Additional Enhancements

Posted October 15, 2009 by Geni | No Comment
  • Name preferences now appear in your settings as well as your tree settings and apply sitewide. The default is still to show maiden name in parenthesis in the tree and not show maiden name on the rest of the site. However, you can choose to always show maiden name across the site if you would like.
  • We display a warning message when a living person is more than 125 years old, there is a death date before a birth date, or a birth date more than one year in the future. You'll see a green icon in the lower left of profiles with
    bad data. Clicking it will take you to the edit card for that profile.
    The icon does not take precedent over the other notification icons
    (conflict, merge, cycle) and will only be displayed where you have
    permission to edit.
  • We've simplified and expanded relationship path searches. You no longer have to wait while we are searching for a path; even if you navigate away from the page we'll alert you when the path is found. We've also expanded the paths so you can find your relationship to more distant relatives.
  • Your 100 most recently bookmarked and 10 recently viewed profiles have been added to your people tagger
  • Profiles Managed has been added to User Stats
  • You can now view the following modules on your collaborator's profiles:
    • Revision History
    • User Stats
    • Joined On
    • Last Online


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