Pennington (Ward) MP (1718 - 1747)

Sources: 1.Author: Woodrow T. Wilson Title: Thirty Four Families of Old Somerset County, Maryland Publication: 1974 Text: This book is an extremely valuable and seminal work on the families in

Alice Haskell (Ward) MP (c.1812 - d.)

Alice Veazey (Ward) MP (1685 - 1712)

On 13 November 1711 William Ward of CE Co. and his wife Charitie for the singular love and affection which they have for their daughter Alice Veazey and because the said William and Charity Ward are mo...

Alice Thirza Bellringer (Ward) MP (1866 - 1958)

Allan McLane Ward MP (1888 - 1971)

Amelia Ward (Kidson) MP (1838 - 1911)

Amy Ward (Tolliver) MP (1833 - d.)

Andrew Ward MP (c.1565 - 1615)

From Source 1: Will of father, Richard Warde whose will was probated in 1598 in The Bishops Court in Suffolk Co. England; Andrew was mentioned in his fathers will and inherited 333 pounds from his fa...

Andrew Ward, of Fairfield MP (1597 - 1659)

Andrew Ward was born about 1597 in Suffolk or Essex County, England. He died in 1659 in Fairfield, Fairfield County, Connecticut. Parents: unknown. Married: about 1628 in England to Hester Sher...

Andrew Ward MP (1667 - 1729)

ii. Andrew WARD24 was born on 1 December 1667 in Middletown, Middlesex County, Connecticut. He died in 1728/9 at the age of 62 in Middletown, Middlesex County, Connecticut. Andrew returned, 1698, fro...

Ann Ward (Veazey) MP (c.1782 - d.)

Ann Veazey (Ward) MP (1790 - 1844)

Ann and her husband, Thomas, were buried at St Stephen's churchyard.

Ann Dillard (Ward) MP (1749 - 1816)

Ann Barlow (Ward) MP (c.1604 - 1684)

Immigrant. Married 1620 England. From John Barlow met and married his wife Ann before coming to New England, probably around 1620 and probably in England. It has been suggested that her maiden surn...

Ann Hedge (Ward) MP (1590 - c.1633)

Anna Ward (Fawkes) MP (c.1570 - d.)

From According to the Ward family history, the Wards of Connecticut and New Jersey are descended from Robert Ward of Houghton Pavoa, Northampton, England. Robert Ward married Isabel Stapley of Dunchu...

Anna Saltonstall Ward (Merrill) MP (1828 - 1901)

Anna Catherine Ward (Warner) MP (deceased)

Anna S Rust (Ward) MP (1838 - 1892)

Birth: Feb. 16, 1838 Ohio, USA Death: Dec. 26, 1892 Clark County Ohio, USA Family links: Spouse: Andrew J Rust (1839 - 1921)* Calculated relationship Burial: Asbury Cemetery Catawba...

(572) Anna Saltonstall Ward MP (1863 - 1938)

Anne Ward (Gunville) MP (1576 - 1615)

Anne Ward (Veazey) MP (1766 - 1826)

St. Stephen's Churchyard., Cecilton, Cecil County, Maryland: In memory of Ann Ward, wife of William Ward, orn April 19 A.D. 1766, died October 3rd A. D. 1826 aged 60 years 5 months 24 days.

Anne Neville (Ward), of Newby MP (c.1477 - 1513)

'Anne Ward1,2,3,4 'F, b. circa 1477, d. between 3 December 1513 and 26 October 1521 Father Sir Christopher Ward, Standard Bearer to King Henry VIII1,2,3,4 b. c 1451, d. 31 Dec 1521 Mother Margare...

Anne Nichols (Ward) MP (1620 - 1718)

(f/g) Anne Ward Nichols Birth: 1620 Fairfield Fairfield County Connecticut, USA Death: Jul. 3, 1718 Woodbury Litchfield County Connecticut, USA Family links: Parents: Andrew Ward (1597 - 1660)...

Anne Ward (Chiles) MP (1726 - 1765)

Ann CHILES was buried in Paul Chiles' "River View Plantation". Parents: Henry CHILES and Anne HARRELSON. Spouse: WARD. WARD and Ann CHILES were married.

Annie Sophia Ward (Doughty) MP (1877 - 1940)

Annie E Ward MP (1844 - d.)

