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James Yap MP

James Carlos Yap Sr. (born February 15, 1982), from Escalante City, Negros Occidental, is a Filipino professional basketball superstar player for the Derby Ace Llamados in the Philippine Basketball Ass...

Juan Yap MP (deceased)

Juan Yap was a Chinese merchant in the Parian district of Cebu. Together with his wife Maria Florido, he built his home in the 17th century on present-day 155 Lopez Jaena corner Mabini Streets, Cebu. T...

? Yap (Yap She) (deceased)

? Eng Yap (deceased)

Abowa Yap (deceased)

Ah Choy Yap (deceased)

Ah Juan Yap (deceased)

Ah Loy Yap (deceased)

Yap Ah Loy (b. March 14, 1837, Kwangtung Province, China--d. April 15, 1885, Kuala Lumpur, Malay Peninsula), leader of the Chinese community of Kuala Lumpur, who was largely responsible for the devel...


Barry Yap (1936 - 2011)

Beatriz Uvas-Yap (deceased)

Yap Beng Choon (1939 - 1999)

Oey Boen Nio (c.1799 - c.1869)

Yap Boen Nio (deceased)

Boo Eng YAP (deceased)

Brother YAP (deceased)

Chi Chik Yap (deceased)

Choo Moi Yap (deceased)

Consolacion Florido Yap (1865 - 1928)

Consuelo Yap (Lo) (c.1907 - 1998)

Daria Yap (deceased)

Ding Kuan (鼎宽) Yap (deceased)

Djian Nio Yap (deceased)

Yap Djiem Sien (deceased)

Yap Djioe Bwee (1919 - d.)

Yap Djioe Hiang (Ambar Ratna) (1923 - 2011)

Mijn moeder is op 4 september 2011 in Semarang overleden. Zij is een lieve moeder voor ons. We zullen haar heel missen.

Yap Djioe Kiok (1915 - 1991)

Edwin A. Yap (deceased)

YAP Ee Chian (deceased)

Ella A. F. Hoke (Yap) (b. - 1997)

Eugenio Yap (1892 - d.)

Euloterio Florida Yap (deceased)

Felipe Yap (deceased)

Fernando Yap (1917 - d.)

YAP Geok Sng (deceased)

YAP Geok Twee (1897 - 1940)

George A. Yap (b. - 1996)

Gertrudes Yap (regidor) (deceased)

Ghee Choo YAP (b. - 2010)

Yap Ging Nio (b. - 1957)

Great Grand Father Yap (deceased)

Great Grand Mother Yap (deceased)

Gregoria Yap (Lumapas) (1896 - d.)

Elizabeth YAP Guat Eng (deceased)

Yap Gwat Bwee (deceased)

Yap Gwat Ien Nio (1909 - d.)

Yap Han Nio (deceased)

Yap Kee Tjie (Hanna Hadinoto) (deceased)

Harold Tahum Kui Yap (1908 - 1979)

Helena Yap Chong (1925 - 2009)

Yap Hing Nio (deceased)

Yap Hok Gioe (deceased)

Yap Hok Sioe (deceased)

Hon Chin Yap (deceased)

Yap Hong An (deceased)

Yap Hong Ging (1922 - 2001)

Igor Yap (deceased)

J.Ratnatrisnasari (葉清水) (deceased)

Jean Fennell (Yap) (deceased)

Johnny Teow Chong YAP (deceased)

Jose Yap (deceased)

Juan Yap (deceased)

Juan Tong Yap (deceased)

Kai Guang (开广) Yap (deceased)

Kang Kweon Yap (Kok) (deceased)

Yap Khay Hoo (deceased)

Yap Khim Nio (deceased)

Yap Khing Hwa (deceased)

Yap Khing Khoen (deceased)

Kian Pien Yap (b. - 1962)

Kie Tjing Yap (deceased)

Kiem Nio Yap (deceased)

Kim Joen Yap (deceased)

(No Name) (deceased)

Yap Kioe An (Ir. J. Rachman Gunawan) (deceased)

Yap KIoe Sian (b. - 2007)

Lee Yap (deceased)

Leoncia Uy Yap (deceased)

Yap Lian Thay (deceased)

Librada Villanueva Yap (deceased)

Lisa Leimomi Yap (1961 - 2009)

Yap Loan Nio (deceased)

Yap Loei Nio (deceased)

Lucie Yap (1945 - d.)

lucienne Chui yap (deceased)

Luis Yap (deceased)

Madam Yap (deceased)

Maria Florido Yap (c.1857 - 1947)

Mary Avolyn Yap (McBride) (1921 - 2010)

Maude Yuk Kyau Hee (Yap) (b. - 2006)

Yap May Lan (deceased)

Yap Mo San (deceased)

Mrs 1 of 3 wives Yap (deceased)

Narie Yap (deceased)

Yap Ngo Djie (b. - 1940)

Yap Liook Nio (b. - 1990)

Yap Oan Hong (Hway King) (deceased)

Yap Oan Jang (deceased)

Yap Oan Siauw (deceased)

Yap Oen Nio (deceased)