A New Merging Enhancement

Posted January 5, 2011 by George | 2 Comments

Today we released a new enhancement to the merge center: the ability to filter the profiles.  The feature is very simple to use.  Above the merge center on the right, you’ll now see a Viewing: drop-down menu.

This drop-down provides the ability to filter the profiles in the merge center by various Projects, as well as a few options that are specific to the individual user.

The My Relatives option displays only your relatives in the merge center.

The Followed by Me and Managed by Me options narrow the merge center’s display to profiles that you follow or manage.

Selecting a Project will update the merge center to only display merges related to that Project.

Post written by George

George joined the Geni team in September, 2010 as Geni's marketing director. You can find him on Twitter where he never posts but is happy to respond: @georgegeni

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  • ckey

    It would be great if there would be an option called “Editable by me” meaning all private profiles managed by my family group members and all public profiles managed by my collaborators. This way we can get a list of merges that we can DO something about…

    • Anonymous

      @ckey, for the most part, that is how it works. In the merge center, you will only see merges that you can complete or approve one side of. Once you complete or approve one side, the merge will be removed from your list. By using the “My Relatives” and “Managed by my Collaborators” filters on the Requested Merges tab, you will see all of the actionable merges you can complete.nn-George