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Posted January 19, 2007 by Geni | 76 Comments

Just a short note to let you know that we had our first feedback review last night, and we’re busy distributing the top issues to everyone on the team. We do read and tally every message we get in this blog’s comments and through our Contact Us form, so don’t worry if you don’t see us respond directly here on the blog.

Overall, your responses have been very, very positive. We’re glad you like what you’ve seen so far, and we’re looking forward to getting your feedback on the improvements we make during the beta. Thanks again!


  • Ryan

    Profile > Height
    5’12″ = 6′

  • Matteo

    Bravo on such outstanding communication during the beta phase. The combination of a brilliant idea and your seeming intention to assimilate and integrate user feedback makes very promising indeed. Thank you!

  • Chris Gardner

    Absolutely love the sight. You all should be proud of your accomplishment.
    One suggestion (for now). Some sort of comment system for each node. I’d love to be able to add stories/anecdotes about people and have others post comments, their own stories about someone. Some sort of forum type thing per person.

  • phil

    Great idea.
    Profile info needs to include the county where things happened, since that is the basis for much genealogical research.
    Also, spouses need to be listed by their maiden names — again, in keeping with convention.

  • Patrick

    First of all, great job. Great concept and excellent execution.
    Suggestion: I’m at the point where I have a number of my family members all signing in to make additions to our family tree. It would be great if there was a way I could post some type of bulletin for all those viewing the tree can see. I know we can send individual comments to other individuals, but a bulletin for your whole family to see would be great!
    Keep up the good work!

  • Kelly Carson

    I love the site. I have been looking for a way to get everybody involved in creating a family tree and this by far is the easiest method I have seen around.
    A few suggestions though:
    1. Allowing anniversary dates for married couples.
    2. Exporting of data (especially to something like a format Outlook can import for the addresses, etc.
    3. Print Views for the tree, obviously the data is there now but the only way to show it to anybody is to have them go to the site.
    4. For the religion, add other denominations under Christian, such as Baptist, Methodist, etc.
    5. Finally, as many have mentioned, giving users a way to prevent others from editing certain profiles that have been entered. Not sure how this will work though, maybe users can only edit their own profile and fill in blank fields in others. To edit fields that have already been entered the request would be sent to the original submitter maybe? Just an idea but I am sure you guys will figure something out.
    As is, this site is great and I thank you so much for creating a easy but useful method that has finally motivated me to start the family tree.

  • Peter

    I would like to have the option to view a fully extended family tree.
    That is to say, rather than look at my tree and then click on a link to view my wife’s tree, and then click on a link to view her sister-in-law’s tree, I would like to be able to look at the overall grand tree to see how all these people relate to each other overall.

  • Scott Sanders

    A couple more comments from me…
    1. Along the lines of Chris’s comment above, would love to be able to add wedding dates and other details about a marriage – perhaps by clicking on the line in between a husband/wife or something like that.
    2. I invited my step-grandfather, and he says he added some family history, but it’s not showing up on the family tree. I suspect he created a new account by accident, and I have no idea how to search for the details he added to incorporate them into my tree.

  • sleazyred

    I love the site – just what I have been looking for to get my families input on our family tree especially as I live in the USA and they are all in the UK!
    It would be really cool if you could add first names of people without having to add surnames. I have an idea of who my much later relatives where married to but I don’t know their maiden names.
    Also it would be really cool if you flag someone as a ? especially as you get far back you have an idea of someone being in your tree but you arent 100% sure that way when someone else from your family logs in, they can review that person and confirm or not whether they are indeed in your family.
    Lastly to print! I know you are working on that.
    Love the site! hoorah for you guys!

  • sleazyred

    If you could get an email notification every time some adds to your tree that would be great.

  • Jared

    It’d be great if the photo had a cropping tool, so you could zero in on just the relevant face, rather than having to do it in photoshop and then send it to the site.
    Overall, great site! This is definitly the “answer” to the family tree problem.

  • Geni Team

    Jared: Photo-cropping is on the list!

  • darren john paine

    thank you geni team- you guys are doing a brilliant job.

  • bill

    I tried adding a family member, but when I entered an email on her profile, I was told that the email was already connected to a account. If this is the case, how do I add the existing profile to my family tree?

