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Abigail Olga Katzenellenbogen (Jaffe) MP (c.1525 - 1594)

Source, "Daat Kedoshim" __________________________________________________ HL pointed out some inconsistencies in the profile. These might have occurred due to multiple merges of profiles from diff...

Ben Beryl [Dov] Yaffe (Jawor) MP (1867 - 1943)

Moshe Yaffe, Hacohen MP (c.1495 - c.1520)

Moses b. Eliezer Jaffe born Poland end of fifteenths century, he was prominent as a rabbi: mentioned in the "Shalshelet ha-Kabbalah" manuscript in St. Petersburg. Jaffe Rabbinical Family Tree *Moses b....

Yoel ben Samuel Yaffe-Sirkes, "haBach" נפטר אדר כ ת"א MP (1561 - 1640)

Yoel Sirkis, (1561-1640), also known as the Bach - an abbreviation of his magnum opus, Bayit Chadash - was a prominent Jewish posek and halakhist. He lived in central Europe and held rabbinical positio...

Yaffe (Horowitz) (deceased)

(Norma) Nellie Yaffe (Goodman) (1910 - 1976)

? Yaffe (1923 - 1923)

? Glukhovskaya (deceased)

? YAFFE (deceased)

? Margaliot Yaffe (deceased)

? Yaffe (?) (deceased)

? Yaffe (deceased)

? Yaffe (b. - 1942)

??? Yaffe (deceased)

A Yaffe (Kloiber) (deceased)

Aaron Yaffe (deceased)

Aaron Yaffe (deceased)

Abe Yaffe (deceased)

Abe Yaffe (deceased)

Abel Yaffe (deceased)

Abel Yaffe (1810 - 1854)

Abel Yaffe (1832 - d.)

Abel Yaffe (1801 - d.)

Abigail Singer (Yaffe) (c.1865 - 1930)

Abraham Yaffe (deceased)

Abraham Yaffe (deceased)

Abraham Yaffe (deceased)

Divorce from Menucha

Abraham Lazer Yaffe (1900 - 1972)

Abraham Yaffe (deceased)

Abraham Yaffe (deceased)

Abraham Yaffe (1924 - 1924)

Abraham Bohemous Yaffe (c.1470 - c.1533)

Abram Yaffe (deceased)

Ada Yaffe (deceased)

Adela Aronovich Yaffe (deceased)

Adela Yaffe (Jaffi) (deceased)

Adele Merrin (Yaffe) (1909 - d.)

ADRIAN YAFFE (deceased)

Adrian Yaffe (c.1920 - d.)

Aharon Yaffe Klirs (deceased)

Aharon (Harris) Yaffe (1872 - 1943)

Aizik Yaffe (1794 - d.)

Alan Yaffe (1917 - d.)

Died 2012

Alberto Yaffe (deceased)

Alberto Yaffe (deceased)

Alegre Yaffe (deceased)

Alfred Yaffe (deceased)

Alice Katz (Yaffe) (deceased)

Alice Yaffe (1900 - d.)

Amir Yaffe (1940 - 1977)

Ann Yaffe (deceased)

Ann Yaffe (Woolwich) (deceased)

ann yaffe (deceased)

Anna Yaffe (Goodgold) (b. - 1957)

lived in Odessa, Russia

Anna Shifres (Yaffe) (1901 - 1980)

Anna Yaffe (deceased)

Anna Yaffe (Schuchman) (deceased)

Anne Yaffe (Rosenfeld) (1909 - 2000)

Annette Barbara Yaffe (Axelrod) (deceased)

Annie Yaffe (Sorasky) (deceased)

Annie Yaffe (Slobodkin) (1874 - d.)

Aryeh Leib Sirkes (1592 - 1655)

Arlene Walls (Yaffe) (1945 - 1983)

Aron Yaffe (1850 - d.)

Arthur Yaffe (deceased)

Aryeh Yehuda Leib Sirkis Yaffe - Shaagas Aryeh (1640 - 1718)

-------------------- ר' אריה יהודה ליב רב דזאמשט, &#...

Avi Yaffe (1950 - 2011)

Avraham Yaffe (deceased)

Avraham Yaffe (deceased)

Avraham Yitzchak Yaffe (1913 - 1943)

Avraham Yaffe (deceased)

Avraham Yitzchak Yaffe (deceased)

אבי אשתו מאיר באנציקלופדיה ד...

Avraham Yoffe (1913 - 1983)

9 מגילות יחש של משפחת יפה- צבי יפ...

Rabbi Azriel Aharon Yaffe (deceased)

Barbara Ellen Kontoff (Yaffe) (1938 - 1969)

Barnet Yaffe (c.1895 - d.)

Barney Yaffe (deceased)

barney yaffe (deceased)

Barney Yaffe (deceased)

Baruch Yaffe (b. - 1927)

מגילות יחש של משפחת יפה- צבי יפ&#...

Basha R. Yaffe (Nueberger) (1849 - 1911)

Bassye Feige Yaffe (Aronovich) (c.1840 - c.1920)

basya yaffe (deceased)

bat Rabbi Reuven Erblich (Yaffe) (c.1805 - d.)

Beatrice Silverman (Yaffe) (deceased)

Beatrice Silverman (Yaffe) (deceased)

Becky Zivian (Yaffe) (deceased)

Bede Yaffe (Levine) (deceased)

Beebe Yaffe (Belgrade) (1897 - 1988)

Bela Yenta Yaffe (b. - 1834)

the daughter of the MAGID from Satinov

Bella Yaffe (deceased)

Bella Yaffe (1883 - 1919)

Bella Cohen (Yaffe) (deceased)

Bella Yaffe (deceased)

Ben Jaffe (Yaffe) (deceased)

Ben Zion Yaffe (deceased)

Beni Yaffe (deceased)

Benjamin Yaffe (deceased)

Benjamin Yaffe (deceased)

Benyamin Yaffe (deceased)