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Heeni Rangingangana Wynyard MP (deceased)

Robert Henry Wynyard MP (1802 - 1864)

Sir Robert Henry Wynyard (24 December 1802 – 6 January 1864) was a New Zealand colonial administrator, serving at various times as Lieutenant Governor of New Ulster Province, Administrator of th...

.... Wynyard (deceased)

? Someone WYNYARD (1864 - d.)

Ada walker (Wynyard) (deceased)

Agnes Harriet Wynyard (Piripi) (1931 - 2006)

Agnes Harriet Wynyard (Wells) (deceased)

Akinihi Riiwhi Wynyard (deceased)

Alice Croft (Wynyard) (deceased)

Ambrose Lilly Wynyard (1769 - 1792)

Ann catherine Wynyard (deceased)

Anna Maria Wynyard (deceased)

Anne Leslie Tane nee Wynyard (deceased)

Arthur Wynyard (deceased)

Ata Kararihe J WYNYARD (deceased)

Ben Kingi Wynyard (deceased)

Capt Wynyard (deceased)

Catherine Wynyard (Harris) (deceased)

Catherine* Wynyard (Hickey) (1854 - 1936)

Charles Monyague Wynyard (deceased)

Charles Wynyard (deceased)

Charlie Wynyard (deceased)

Christopher Wynyard (deceased)

Clark Wynyard (deceased)

clinton henry wynyard (deceased)

Constance Noelle Wynyard (1910 - 1975)

Constance* Lillian Beatrice Wynyard (Beedell) (1886 - 1965)

David Wynyard (deceased)

Eme Ara Moore (Wynyard) (1905 - 2001)

Ernest Montague Wynyard (deceased)

Frederica Wynyard (1792 - 1824)

George Wynyard (1827 - 1861)

George Wynyard (deceased)

Georgiana Charlotte Wynyard (deceased)

Gertrude Wynyard (Maioha) (deceased)

gladwin wynyard (deceased)

Gladwin Clinton Wynyard (deceased)

Gladwyn Clinton Wynyard (deceased)

Gladwyn Wynyard (deceased)

Gladwyn* May Rayner (Wynyard) (1915 - d.)

Gladwyn* John Richard Wynyard (1831 - 1871)

Gladwyn* John Wynyard (1867 - 1938)

Hamiora Henare Wynyard (1887 - 1924)

hare wynyard (deceased)

Harewhiro Wynyard (1886 - 1941)

Heeni Skipwith (Wynyard) (deceased)

Helen Wynyard (deceased)

Hemi WYNYARD (deceased)

Hemi Wynyard (deceased)

Henare Wynyard (deceased)

Henare Wynyard (deceased)

Henare Wynyard (deceased)

Henare Wynyard (deceased)

Henry WYNYARD (deceased)

Henry John Wynyard (1761 - 1838)

Hoani Wynyard (1898 - 1975)

Hori Wynyard (deceased)

Hori Wynyard (deceased)

James Wynyard (deceased)

Jane Wynyard (Lascelles) (1781 - 1857)

Jane Wynyard (Goodwin) (deceased)

Jane* Wynyard (Gladwin) (deceased)

Jean Wynyard (deceased)

Jemina Caroline Wynyard (1772 - 1845)

John Wynyard (deceased)

John Otway Wynyard (1755 - 1785)

John Wynyard (deceased)

John* Wynyard (1682 - 1752)

John* Wynyard (c.1559 - 1606)

John* Wynyard (b. - 1690)

John* Wynyard (b. - 1634)

Katherine Audrey Evans (Wynyard) (1955 - d.)

Kauhoa Wynyard (c.1895 - d.)

kiritapu hoterene (wynyard) (b. - 2000)

Kura Kura Wynyard nee Parata (deceased)

Laura Tipene (Wynyard) (deceased)

Lizzie Binnie WYNYARD (deceased)

lois cable wynyard (deceased)

Maata/Martha Wynyard (deceased)

Manu Wynyard (deceased)

Maria Caroline Wynyard (1732 - 1834)

Mariana Wynyard (deceased)

Marie Hakaraia (Wynyard) (deceased)

Martha Kawiti (Wynyard) (deceased)

martha matekino kawiti (wynyard) (deceased)

Matire Wynyard (Tauteka) (deceased)

Mary Wynyard (1735 - 1784)

Mary M H Higginson (Wynyard) (deceased)

Mary* Ann Wynyard (Nuki) (1832 - 1906)

Mary* Wynyard (Maxwell) (b. - 1775)

Matiukore Wynyard (1891 - d.)

may White (Wynyard) (deceased)

Mihi Tautari (Wynyard) (deceased)

Miria Molly Wynyard (Hill) (1925 - 1965)

Miss ?? Wynyard (Otway) (deceased)

Montagu John Wynyard (1781 - 1857)

From Wynyard Family Tree compiled for family reunion, Auckland New Zealand October 1990 Lt.Col. and Rev.Montague John Wynyard, Coldstream Guards. Served in rebellion in 1798 with Guards at Bramen i...

ngapera wynyard (deceased)

Ohe WYNYARD (deceased)

Olive Wynyard Brind (Wakely) (deceased)

paikitawhiti wynyard (tauteka) (deceased)