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Aaron Wilcox MP (1770 - 1856)

Abigail Wilcox (Whitmore) MP (1660 - 1687)

9293. Abigail Whitmore. Born on 3 Jul 1659 in Cambridge, MA.32 Abigail died in Middletown, CT, on 19 Jul 1687; she was 28. On 9 May 1683 when Abigail was 23, she married Samuel Wilcox, son of John Wi...

Abner Wilcox (missionary) MP (1808 - 1869)

Abner Wilcox (1808–1869) was a missionary teacher from New England to the Kingdom of Hawaii. Life Abner Wilcox was born April 19, 1808 in Harwinton, Connecticut. His father was Aaron Wilco...

Agnes Estcourt (Wilcox) MP (deceased)

Albert Spencer Wilcox MP (1844 - 1919)

Albert Spencer Wilcox (1844–1919) was a businessman and politician in the Kingdom of Hawaii and Republic of Hawaii. He developed several sugar plantations in Hawaii, and became a large landhol...

Ann Carpenter Morse (Wilcox) MP (c.1729 - 1809)

Ann Morse wasn't the daughter of Elisha Wilcox, but was married to Samuel Wilcox. Her maiden name was Carpenter.

Ann Hall (Wilcox) MP (c.1616 - 1673)

John Wilcox, in Jacobus, Donald Lines, and Edgar Francis Waterman. Hale, House and Related Families, Mainly of the Connecticut River Valley. (Baltimore, Maryland, United States: Genealogical Publishing...

Anna Wilcox (Baker) MP (1761 - 1813)

After the Baker family returned to New England around 1787, Anna Baker married David Willcox (born 10 January 1762 at Dartmouth, Massachusetts). By 1791 the couple had moved to Palmyra, northern New Yo...

Anne Wilcox (Carpenter) MP (1720 - 1809)

Barnabus Wilcox MP (c.1635 - 1690)

Barnabas was a member of the Society of Friends in Bristol and then William Penn's Colony of Quakers in Philadelphia. He was the colonies first rope maker. His political service was cut short by his ea...

Bethiah Cottrell (Wilcox) MP (1658 - 1711)

Clarissa Hall (Wilcox) MP (1796 - 1827)

from Myth - Churchill Had Iroquois Ancestors Long before the age of political correctness, some Churchills delighted in extolling the legend of their Native American blood, believed to have been in...

Daniel Wilcox, I MP (c.1632 - 1702)

Link to grave Daniel WILCOX 1631 - 2 Jul 1702 BIRTH: 1631, Orby, Lincolnshire, England BAPTISM: 4 Mar 1631, Croft, Lincolnshire, England DEATH: 2 Jul 1702, Tiverton, Newport, RI Father: Edw...

David Wilcox MP (c.1763 - 1828)

Around 1787 Anna Baker married David Willcox (born 10 January 1762 at Dartmouth, Massachusetts). By 1791 the couple had moved to Palmyra, northern New York State, where Willcox purchased a 100-acre far...

Deborah Wilcox (Parmelee) MP (c.1700 - 1799)

Desmond John Wilcox MP (1931 - 2000)

Desmond John Wilcox (21 May 1931 – 6 September 2000) was a British documentary maker at the BBC and ITV. He was producer of This Week, Man Alive, and That's Life!. Wilcox was born in 1931 in W...

Dorothy Wilcox (Allen) MP (1707 - 1782)

Links Sources The Great Republic, A History of America, by Sir Winston Churchill, Edited by Winston S. Churchill, published by Random House, Inc 1999 Note: "An abridgement of A history pf t...

Dorothy Wilcox (Palmer) MP (1675 - c.1754)

Edward Wilcox MP (1678 - c.1712)

Edward Wilcox, I MP (1603 - 1660)

Edward WILCOX 1603-04 - BEF 1660 BIRTH: 1603-04, South Elkington, Lincolnshire, England BAPTISM: 12 FEB 1603-04, South Elkington, Lincolnshire, England DEATH: BEF 1660, RI Father: Daniel WILC...

Edward Wilcox MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Bridges (Wilcox) MP (c.1582 - d.)

Name: Elizabeth Wilcox Surname: Wilcox Given Name: Elizabeth Sex: F Birth: 1582 in , Warwickshire, , England 1 Death: 4 Dec 1590 in Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA NOTE Information...

