Amazing! 86-Year-Old Woman Welcomes her 86th Great-Grandchild

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For her 86th birthday, Marie Frey got an extra special gift – her 86th great-grandchild!

Recently, the Today Show shared Marie’s amazing celebration. The family welcomed Blakely Grace Frey on June 23. Blakely is the fifth child born to Marie’s grandson, Kenny.

Being one of seven children, Marie had lots of experience growing up in a large family. She and her husband Gerald were married for nearly 60 years before he passed at the age of 83. Together, they had 15 kids of their own and 68 grandchildren. She told Today, “I thought about having a large family, but I didn’t figure it’d be this large.”

And the family is still growing. Marie has two more great-grandchildren on the way!

Watch the story below:

With so many kids, how does one keep track of them all?

Do you come from a large family? What’s the largest family in your tree?

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