  • Kenny

    Glad to see photo cropping is on the list. The is why I clicked on this link.. to make just that suggestion.
    Another that I don’t think anyone has made yet:
    A statistics page.
    I.e. Oldest living relative
    Youngest living relative
    Average age of death (on the tree)
    GREAT job though. I’ve already got some information from family that I didn’t have before. Sometimes people are more willing to give information when they see an immediate benefit to themselves — whereas a lot of my research has remained on my computer (though perfectly willing to share).

  • danny

    I’m pretty astonished that your security is so weak, especially for a site containing such sensitive data. It’s frankly appalling to see that in the 21st century, a website purporting to care about privacy is sending passwords in the clear.
    How much does an SSL certificate cost, anyway? Please get your act together security-wise.

  • Corey

    This is a great site, we’ve added 298 nodes onto our tree, i can’t wait until we can import/export gedcom files, it will make life MUCH easier.
    How about showing the birth and death dates on the main screen for each person along with their name? and maybe the country where they were born, so when it is printed, it makes more sense?

  • insolentpheasant

    congratulations on geni!!!it is first rate, long overdue, easy to use and a wonderful way to get family information together. mike stangel deserves congratulations for getting me up and started. two suggestions: 1. whether there should be a specifc space for marriage dates and 2. where should bibliographical references be placed? keep up the good work.

  • insolentpheasant

    i concur with corey above that it would be nice if the birth and death years could be shown on the cover tree listings. my son is interested in the names and relationships but has to go into the individual listings to get the dates rather than an overview.

  • Naomi Chambers

    Great job so far, very easy to use. Just to add my vote, in my order of priority, for things already being worked on or mentioned by other users:
    1. encryption, SSL, password protection, etc – a birthdate and mother’s maiden name is critical to identity protection
    2. Marriage dates needed
    3. list married women by maiden name (or at least display in parenthesis)
    4. Printable Views for the tree & profile/bio
    5. additional options for adoptions, same sex marriage, blended families, etc.
    6. County needed in addition to city, state, country
    7. add other major Christian denominations under Christian (Episcopalian/Anglican)
    8. Prevent editing or send a request to the original submitter or allow only items blank or flagged with question mark to be edited.
    9. Exporting/Importing capability

  • Robert Smith

    Is this going to be behind a secure server (SSL)?

  • Lee Reeves

    I also have put in a lot of information (cool website!), but now, my tree is just not showing up and it only says “undefined’s tree 0 people”. How to fix? I’d hate to lose my whole tree! For what it’s worth, I think the info is still there, because my “list” is still showing up.

  • M. Sanchez

    I agree with the comments about the need for SSL to handle passwords on the site, but I also wanted to express my deep disappointment that this site employs the irresponsible practice of sending emails with usernames and passwords together and in plain text as well.

  • Purnima Mysore

    This is a fabulous website. I saw a request to provide support for multiple marriages between two families.
    Further to that, would it be possible to drag and connect relatives who are related to more than one family tree. This is especially true for a lot of families in South India where marraige between cousins or distant uncles (in relation, not in age) is possible in some cases.
    Right now I am struggling to connect my maternal grandmother’s father with my paternal grandfather. They both were blood brothers born to the same husband-wife couple.
    It would be great if you could provide a feature to do that !!!

  • Jon Beck

    I love the site. I would love to also see more information in the tree view. Also it would be great if you can add more schools. It appears the only new school I could add was graduate schools. I personally went to 4 elementary schools and 2 High schools.

  • Sean

    How about a PDF Print feature. This is the stuff heirlooms are made of, and it would be great to have a hard copy hanging on the wall or printed in a book.
    Of course, it would have to support multiple page printing and large-format printing.

  • Gabriel Porras

    Geni it´s total godly…
    I´d like you add some functionality in the Tree View.
    By default the view tree show all the people available. It´ll be graet to add 2 buttons:
    1. Tree View to show the actual person and his/her wife/husband.
    2. Tree View to show the actual person and his/her wife/husband and his sons/daughters.
    It´ll produce a compact view easiest to review.
    Ah… And dont forget the adopted people!

  • Antony Ray

    Will there be a feature to show cousins who married?
    I have two people on the list from the same generation but am unable to connect them.

  • Max Jacobson

    BIRTH ORDER information: Please add a “?” to the list of choices, in addition to “only child” through “born fourteenth. It’s often not known whether the person was the first, the fourth, the twelfth, or whatever. — Great website! I appreciate your work. The complications must drive you crazy!

