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Vladimir K. Zworykin MP (1889 - 1982)

Aleksey Konstantinovich Zworykin (deceased)

Aleksey was an influential main engineer and constructor of ships for the USSR Sea Frontier-Guard. After the revolution, he was arrested, named as an “enemy of the people” and sent to pri...

Kozma Alexevich Zworykin (deceased)

Kozma Zworykin is well documented in Russian records as the owner of the steamship company, an honourable citizen, and a very rich and influential person. This information is available as background to...

Maria Zworykin (1888 - 1977)

In an article about Vladimir Zworykin in Russian that I have seen partially translated, the narrator gives a chart of the Zworykin family, showing Maria as the wife of "Akim Davidovich Yanpolsky", and ...