Announcing Geni Labs (with Language Translation)

Posted December 16, 2009 by Geni | No Comment

We've created Geni Labs to let users experiment with features that we're working on. These features are not officially supported by Geni and they may be updated or removed at any time. However, we hope that our power users will find them useful. Your feedback on these features will help us refine them and determine whether or not to introduce them as official Geni features.

The first Geni Labs feature is one that has been requested for some time now – translation. Enabling this feature will translate nearly all of Geni, excluding the Tree page and a few other areas. Note: The translations are provided by Google Translate. Geni does not guarantee their accuracy.

To try translation:

Go to Geni Labs, check the enable translation checkbox, then click Save Changes. Select a the desired language from the language menu to activate the Google Translate toolbar. You can disable translation at any time from the same page.

Visit Geni Labs now


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