  • Derek Van Treese

    A second on the family statistics suggestion. Also, features such as birthday reminders and the ability to create family mailing lists would be nice. SSL would definitely be a plus.

  • Jack

    Attended more than one undergraduate college and more than one high school. It would be helpful to have all of that data.

  • Greg Alton

    When there are middle names, the family name does not show on the tree version (at least if they’re long). Perhaps only the first name and the last name could be shown?

  • Alan Morris

    I think GENI is amazing. Congratulations on all your hard work.
    but it would be nice to have Welsh in the drop down for languages.

  • Elliott

    We definitely need the ability to resend an invite. I’ve sent quite a few and some people haven’t received them, but I cannot find a way to resend the invite without deleting a person and re-adding them!
    Also, I hope in the future there will be some type of export or print ability.
    One last thing. It would be great to see on a main tree page the person’s year of birth through year of death without having to go into their profile. (ex: 1934-2003)
    Great site so far. Thanks.

  • pegasus

    When adding a child to a marriage, why does the child’s last name default to the mother’s (maiden) name?
    In my tree, I maintain the mother’s maiden name as her last name. For genealogical purposes that makes the most sense to me.
    But her children’s names should be the ones they are born with — father’s last name in most cases. This is not the behavior of geni at present.
    Otherwise, great idea. It has acted to bring our family back together with a common project.

  • Tony

    A couple of things:
    First, this is great! We have historical records dating back to the mid-1700′s, but they have always been written. Moving everything to electronic format has always been a daunting task. With this tool, I can get others to help enter, update and expand the tree!
    Second, I must put my vote in for the import/export of GEDCOM files.
    Third, I have a lot of family members in my tree that have more than the traditional 3 names. Four is very common and five is not unheard-of. I am avoiding any information other than first and last name until you nail down the security aspects of the site, but once I go back through to update the data, it would be nice to have a way to enter these without having a middle name field containing multiple names.
    Finally, I would love to see some way for the tool to search for and identify potential overlaps with other trees. I have a very “wide” tree and if someone else were to create a tree which had very similar names in similar relationships, I’d like some way for the tool to tell me (and them) that a potential relative has a tree. Once we confirm that we do overlap, we’d obviously want a way to merge the trees (though the whole security issue then comes into play again).
    Kudos again to an excellent idea.

  • Quang

    geni is great! keep up the good work guys. I really like how I can stay in touch with my family members etc. keep track of where they’re up to and what not.
    I wonder if there’s any way that I can keep in touch with them Right there in Geni, like a family bulletin board or something along those lines.
    Thanks guys for this great site =]

  • Dana

    I think this is a great idea, congratulations on launch. I have a couple of suggestions:
    1) Ability to allow users to include more family history and stories. It could be as simple as another tab with suggested questions — very similar to the books that are out now which you are supposed to give to your parents and grandparents to fill out to be able to keep a journal of all of their memories (i.e. wedding, engagement, funny stories, etc.)
    2) Ability to upload photos and videos — family album of sorts.
    3) Ability to get alerts when the tree has been updated

  • Mario

    I think geni is truly awesome and has NO competition (at the moment) on the web. You’re in a great position. I see some good comments above, but I would caution you on which you decide to procede with and weigh the cost-benefit of each. I would recommend you build a simple voting button for feature requests (exactly like the Digg model) to see which features people really care about.
    I also think you should let your beta community here know what your business model outlook is and whether it will impact existing free users. Are you going to keep this service free for us and only charge new trees in the future? …or will it be driven by ads, marriage services, etc…? I’m a little hesitent to get all my relatives to join and contribute only to find out down the road that we need to fork over a monthly/yearly fee (I wouldn’t pay), ESPECIALLY since there’s no GEDCOM export (and hence no way to take all the info we entered with us)!

  • Siv

    Hi, this is a brilliant site! Really great way of getting people together and a very easy to use interface. Mucho kudos to you guys.
    quick comment:
    I know my family is probably odd but I have a grandfather who married two sisters. Currently they are only linked as current/ex wives. It would be good if the facility existed to link them as sisters too.

