Activities for Your Next Family Reunion

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Are you planning a family reunion in the near future? Here are some fun activities to get your entire family involved in learning about your family history.

1. Fill in the family tree

Here’s a fun game to get some of the younger members of your family interested in their genealogy: make copies of blank family trees for each youngster and have them ask relatives to help them fill out the tree. This is a good way to get children to catch the genealogy bug early. You can even make it a competition and see who can fill out the tree the most.

2. Who’s the baby?

Everybody loves seeing pictures of babies. Print out the baby pictures for each of your relatives and if you have them, of your ancestors, and have your family guess who is in the picture. Not only will your family have fun seeing cute baby pictures, but it presents the perfect opportunity to share family stories of your relatives when they were young.

3. Bring those family recipes to life

No family gathering is complete without food. Many families have recipes that have been passed down between generations. Bring those recipes to life by cooking your family dishes for all to sample. If possible, invite your relatives to bring their own dishes to share. You may find that each dish has a story behind it. What could be more fun than to learn about your heritage while filling your tummy with homemade deliciousness?

Have you been to a family reunion? Share some of your family reunion experiences with us in the comments below!

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