Elizabeth Wilcox (Cook) MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Wilcox (Cooke) MP (c.1645 - 1715)

"Mayflower Families..." says "A deed, dated 17 July 1673, by John Cooke, yeoman, of Dartmouth to Daniel Wilcocks '...and Elizabeth my Daughter now wife to the said Daniell Wilcockes...". From Plymouth ...

Emma Wilcox (Lyman) MP (1849 - 1934)

Emma Kauikeolani Wilcox (Napoleon) MP (1862 - 1931)

Ethel G Wilcox (Shaw) MP (c.1888 - d.)

Eunice Wilcox (Ross) MP (1750 - 1813)

I assume this means "seven daughters who died as infants." ID: I30932 Name: Seven Children ROSS 1 Sex: F Father: Thomas ROSS Mother: Lois WELLS b: 30 NOV 1720 in Westerly, Rhode Island ...

Florence M. Wilcox MP (1884 - d.)

Frances G. Wilcox (Dillon) MP (1899 - 1989)

George Wilcox MP (c.1825 - d.)

George Norton Wilcox MP (1839 - 1933)

George Norton Wilcox (1839–1933) was a businessman and politician in the Kingdom of Hawaii and Territory of Hawaii. Life George Norton Wilcox was born in Hilo August 15, 1839. His father w...

Hannah Place (Wilcox) MP (c.1715 - c.1801)

Hannah Wilcox (Hazard) MP (1637 - 1685)

Hannah Hazard Wilcox Born: 10 Jul 1636/7, Boston, Suffolk Co, MA Died: AFT 1679 in Westerly, RI Father: Thomas Hazard b: ABT 1610 in England Mother: Martha (___) b: ABT 1610 in England M...

Hannah Wilcox (Williams) MP (1677 - 1733)

Hannah Williams was the daughter of Thomas Williams and Rebecca Waterhouse. She married John Pratt. See this discussion for confusion over Hannah Williams that married John Rose.

Jane Hayward (Wilcox) MP (1405 - 1485)

Jemima Coolbaugh (Wilcox) MP (1793 - 1822)

John Wilcox MP (c.1635 - d.)

John Wilcox MP (1682 - 1789)

John Wilcox, II MP (c.1622 - 1676)

John Wilcox (John1), born in England, perhaps about 1620 or earlier, certainly not later than 1620, died at Middletown, Conn., 24 May 1676; married first, at Hartford Conn., 17 Sept. 1646, Sarah Wads...

John Wilcox, of Hartford MP (1600 - 1641)

John Wilcox of Hartford was born bet. 1595/1598 in Lancashire, England and died October 14, 1651 in Hatford, Connecticut, where he is buried. He was one of Hartford's Original Proprietors and accompa...

Lois Wilcox (Phelps) MP (1774 - 1851)

Lois Wilcox (Cogswell) MP (1744 - 1824)

Lois Alden (Wilcox) MP (1766 - 1787)

Lucy Eliza Wilcox (Hart) MP (1814 - 1869)

Lydia Potter (Wilcox) MP (1679 - 1756)

Martha Veazey (Wilcox) MP (1867 - 1901)

Birth: Jun. 1, 1867, USA Death: Sep. 9, 1901, USA She was the daughter of John Coffee Wilcox and Elizabeth Swain Wilcox Family links: Spouse: Frank Crockett Veazey (1862 - 1940)* Children: ...

Martha Wilcox (Hazard) MP (1668 - 1753)

Mary Lewis (Wilcox) MP (1688 - 1762)

Mary Wilcox was born 1688 and died November 27, 1762 in Westerly, Washington Co., RI, at 74 years of age. Her body was interred in Lewis Burial Ground Westerly, RI. Parents: Married: abt 1706 t...

Mary Wilcox (Wylsher) MP (c.1597 - 1667)

Mary Sage (Wilcox) MP (1654 - 1711)

David Sage married (2) Marys Wilcox (John, John). who lived next to him on the south side and d. Dec. 7. 1711. Children by 2nd marriage: Mary, b. Nov. 15, 1672; m. Dea. Samuel Johnson. Jonathan...

Mary Ann Wilcox MP (1840 - 1930)

alt b. Devonshire, England

Mary Wilcox (Lane) MP (c.1608 - 1671)

Mary Lane b.est 1615 Beaminster, Dorset, England (possibly) 3 Apr 1671 and 7 Sep 1671 Middletown, Middlesex, Connecticut, United States (( Mary (Lane) (Long) Farnsworth, who died at Middletow...