  • Leonardo

    Great job with geni site.
    One thing must be corrected, is that in some family´s there are Cousin´s maried with Cousin´s, so it should be possible to join couples in the same family tree.

  • Maru

    Love the site! My only problem is avoiding duplicates. I have reached certain people from 2 different trees and there is no way to identify them as the same person. For example if my mother’s sister is married to my father’s brother, there is no way say that it’s the same person.

  • Sue

    I am very happy with Geni and have already seen a high level of family participation. Thank you!
    I would like to add to the requests for large-scale tree printing and PDF generation capacity. Maybe this is already in Geni’s plans, but I would be interested in an option to have a full tree professionally printed in poster form and delivered by courier (a bit like digital photo album services).
    A private discussion forum or bulletin board for the members of a given family tree would also be fantastic.

  • Julia

    Hi there,
    I have two improvements I would like to see on the site: 1. as already mentioned: wedding date for married couples, 2. the possibility to remove the photo option. There are several people in my family whom we have no photographs of because they were either born before photos could be taken or, and that is more important to me, they died before a photo could be taken: In my case, my stillborn sister. It is absolutely frustrating looking at this blank all the time, knowing it will never be filled. Thanks, and keep up geni! My whole family is hooked. Julia

  • Fredrik

    As a user from Sweden I’d like to be able to modify the invitation mail. Some of my relatives might not understand english and some might think it’s spam since it’s not in swedish.
    I’d also like this invitation mail (multiple versions even) to be saved so I could reuse it without retyping!

  • Joshua

    Excellent site. I have a functionality request.
    I would like to be able to add medical history / notes to a person’s profile. This way I can print my complete family medical history to take with me to the doctor. I am not sure what the HIPAA regulations are, but this would be very useful.

  • pegasus

    I am a bit worried about two security-related issues:
    First, it would be nice to be able to download a current version of the tree to protect all of our work in case has any kind of disaster. I have already had geni tie itself in knots because of some editing operation I did, resulting in cousins showing up as children, for example. I began to wonder what would happen if this had not been resolved. All of the weeks of work, down the drain.
    Our input to the tree should be thought of as an investment for future generations, even when geni no longer exists. It would be nice to have an export format that could be downloaded for safekeeping, as, for example, an Excel file.
    Second, I now have over 100 names in my tree. I would like to be able to invite many family members to view the tree. But as the number gets larger and some cousin’s grandchild gets invited to the tree as it now stands, there is nothing to keep him/her from doing mischief and deleting or defacing parts or all of the tree.
    I suggest that there should be a “view only” invitation possible, which carries no editing privilege.

  • Sandy

    1. I love your website.
    2. Please add print/scrapbooking capability.
    3. Please don’t charge too much. It’s diffucult to get people interested-but this is fun. (I can see charging a nominal fee once the site is more complex though. You’re doing a wonderful job with it.)

  • Steve

    I’m not sure if this was suggested yet, but I think the family tree list of modified profiles should include a indication of who made the update.

  • Peter

    Geni is great.
    My tree is growing fast.
    However now that I have 300+ persons in my tree the performance goes down the drain. It takes a lot of time to add a person, because every time the tree has to be build anew. Is there a way to improve that?
    Also it would be nice to see who added a picture to a profile. There are people adding pictures to my profile and I do not know where the pictures come from.
    Possibilities to print a tree (with profiles and pictures) would be nice.
    But for now it is a lot of fun.

  • Scott N.

    Great website! Heard about it on the Net@Nite Podcast with Leo and Amber.
    1. Definitely beef up the security (important for personal data)
    2. Ability to print to printer or pdf.
    3. Ability to export data to standard formats.

  • osCar

    I sent a link to my tree to my cousin. She said:
    I´m sorry,the link (www.geni com….) does not work –> error. It says “We are experiencing technical difficulties”.
    Now what?
    It would be nice if it would be possible to
    send an invitation to a friend for just viewing, not editing. Will that be possible?
    Metric system should be availible.
    Cool site!

  • Biscuit

    My cousin (the genealogist of the family) suggests: create a way to upload from Family Tree Maker to make it easy for folks to load ancestors without having to type them all in.

  • pegasus

    What about a printing utility that will print the entire tree on multiple pages, without requiring us to print, scroll, print, scroll, etc. ??

  • Jukka

    I couldn’t find Finnish under languages :( Remember also that we speak both Finnish and Swedish in Finland so it doesn’t depend on the country you choose.

