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Adam "Admiral" Wiotus Wyatt (de Colnbrook), Admiral MP (c.1285 - 1385)

WYATT FAMILY Adam WIOT (Wyatt) Born: 1320, Southange, Yorkshire, England Died: 1385 Married: Agnes WIGTON (WIGGON) Children: 1. William WIOT ________________________________________ ...

Alice Wyatt MP (1624 - d.)

Ambrose Wyatt MP (1596 - d.)

Ambrose Wyatt MP (1622 - d.)

Ann Wyatt (Jones) MP (c.1663 - 1684)

Anne Wyatt (Skipwith) MP (1411 - 1443)

Adelle Bartlett-Harper, in her work on the origins of the Wyatt family says that "Ancient English manuscripts state that the first Wyatt to come to England is said to have been Admiral Wyatt, or Guyo...

Anne Wyatt MP (c.1494 - 1571)

Anne Twysden (Wyatt) MP (1542 - 1592)

ID: I113237 Name: Anne Wyatt Sex: F Birth: 19 SEP 1542 in Allington, Kent, England Death: 4 JUN 1592 Change Date: 7 JUL 2005 Father: Thomas Wyatt b: 1522 in Allington Castle, Boxley, Kent, ...

Anne Wyatt MP (1629 - d.)

Anne Wyatt (Cox) MP (1605 - c.1631)

Anne Birth: 1607 Kent, England Death: 1631 Boxley Kent, England Married: Haute Wyatt (1596 - 1638) Burial: Boxley Church Cemetery, Boxley, Kent, England children: John Wyatt b.1630 & Anna K...

Anne Wyatt (Skinner) MP (1475 - 1536)

Stirnet's "Skinner01" page (membership required to view without interruption) does not mention this Anne. -------------------- Father also reported as Thomas. -------------------- ID: I112891 ...

Barbara Wyatt (Mitford) MP (c.1598 - 1622)

Not to be confused with Barbara Mitford, of Seghill or Elizabeth, 2nd wife of Rev. Haute Wyatt. Barbara Mitford was born about 1598, perhaps at Newton Red House, Mitford, Northumberland, England. She...

Betty Wyatt MP (1805 - 1889)

Elizabeth Wyatt (Brooke) MP (c.1503 - 1560)

Maiden name also reported as Brooks. Elizabeth Brooke was the wife of Thomas Wyatt, the poet, and the mother of Thomas Wyatt the younger who led Wyatt's Rebellion against Mary I. She was the sister o...

Elizabeth Wyatt (unknown) MP (c.1600 - 1626)

Notes From Jamestowne Society - Washington & Northern Virginia Company -- Biographies of Ancestors of Members April 2010 Haute Wyatt was married three times: 1. To Barbara Mitford in 1619 2. To Eli...

Elizabeth Cate (Wyatt) MP (1712 - 1765)

Elizabeth Coleman (Wyatt) MP (c.1715 - 1771)

After the death of Samuel Coleman around 1748, his widow Elizabeth married Captain William Johnston of Spotsylvania County, Virginia, William Johnston's first marriage was to Ann Chew, and their daught...

Elizabeth Wyatt (Scrimpshire) MP (c.1750 - 1816)

Elizabeth Collier (Wyatt) MP (1702 - 1798)

Elizabeth Hanks (Wyatt) MP (c.1739 - c.1830)

Elizabeth Wyatt (Wilson) MP (1691 - 1750)

Foye Carter (Wyatt) MP (1917 - 2002)

Birth: May 18, 1917 Death: Jul. 29, 2002 Santa Rosa County Florida, USA Family links: Parents: Richard Martin Wyatt (1891 - 1971) Lillian Elizabeth Meadows Wyatt (1897 - 2000) Spouse: Thoma...

Frances Adeline Farrow (Wyatt) MP (1861 - d.)

Frances (Franny) Wyatt (Chichester) MP (1558 - 1626)

Frances (Fanny) Chichester was Amyas and Joan's youngest daughter. Records show her first child was born in 1584. She married John Wyott of Braunton, North Devon but perhaps at least 20 years earlier. ...

