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Abigail C. Zollicoffer (Nicholson) (1790 - 1870)

Anna Catherine Fultz (Zollicoffer) (1768 - 1847)

Anna (deceased)

Anna Zollicoffer (Lindsay) (1786 - 1801)

Moved from Virginia to North Carolina

Anna (1730 - d.)

Anna Zollicoffer (1788 - d.)

Anne Maria Swanson (Zollicoffer) (1808 - 1854)

Zollicoffer (deceased)

Avarilla (deceased)


Avarilla Zollicoffer (Dudley) (1696 - d.)

First name also spelled Avarilla

Catharina Foltz (not Zollicoffer) (c.1730 - d.)

Christopher Lindsey Zollicoffer (1785 - d.)

Elizabert Petillo Zollicoffer (Love) (c.1812 - 1853)

Emily Caroline Zollicoffer (deceased)

Gen. Felix Zollicoffer (CSA) (1812 - 1862)

Felix Kirk Zollicoffer (May 19, 1812 – January 19, 1862) was a newspaperman, three-term United States Congressman from Tennessee, officer in the United States Army, and a Confederate brigadier genera...

Frederick Zollicoffer (1806 - 1874)

He was a brother to General Felix K. Zollicoffer who was a Confederate General in the Civil War.

Georg (deceased)

Georg (b. - 1600)

Capt. George Zollicoffer (1738 - 1815)

George Zollicoffer served as a captain in the Revolutionary War. He was granted a tract of land in Tennessee as payment for his military service. Lived in North Carolina. Appointed Captian of North C...

George N. Zollicoffer (c.1823 - d.)

George Zollicoffer, IV (1781 - d.)

Lived in North Carolina and later had a plantation at Lafayette County, Mississippi. George was a state senator.

George B. Zollicoffer (deceased)

Hans Zollikofer (deceased)

Hans (1614 - 1702)


Jacob Zollikofer (1686 - 1779)

Was the first Zollicoffer in America and was from St. Gallen, Switzerland. He came to America with Baron von Graffenreid to found a colony of German-Swiss at New Bern, North Carolina. Also was instru...

Jacob (1686 - d.)

James Zollicoffer (1779 - d.)

Jerome Bonaparte Zollicoffer (1815 - 1886)

John Jacob Zollicoffer, Sr. (1775 - 1840)

John Jacob Zollicoffer was born in Halifax Co., SC and migrated to Tennessee in 1807, settling on land granted to his father, Captain George Zollicoffer, for service in the Revolutionary War. George's ...

John L. Zollicoffer, Jr., (c.1820 - d.)

Julius Heronimus Zollicoffer (1786 - d.)

Kasper (deceased)

Kasper (deceased)

Lena Williams (Zollicoffer) (deceased)

Lena Leanna Williams (Zollicoffer) (c.1804 - 1848)

Louisa Pocahontas Zollicoffer (Gordon) (b. - 1857)

Louisa Pocahontas Gordon & child (wife of Gen. Felix Zollicoffer C.S.A.)

Magdalene (deceased)

Magdalene (1553 - 1589)

Maria J. Zollicoffer (1825 - d.)

Martha Zollicoffer (Kirk) (1786 - 1815)

Martha Kirk was born 30 Mar 1786 to Isaac Kirk and his wife, most likely in North Carolina, as that is where her father was a native. She became the wife of John Jacob Zollicoffer, a descendant of Swis...

Susanna (1587 - 1655)

Susanna (deceased)

Virginia Pocahontas Wilson (Zollicoffer) (1837 - 1912)

Viriginia Pocahontas "Sis" Zollicoffer was the first born child of Gen. Felix Kirk Zollicoffer and Louisa Pocahontas Gordon. She was born at the family home in Maury County on 12 Dec 1837. When her m...