Mary Hall (Wilcox) MP (c.1605 - 1667)

Halls of New England, 294-295: It is not known who her husband was, but tradition asserts that he came with his family in the same ship with his brother John, to Charlestown, Mass., in 1630, descendant...

Mary Warner (Wilcox) MP (1705 - 1761)

Mary Wilcox (Warner) MP (1688 - d.)

Mary Lake (Wilcox) MP (1683 - 1747)

Mary Sherman (Wilcox) MP (c.1639 - 1722)

Mary Wilcox b. 1639 Mary Wilcox was born in 1639 at Westerly, Washington County, Colony of Rhode Island, British America, (now Rhode Island). Mary Wilcox married Eber Sherman, son of Hon. Phillip...

Moses Wilcox MP (1732 - 1803)

NN Wilcox MP (deceased)

Norris Wilcox MP (1876 - 1946)

Norris Wilcox in household of Julia P Jones, "United States Census, 1880" Name: Norris Wilcox Event Type: Census Event Year: 1880 Event Place: Macon, Bibb, Georgia, United States Distri...

Maj. General Orlando B. Willcox (USA) MP (1823 - 1907)

Orlando Bolivar Willcox (April 16, 1823 – May 11, 1907) was an American soldier who served as a general in the Union Army during the American Civil War. Early life Willcox was born in Detr...

Pamela Camp (Wilcox) MP (1770 - c.1846)

Rachel Gatchel (Wilcox) MP (1685 - 1760)

From "Martha's Extended Family" family tree page on Rachel: Rachel (?)[1] F Marriage* She married Elisha Gatchel say 1705?. Will* She made a will 17 February 1756 in Chester County, Pennsylva...

Samuel Wilcox MP (1717 - 1743)

Capt. Samuel Wilcox MP (1742 - 1827)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for MASSACHUSETTS with the rank of SECOND LIEUTENANT. DAR Ancestor # A126427

Samuel Whitney Wilcox MP (1847 - 1929)

Samuel Wilcox MP (1658 - 1713)

Sarah Wilcox MP (c.1639 - 1692)

Sarah Wilcox (Smith) MP (1741 - d.)

Sarah Briggs (Wilcox) MP (1664 - 1751)

Sarah Wilcox (Manchester) MP (1680 - 1718)

Sarah Stafford (Wilcox) MP (1749 - d.)

Sarah Bidwell (Wilcox) MP (1618 - 1690)

.  Sarah Wilcox, born between 1618 - 1623; she died June 15, 1690 in Hartford, CT.  She was the daughter of John Wilcox and Mary Wylsher. Children of John Bidwell and Sarah Wilcox are: ...

Sarah Ensign (Wilcox) MP (1648 - 1718)

Sarah Wilcox was born 3 Oct 1648 at Hartford CT, daughter of John & Sarah (Wadsworth) Wilcox, and d. 3 Feb 1717/18. Sarah Wilcox married Thomas LONG (Joseph-1), b. est. 1644; They divorced in 1681. S...

Sheffield Wilcox, Sr. MP (1746 - 1826)

Stephen Wilcox MP (1830 - 1893)

Stephen Wilcox, Jr. (February 12, 1830 – November 27, 1893) was an American inventor, best known as the co-inventor (with George Herman Babcock) of the water-tube boiler. They went on to f...

Stephen Wilcox, Sr MP (1634 - 1690)

Susannah Wilcox (Thompson) MP (c.1607 - 1634)

Tamzen Minor (Wilcox) MP (c.1675 - d.)

William Wilcox MP (1711 - 1742)

Notes GREAT GREAT GRANDSON OF MAYFLOWER PASSENGER JOHN COOKE? Links Sources The Great Republic, A History of America, by Sir Winston Churchill, Edited by Winston S. Churchill, publi...

William Wilcox Jr. MP (1739 - c.1782)

Wilcox (deceased)

Wilcox (deceased)

Wilcox (deceased)

Wilcox (deceased)

Wilcox (deceased)

Wilcox (deceased)

Wilcox (deceased)

Mr. Wilcox (Wilcoxson) (deceased)

Wilcox (deceased)

Wilcox (deceased)

Wilcox (deceased)

Wilcox (deceased)

Wilcox (deceased)

"Child" Wilcox (c.1748 - d.)

#$% Wilcox (deceased)

(Infant Daughter) Wilcox (c.1905 - c.1907)

Infant daughter born and died between 1905 and 1907

(Unknown) Wilcox (1899 - d.)

--- WILCOX (1706 - d.)