Frances Wyatt (Newton) MP (1685 - 1753)

Frances Newton Birth: 1685 Westmoreland County Virginia, USA Death: 1753 Prince William County Virginia, USA Burial: Dettinger Episcopal Church Cemetery Prince William County Virginia, USA ...

Francis Wyatt (Wiatt) MP (c.1680 - 1745)

Prominent citizen and vestryman of Patsworth Parish, from 1710 to 1728,

Francis Wyatt, II MP (1717 - 1761)

Sir Francis Wyatt, first English Royal Governor of Virginia MP (1588 - 1644)

When Sir Francis Wyatt arrived in Jamestown in October 1621 on "The George," he brought with him a new constitution for the Colony. This famous ordinance furnished the model of every subsequent form of...

Frankie Faye Wyatt (Veazey) MP (1927 - 1976)

Birth: 1927 Death: Oct. 7, 1976 Burial: Walker Cemetery Cottage Grove Henry County Tennessee, USA Edit Virtual Cemetery info [?] Created by: Melissa Clayton Key Record added: May 21, 2009...

Geoffrey Wyatt MP (1410 - 1460)

THE FIRST NAME OF WYATT The name Wyatt appears in the History of Wales as far back as 912 when there were two clans by that name; one know as the Black Wyatts and the other as the Red Wyatts The na...

Sir George Wyatt, of Boxley Abbey MP (c.1550 - 1624)

George Wiatt of Allington Castle and Boxley Abbey, county Kent. Birth: 1550 Kent, England Death: Nov. 10, 1624, Ireland (debatable date): Burial: Boxley Church Cemetery Boxley Kent, England s...

Gladys Mary Elizabeth Wyatt MP (1901 - 1989)

Grace Wyatt (Newton) MP (c.1678 - 1745)

Rev. Hawte Wyatt MP (1594 - 1638)

Haute Wyatt Birth: about 1594, Boxley Parish near Maidstone, Kent, England Death: Jul. 31, 1638 Boxley Parish near Maidstone, Kent, England Parents: George Wyatt, Jane Finch Burial: Boxley Ch...

Sir Henry Wyatt, Kt. MP (1460 - 1536)

Also reported as Wiat. Knighted in 1509 by King Henry VIII, later made Earl of Norfolk. Fed and preserved in his imprisonment by a cat. -------------------- Served as Privy Councillor to King H...

Hepzibah Pratt (Wyatt) MP (1652 - 1711)

Hugh Wyatt MP (c.1534 - 1614)

Hugonis Wyatt Father: Phillip WIATT b: 1500 in , Braunton, Devon, England Mother: Jone PATY b: 1505 in Birth: Abt 1534 in 1 2 Death: After 24 Jun 1614 in 1 2 Event: Living Unknown 1599 2 ...

Isabel Page (Wyatt) MP (c.1603 - c.1666)

Lady Isabel Page was born 1595 in Allington Castle, Boxley, County Kent, to Sir George Wyatt and Lady Jane Finch. She had at least these siblings: Francis 1583; Elinor 1584; George 1587; Haute 1594; an...

Israel Wyatt MP (1668 - 1737)

Jane Wyatt MP (1910 - 2006)

Three-time Emmy-winner Jane Wyatt was best known for her role as the housewife and mother on the television series Father Knows Best, as Amanda Grayson, the human mother of Spock on the science fiction...

Jane Wyatt (Osborne) MP (c.1642 - c.1705)

Jane Wyatt (Hawte) MP (1522 - 1600)

Thomas "The Younger" WYATT (Sir) Married: Jane HAWTE (b. 1522 - d. AFT 1595) (dau. of Sir William Hawte and Maria Guildford) 1537, Bishopsbourne and Wavering, England

Lady Jane Finch MP (c.1555 - 1644)

Death also reported as 3/27/1644--------------------Birth: 1555 Eastwell Kent, England Death: 1644 Kent, England Family links: Children: Francis Wyatt (1588 - 1644)* Haute Wyatt (1596...

