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Archibald Thompson Weir MP (1760 - d.)

He took his wife's surname. Possible Relations 1) [ ]

Colonel John Weir MP (1852 - 1912)

Colonel John Weir Born: Friday 14th May 1852 Age: 59 years 11 months and 1 days. Last Residence: in New York City New York United States Occupation: Military 1st Class passenger First...

David Russell Weir, MBE MP

David Russell Weir MBE ( born 5 June 1979) is an elite British Paralympic wheelchair athlete from London, England. Leg amputee from birth David Weir currently holds the British record at all track di...

Elizabeth Houston (Weir) MP (1755 - d.)

Elizabeth Aldred/Aldridge Weir/Watts (Newell) MP (1862 - d.)

Jean Weir MP (1597 - 1670)

Margaret Weir MP (c.1765 - d.)

John Weir of Kildress has a son Andrew, who had a daughter Margaret Weir of Vere of Kildress. It was she who married Archibald Thompson and he suuposedly took the Weir / Vere name, or it was just passe...

Martha Lackey (Weir) MP (deceased)

Mary Curry (Weir) MP (b. - 1870)

Mary Jo Deschanel MP

Mary Jo Deschanel (nee Weir) is an American actress. She is the mother of actresses Zooey and Emily Deschanel. In her first major appearance in show business in 1983, Deschanel played Annie Glenn, th...

Mason Lenny Dennis Weir MP

HRH Nicholas de Vere von Drakenberg MP (1957 - 2013)

A Short Biography (Note: Some of the Orders and Traditions, mentioned here-in, are not Chilvalric Orders. Rather, they are Esoteric and Occult in nature and substance: pertaining to Royal Witchcraft,...

Robert of Blackwood (Veyr) Weir MP (c.1430 - c.1479)

Clan Weir Thanks to James Pringle Weavers for the following information: WEIR: This name, now fairly common throughout Lowland Scotland, is usually derived from 'Vere', a name said to be of Norse origi...

Ronie Weir MP

Thomas Weir MP (1625 - d.)

According to Kaaron de Vere, "for Major Thomas Weir, there has never been any proof found so far of a son named Thomas. His only legitimate son was Alexander, any others were bastards." From Major We...

Major Thomas Weir MP (1595 - 1670)

Major Thomas Weir (Carluke, South Lanarkshire 1599 - Edinburgh 1670) was a Scottish soldier and presumed occultist, executed for witchcraft.

Thomas Weir of Kirkton MP (1560 - d.)

Walter Or Rudy Weir (de Vere) MP (c.1209 - d.)

Weir (Cornelison) (b. - c.1776)

Weir (deceased)

Weir (deceased)

#David Hamilton WEIR (c.1812 - 1908)

(?) Carney (Weir) (deceased)

(Elizabeth) Andrina Marion Weir (Wood) (1933 - 1966)

-- Weir (Panton) (deceased)

............. Weir (deceased)

10 Weir (deceased)

11 Weir (deceased)

12 Weir (deceased)

1260.4 Weir (deceased)

13 Weir (deceased)

2 Weir (deceased)

3 Weir (deceased)

4 Weir (deceased)

5 Weir (deceased)

6 Weir (deceased)

7 Weir (deceased)

8 Weir (deceased)

8 other children Weir (deceased)

9 Weir (deceased)

<Myrtle Ora Knox (Weir) (deceased)

? Weir (deceased)

? Weir (deceased)

? Clifford (Weir) (deceased)

? WEIR OR WARBURTON (deceased)

? Weir (deceased)

? Weir (deceased)

? Ballard (Weir) (deceased)

? Weir (deceased)

? Weir (deceased)

? Keddie (Weir) (deceased)

? Weir (deceased)

? Weir of Blackwood (deceased)

? Weir (deceased)

?? Weir (deceased)

?? Weir (deceased)

?? Weir (deceased)

?? 'Spike' Weir (deceased)

??? Weir (deceased)

??? Weir (deceased)

??? Weir (deceased)

????? Weir (deceased)

A Columbus Weir (1886 - 1904)

A. Laughlin Weir (1927 - 1990)

A. Elizabeth Weir (1884 - d.)

Aaron Weir (1750 - 1815)

Aaron Weir (Wior, Cohen) (deceased)

Abby Ann Weir (Foote) (1872 - d.)

Abby Weir (deceased)

ABIGAIL WARE (Weir) (c.1774 - 1836)

Abigal Weir (Conkling) (1820 - 1899)

Abraham Morrison Weir (1892 - d.)

Abraham Weir (deceased)

Abraham Weir (1755 - d.)

Abraham Weir (c.1755 - 1828)

Abram M. Weir (1807 - d.)

Absolom Weir (1796 - 1860)

Ada May Weir (1888 - 1936)

ada weir (deceased)

Ada Margaret Weir (deceased)

Ada Margaret Weir (deceased)

Adam Weir (1793 - 1850)

Adam Weir (deceased)

Adam Weir (1833 - d.)

Addie Mae Weir (Herman) (1901 - 1994)

Addison Mohallan Weir (deceased)

Addline Weir (deceased)

Adelaide Carrie Weir (1901 - 1991)

Adelaide Root (Weir) (deceased)

Adele Weir (deceased)

Adelia F Weir (Thorpe) (1846 - d.)

Adeline Vancise (Weir) (deceased)

Adeline Weir (nee Williams) (deceased)

Adolphus Weir (1878 - 1879)

Aegida/Aegidia Weir (Somerville/Somerset) (c.1463 - 1545)


Agnes Weir (deceased)

Not sure Agnes was married to Leonard Arthur Brumby. She is on sons death cert (Arthur) as married, but no marriage found.

Agnes Weir (deceased)

Agnes Weir (Cruikshank) (deceased)

Agnes Weir (1711 - d.)

Agnes Weir (Mathie) (c.1641 - d.)