Annie Moore Moynahan (Ward) MP (1874 - 1955)

Name: Miss Annie Moore Ward Born: Thursday 8th January 1874 Age: 38 years Occupation: Personal Maid to Mrs Charlotte Wardle Cardeza 1st Class passenger First Embarked: Cherbourg on Wednes...

Arietta Ward (Jessop) MP (1782 - 1808)

Arthur Ward MP (1888 - 1912)

Mr Arthur Ward Born: 1888 Age: 24 years Last Residence: at Manor House Romsey Hampshire England Occupation: Junior Assistant 4th. Engineer Last Ship: Olympic Engine crew First Emb...

Benedicta Babington (Ward) MP (c.1339 - 1368)

Benjamin Ward MP (1796 - 1858)

Lady Bethany Rowena Ward MP

Bryant Ward MP (c.1720 - 1815)

DAR Ancestor #:A120464 ---------------- Bryan Ward, born 1730 in Amtrim County, Ireland; died August 15, 1815 in Franklin County, Georgia. He married Nanyi-hi Kingfisher 1757. --------------- ...

Caleb Ward MP (1669 - 1735)

Caleb Ward Birth: 1669 - Branford, New Haven, Connecticut, United States Death: Feb 9 1735 - Newark, Essex, New Jersey, United States Parents: John "The Turner" Ward, Sarah Ward (born Hills) ...

Caroline Ward MP (1794 - d.)

Caroline never married.

Caroline Margaret Ward (Reynolds) MP (1834 - 1857)

Birth: Feb. 23, 1834 Death: Feb. 13, 1857 Wife of Henry Veazey Ward, and daughter of William B. and E. M. Reynolds Burial: Mount Auburn Cemetery Cambridge Middlesex County Massachusetts, USA ...

Catherine Ward MP (deceased)

Died in childhood.

Catherine 'Katie' Ward (McDaniel) MP (1763 - 1823)

Catherine Lemasters (Ward) MP (1695 - 1730)

NOTES: "Death: Record submitted after 1991 by a member of the LDS Church. Search performed using PAF Insight on 27 Jan 2007Quoted Text: Catherine Ward; Female; Birth: About 1695, Charles, Maryland; Dea...

Charles Cameron Ward MP (1871 - 1949)

Charles Mayer Ritchie Ward MP (1856 - d.)

Charlotte Ringgold Ward (Knight) MP (1848 - 1913)

Charlotte and William made their home at "Rose Hill" where William was a farmer. After Charlotte's mother's death, they moved to "Essex Lodge" and lived there until they moved to Wilmington. They moved...

Charlotte Ward MP (1822 - d.)

Child Ward MP (c.1684 - d.)

viii. CHILD WARD, b. Abt. 1684; d. Died in infancy. Notes for CHILD WARD: --posthumous; links

Sir Christopher Ward, of Givendale MP (1450 - 1521)

Sir Christopher Ward, Standard Bearer to King Henry VIII1,2,3 M, b. circa 1451, d. 31 December 1521 Father Sir Roger Warde4 b. c 1430, d. b 28 Nov 1472 Mother Jane Tunstall4 b. c 1431 Sir C...

Claire Leonora Ward (Baring) MP

Clara Southall Buckler (Ward) MP (1839 - c.1880)

Clara M. Ward MP (1873 - 1916)

The story of Clara Ward, who commonly used one or another version of the title "Princesse de Caraman-Chimay", is poorly known today, but for some years in the early 1890s she was the toast of the Unite...

Clara Ward MP (1924 - 1973)

Clara Ward (April 21, 1924 – January 16, 1973)[1][2] was an American gospel artist who achieved great success, both artistic and commercial, in the 1940s and 1950s as leader of The Famous Ward...

Clarice Warde (Ward) MP (c.1267 - c.1320)

David Ward (c. late 1700s) MP (b. - c.1848)

(see son David Ward 1815 for more information)

David Ward MP (1815 - 1888)

========================== From FindAGrave: David Ward was born October 15, 1815 in Missouri Territory. His father, also David Ward, was born in Tazewell County, Virginia, soon after the Revoluti...

Deborah Johnson (Ward) MP (1664 - 1738)

11. Deborah, b. prob. ca. 1667, d. after 1698, m. Eliphlet JOHNSON, son of Thomas JOHNSON, b. 1658, d. Apr. 20, 1718. On Dec. 6, 1698 Eliphlet JOHNSON of Newark nd wife Deborah deeded some land (NJA 21...