Joan Wyatt (Patty) MP (c.1511 - 1588)

Joanna Field (Wyatt) MP (1659 - 1722)

of John Wyatt and Mary Brownson/Bronson Wyatt. Her mother married four times, later marrying John Graves, William Allis, and Samuel Gaylord. Children: Mary Field Bardwell, Joanna Field, Joseph Field ...

John Wyatt, Gentleman MP (1558 - 1598)

John Wyatt, born November 11, 1557 in Braunton Parish, Devon, England; died November 29, 1598 in Braunton Parish, Devon, England. He was the son of Philip Wyatt and Jane Paty. He married Frances Chiche...

John Wyatt MP (1679 - 1739)

John Wyatt MP (deceased)

John Wyatt, of Yorkshire MP (1458 - c.1525)

1. John Wyatt b 1458, Allington, Haigh Mexborough, Yorkshire, England. Married ??.

John Wyatt MP (c.1590 - 1666)

Capt. John Wyatt, Sr. MP (c.1630 - 1665)

John Wyatt I, the son of Rev. Haute Wyatt and his 2nd wife Anne Cox, was cared for by his grandmother Lady Jane Finch Wyatt, as his mother had died in 1631. He came to America as a young man and was ...

John Wyatt MP (c.1779 - 1862)

John Wyatt, of Devon MP (1467 - 1525)

John Wyatt Birth: abt 1467, of Braunton, Devon, England Death: 1525, Braunton, Devon, England Wife: Unknown There is no evidence to support a claim that his father was Sir Richard Wyatt, Sh...

John Wyatt MP (1828 - 1837)

Joshua Long Wyatt, Sr. MP (1720 - 1799)

He is listed in a William Long's will as the deceased's grandson.

Katherine Wyatt (Cross) MP (c.1569 - d.)

Katherine Rice (Wyatt) MP (1593 - 1630)

Lenorah Howard (Wyatt) MP (1819 - d.)

Margaret Allen (Wyatt) MP (1564 - 1642)

Notes Died before 1647 as she is not named in Richard Allen's will of that date. Children named in that will: Thomas, Matthew, Richard. Grandchildren of different surname: Mary, Elianor, Elizabet...

Margaret Wyatt (Rice) MP (c.1600 - d.)

Margaret Wyatt MP (1634 - d.)

Margaret Allyn (Wyatt) MP (c.1606 - 1675)

Margaret Wyatt Birth: 1607 - Braunton, Devonshire, England Death: Sep 12 1675 - Windsor, CT Parents: John Wyatt, Frances Chichester Husband: Mathew Allyn Children Mary Allyn b: 1628-1...

Margaret Wyatt (Hanks) MP (c.1741 - 1770)

There are a number of Margaret Wyatt born Hanks which may have co-existed or been confused over the years ... use caution in merging and identifying parents and children.

Margaret Wyatt (Clarke) MP (1438 - 1526)

8 children: Richard Wyatt b: 1458, Allington, Haigh Mexborough, Yorkshire, England. Married ??. Had children. John Wyatt b 1458, Allington, Haigh Mexborough, Yorkshire, England. Married ??. Sir...

Margery Shelton (Wyatt) MP (c.1622 - c.1655)

Margery Rogers (Wyatt) MP (1487 - 1536)

Born at Abington Castle in Abington Kent -------------------- ID: I112873 Name: Margaret Margery Wyatt Sex: F Birth: ABT 1490 in Allington Castle, Boxlely, Kent, England Death: 10 MAR 153...

Martha Wyatt MP (1825 - d.)

Martha Wyatt MP (1814 - 1825)

Martha Wyatt (Sheldrake) MP (1597 - 1631)

Mary Wolcott (Wyatt) MP (1707 - 1758)

Per Wethersfield, CT V.R. (Barbour): "Wolcott, Samuel, m. Mary Wyat, Mar. [ ], 1735/6"

Mary Kimball (Wyatt) MP (1622 - 1672)


Mary Wyatt MP (1823 - d.)

