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Julie Ashley Zetlin MP

Bethesda, Montgomery, Maryland, United States

Julie Zetlin is a veteran elite rhythmic gymnast. She was the 2010 U.S. Senior National Champion and was awarded a wild-card berth to compete at the 2012 Summer Games in London, England. Zetlin began...

Alexandra Zetlin (deceased)

Angeline Dominique (Zetlin) (1917 - 1996)

Annie Zetlin (Breznoff) (c.1880 - c.1954)

Benjamin Zetlin (deceased)

Benjamin Zetlin (1898 - 1983)

David Zetland (Zetlin) (c.1908 - c.1991)

Elaine Pollin Korn (b. - 2011)

On May 15, 2011, Elaine Pollin Korn of Chevy Chase, MD. Beloved wife of Seymour Korn, Chief Judge of the Maryland State Tax Court and the late Jack Pollin; devoted mother of Alan (Jayne) Pollin, Richar...

Esther Zetlin (deceased)

Fanny ( Fay ) Ogus (Zetlin) (1915 - 1982)

Henry Zetlin (b. - 2012)

Henry Zetlin (deceased)

I Zetlin (c.1850 - d.)

Jack Zetlin (deceased)

Jean Zetlin (Rosbrow) (deceased)

Jessie Hodis (Zetlin) (c.1904 - 1978)

Joe Zetlin (deceased)

Katy Davis (Zetlin) (c.1904 - d.)

Lala Shenkman (Zetlin) (deceased)

Leah Solkovitch (Zetlin) (1903 - 1988)

Lee David Zetlin (c.1929 - 1974)

Lee David Zetlin (b. - c.1974)

Lev Zetlin (1918 - 1992)

Marks Zetlin (c.1873 - c.1956)

Departed Hamburg for London aboard the vessel "Sylvia" on the 14th May 1902

Mathias Zetlin (c.1880 - d.)

Meir Zetlin (deceased)

Mildred Zetlin (Savetman) (b. - 1979)

Rachel Zetlin (Goodman) (deceased)

Rita Zetlin (deceased)

Rose Zetlin (c.1901 - 1964)

Rose Zetlin (deceased)

Salkind Zetlin (c.1876 - d.)

Salkind Zetlin (deceased)

Simsa Hillel Zetlin (1865 - d.)

Teddy Zetlin (deceased)

Unknown Zetlin (deceased)

Unknown Zetlin (deceased)

Valentine Wolf Zetlin (1912 - 2007)

Zelda Zetlin (deceased)