Deborah Johnson (Ward [Benger]) MP (1630 - 1700)

1. John Wallace Johnson of Craigie -660 was born 1630 in Bengie's Point, Baltimore, Maryland. He died 1657/1717. John married (MRIN:1045) Deborah Ward or Benger -1821. Deborah was born 1630 in Beng...

Deborah Ward MP (1637 - 1697)

Kira Jay listed alternative info: Field Main Profile l Alternate Data Manager Kira Jay Last Name Ward Birth Date 1600 Birth Location Marlboro,Middlesex,Ma Death Date 1700 ...

Deborah Ayers (Ward) MP (1781 - 1846)

Debra Louise Ward (Pinney) MP

Deliverance Ward (Trowbridge) MP (1678 - d.)

Dicy Thaxton (Ward) MP (1789 - 1860)

Dorcas Harrison (Ward) MP (1662 - 1738)

Dorcas Ward Birth: Mar 10 1662 - Branford, New Haven County, Colony of New Haven Death: Jan 25 1738 - Orange, Essex County, NJ Parents: John "Turner" Ward, Sarah Husband: Joseph Harrison ...

Ebenezer Ward MP (1672 - 1731)

Eddie Ward MP (b. - 2010)

Edith Ward (Hudson) MP (c.1750 - d.)

Edith Ward MP (deceased)

Edith Chambre (Ward) MP (deceased)

Sir Edward Ward, 5th Baronet of Bixley MP (1698 - c.1736)

Edward H. Ward MP (1666 - c.1712)

Edward Veazey Ward MP (1804 - 1860)

Edward and Harriet had no children.

Edward Ward MP (c.1542 - 1583)

Sir John Newton alias Craddock, Knt., and had issue Sir Edward, ancestor of Lord Essex, and Margaret, married to Robert Warde of Brooke, alias Kirkby, in co. Norfolk, gent. (argent, on a chevron azure ...

Edward Ward MP (c.1878 - 1912)

Name: Mr Edward Ward Born in Birmingham West Midlands England Age: 34 years Marital Status: Single. Last Residence: at 6 Richmond Terrace Southampton Hampshire England Occupation: Bed Roo...

Edward Johannes Ward MP (c.1560 - 1603)

Johannes: OR Father of William Ward may be Edward WARD Sex: M Birth: 1573 Woodhouse, Of, Leeds, Y, Eng. Marriage(s) Spouse: Mrs. Edward WARD Family Marriage: Abt 1594 E...

Eleanor "Nellie" Cox (Ward) MP (1800 - 1870)

Eleanor Ward (?? Baldwin) MP (c.1705 - 1783)

We have searched in historical records for the Dodd, Ward, and Baldwin families and cannot find any evidence for the parents of Eleanor Ward. She may be a Baldwin, but other than one Ancestry family tr...

Eleanor Ward (Long) MP (1836 - 1866)

Eliza Ward (Byrd) MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Kerley (Ward) MP (1643 - 1710)

Elizabeth Ward, "frontier wife" MP (1757 - d.)

More About Nanyi-hi Kingfisher: Birth Name: Wild Rose--Tsistuna-gis-ke-birth Burial: 1824, Benton, Polk County, Tennessee Nationality: 1\4 Cherokee, 1\4 Algonquin, 1\4 Delaware Children of Br...

Elizabeth Harris (Ward) MP (c.1720 - 1791)

Elizabeth Ward (Roberts) MP (1796 - d.)

Elizabeth McLane Lore MP (1854 - 1951)

Elizabeth Ward (Wilson) MP (c.1730 - d.)

Elizabeth Ward (Boates) MP (1580 - d.)

Elizabeth Clark (Ward) MP (1694 - 1721)

Elizabeth Roberts Ward MP (1860 - d.)

Elizabeth Mason (Ward) MP (1651 - 1697)

Elizabeth Saltonstall (Ward) MP (1647 - 1714)

Elizabeth Wallace (Ward) MP (1797 - 1878)

Information from Ricketts Chart on file with the Maryland Historical Society in Baltimore. ==== Birth: Jan. 22, 1797 Death: Feb. 3, 1874 Family links: Spouse: Joseph Wallace (1791 - 1872)*...