Are You Related to Justin Bieber?

Posted October 12, 2012 by Amanda | 8 Comments

There’s been a lot of news lately surrounding Justin Bieber‘s ancestry. Well, it turns out Justin Bieber has even more celebrity relatives in his musically-gifted family tree. Thanks to Geni’s World Family Tree, you can easily find out  how he’s related to other celebrities, historical figures or even you! Check out a few of his famous relatives below. And the best part, you can actually see how they are related!

We’ve posted many of Beyoncé Knowles celebrity relatives in the past, and today we’re letting you know of another interesting find: Beyoncé is Justin Bieber’s 8th cousin twice removed!

The teen sensation is also related to the Queen of Pop herself. Madonna is Justin’s 9th cousin once removed.

Fellow Canadian superstar Alanis Morisette is also distantly related to the Biebs through the Fourniers of Quebec. The pair are 11th cousins!

And don’t forget about Shania Twain! Like Justin, Shania hails from Ontario, Canada. Did you know they are also 11th cousins once removed?

Are you related to Justin and his talented cousins? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • agh

    this is not true

  • André Cossette

    Most French-Canadians are related to each other. A relatively small number of families immigrated to Canada during a specific time period, and then England took over so the immigration stopped, and their descendants tended to marry other French-Canadians because of common language and religion.

  • hy

    ya celion dion has the same grandparents as me in early 1600′s and avril lavigne does in 1600′s.i think avril is my 9 th cousin on one side of my family and 10 or 11 on other. side of my family celion dion is my 11 th or 12 th cousin

  • Georgina

    Justin bieber has the same grandparents as me in 1600′s on his fathers side hes my 12th cousin.

  • Danielle

    He is my 10th cousin once removed….and according to his connections to all the above ladies, I am also related to them!

  • ash

    my great grandfather came from Canada I am part French Canadian on my grandmothers side of the family does that mean I am related to them?

  • Grace1

    Yes I am

  • Grace1

    I am a canadian