Are you Searching for your Irish Ancestors?

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Tomorrow, people all around the world will be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. Millions of Irish people have emigrated abroad and it is estimated that 80 million people worldwide claim some Irish descent. Did you know that over 34.7 million people in the U.S. claim Irish ancestry? That’s more than seven times the population of Ireland!

Do you claim any Irish roots? Join some of Geni’s great Irish genealogy projects to collaborate with people from all over the world who are also researching their Irish relatives. You’ll find projects related to Irish emigration, Irish gravestones, surnames and much more!

Irish Portal

This project serves as the main project for Irish genealogy on Geni. Collaborate with other researchers and find assistance on your search for Irish ancestors. You can also find links here to other Irish related projects on Geni!

Tracing Irish Ancestors – Where to Start?

If you are just starting on your search, this project offers some great information about where you can start. Join the project’s discussions to seek advice.

Be sure to check out some of the other related Irish genealogy projects, too. You can find them to the right of the Irish Portal page. If you’ve hit a brickwall, try joining the project discussions to collaborate with other users who can help with your Irish genealogy research or contribute what you know to help other genealogists!

Start Collaborating on your Irish Ancestry Now


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  • Jim Sanders

    I just found your website and blog today.  What a great resource for Irish Ancestry.

    I have multiple Irish Ancestors.  My maternal grandparents were both from county Leitrim, Ireland.  However, my problem Irish ancestors (Patrick Fraher/Fryher and Sarah Hale/Hayes)came to the USA in about 1860.  They went from Ireland to England (for a few years) to the USA.  I’ve been unable to find definitively where they came from.  One possible source seems to suggest County Waterford.  Perhaps someday I will find records of them beyond the shores of the USA.

    Regards, Jim

    • geniblog

      Thanks for sharing, Jim! Perhaps joining a project can help in your research. :-)