Mary Wyatt (Cox) MP (c.1630 - 1656)

Mary Ann Shaw (Wyatt) MP (deceased)

Mary Wyatt MP (1627 - d.)

Mary Ellen Watson (Wyatt), SM/PROG MP (1796 - 1861)

1820 British Settler Mary Ellen Wyatt (23) together with husband William Watson (19), were part of Sephton's party of 344 people on the Aurora . Party originated from London. Departure Gravesend,...

NN Wyatt or Cripps MP (c.1620 - d.)

Dr. Barry Hayes says that the wife of Robert Flake was Katherine Moore daughter of John Moore, the burgess in 1640 based on strong circumstantial evidence & analysis. The records show that Katherine ha...

Paula (Veazey) Wyatt MP (1929 - d.)

Phillip Wyatt (Wiatt) MP (c.1500 - 1588)

Son of John Wyatt Married: Jane PATTY BEF 1526, Devon, England Children: Agnes Sedwell Margaret George Hugh William Nicholas Thomas Adam Phillip John Links

Rachel Wyatt (Calloway) MP (1675 - 1738)

Rebecca Wyatt (Kent) MP (1652 - 1728)

Sir Richard Wyatt, Kt., High Sheriff of London MP (c.1435 - c.1475)

Richard Wyatt Birth: 1433 in Southgate, Kent, England Death: 1475 Kent, England Father: Godfrey Wyat b: 1404 in Southauge, Yorkshire, England Mother: Anne Skipwith b: ABT 1409 Marriage 1 Ma...

Richard Wyatt, of Hurst Barton MP (c.1461 - 1522)

Richard Wyatt, of Hurst Barton Born: ABT 1461 Died: 1522 Father: Richard WYATT Mother: Margaret (Jane) CLARKE Married: ¿? In 1494 Took his degree at Christ’s College, Oxfo...

Robert R. Wyatt (Wiott) MP (c.1383 - 1440)

Robert Wyatt MP (1817 - 1891)

Samuel Wyatt MP (1687 - 1752)

Samuel Wyatt MP (1862 - 1923)

Sarah Wyatt (Pratt) MP (1668 - 1729)

Sarah Ann Dorsey (Wyatt) MP (c.1657 - 1690)

Birth: 1657 Anne Arundel County Maryland, USA Death: 1690 Anne Arundel County Maryland, USA Sarah Wyatt was born in 1657 in Anne Arundel County, Maryland, to Nicholas Wyatt and his wife, Damaris Stoc...

Sedwell Wyatt (Wiatt) MP (c.1528 - d.)


Sir Thomas "The Younger" Wyatt, MP MP (1521 - 1554)

Family and Education b. by 1521, o.s. of Sir Thomas Wyatt I. m. settlement Mar. 1537, Jane, da. and coh. of Sir William Haute of Bishopsbourne, Kent, 6s. 4da. suc. fa 11 Oct. 1542. Kntd. Jan./May 1545....

Susanna Wyatt MP (1637 - d.)

Susannah Wyatt (Edmondson) MP (c.1720 - 1752)

Susannah Willoughby (Wyatt) MP (c.1743 - d.)

Susie Ellen Veasey (Wyatt) MP (1887 - 1970)

Birth: Oct. 13, 1884 Death: Aug. 14, 1960 Family links: Spouse: Susie Ellen Wyatt Veasey (1887 - 1970)* Calculated relationship Burial: Veasey Chapel Cemetery Covington County Alaba...

Sir Thomas Wyatt, MP MP (c.1503 - 1542)

Sir Thomas Wyatt , Wyatt or Wiatt, born1503 died 11 October 1542 Married: Elizabeth Brooke Tomas and Elizabeth Brooke had six children: Thomas Wyatt the younger, who led a thwarted rebell...

Thomas Wyatt MP (1599 - d.)

Thomas Wyatt MP (1632 - d.)

Thomas Wyatt MP (c.1567 - d.)

Thomas Wyatt, Sr. MP (c.1710 - c.1772)