  • Grancy

    I second the previous suggestions to have a space for marriage date/place info, more schools, maiden name listing on the box and would add a zip code box under contact info. A great site for sharing information about family histories. Thanks.

  • lmoritz

    I think that this site is fantastic and I love it….I have two suggestions:
    1) When adding the parents to a female it would be useful if it automatically put in the maiden name (if entered) as opposed to the married name.
    2) The ability to export to visio would be fantastic. I read that Outlook was mentioned but visio lends itself to the diagraming…or any diagramming tool really (visio has an xml component).
    Thank you for this site. It has made my project MUCH easier!

  • lmoritz

    As a note:
    My husband and I both changed our name but there is no where for him to put a “maiden name”
    My suggestion is instead of calling it “maiden name” you should call it “birth name” and allow both males and females to enter that information. [this would also work for adoptions]

  • Florence

    Hi – I love the Geni’s concept, and applaud your efforts to improve its function. One problem I have not been able to solve is how to get it to recognize that two people I have entered are the same. One of my grandfather’s sisters married one of my grandmother’s brothers, yet I have not been able to connect the two trees. I see that others have mentioned the same problem, and I hope it can be addressed. I also hope the security issue can be addressed (so that no one can destroy others’ hard work), and that the speed will be improved. The more I add, the slower it gets.

  • Michael

    In my profile under “languages” there was no “finnish” language option.

  • Ben

    Great site, it’s coming along nicely. I have a short list of comments for you to mull over (no particular order):
    1. PDF print mentioned above would be awesome, particularly being able to pull together as much of your family tree as possible… (I’ve got a large format plotter, so this would be cool, split page options for everything else)
    2. More pertinent, add school to each of the categories– “Elementary School” for me is 4 different schools.
    3. Adding parents to someone who has a maiden name defaults to the current last name.
    4. https wrapper for the whole site– could be self signed for all I care.
    5. Here’s a corner case for you to be sure to handle eventually: my late sister’s son was adopted by my first cousin. He’s my nephew, but also my first cousin once removed by adoption (IIRC).

  • Sarah

    Absolutely love the site – we’ve been looking for a way to get the whole family in on the family-tree-making for ages…
    One comment I haven’t seen mentioned: it’d be great to have BFA in the list of college degrees – there’s a lot of us artists out there who’d appreciate it greatly! ;)

  • Steve

    New suggestions after a few weeks of using your site:
    1. In the photo view within a profile there should be a next button if a user is looking at photo in large size.
    2. Photos would be greatly enhanced with a caption box (great way for distant relatives to keep family members updated on events in their life).
    3. As my family tree has grown to over 400 people, with many family members joining in, there has arisen a issue dealing with adopted children. I think there should be a two tier set up where a person can put in their parent info (as you have already), but there would be a check box for adoption. If a user checks the adoption box a new parent input would be available and the user can place their adopted (and legal) parent as their “current” parent (something like that). I envision the tree view to link the child to the biological parent (standard solid line) with a colored line linking the child to the adopted parent. Those are my two cents, but adding some way to deal with adoption issues would be great. As of now, I have a cousin who has reconnected with her birth parents (married) and her biological siblings. With the current settings I don’t believe there would be a way for her to add a second set of parents.
    Great site. Keep the improvements coming!

  • Jonas S

    I notice a couple of complaints about not showing wifes maiden name, the same goes for husband. Nowadays it is not unheard of husbands to change to the wifes last name or both changes to something else. People also do change name without getting merried.
    Also someone mentioned measurement as 5’12″, that is useless outside the US. You must add the metric system also.

  • Jonathan

    Email family members from geni
    Well, my tree grew nicely for the first two week, mostly thanks to three or four active family members. I would imagine it’s similar in every case – a few nodes on the tree do most of the building.
    We’ve now hit a wall and growth has stopped.
    I would love to be able to email all the nodes and encourage them to post pictures, information and add more family members…
    It would be great to be able to send a message to the entire tree from the geni interface!
    - Jonathan

  • Karen V.

    I have attempted to invite people only to read that their email ia already in use by another profile. In some cases this is because they have separate trees that could be merged.
    In another case, I put the person in the wrong position, invited them, realized the error and put their email into the corrected area. I not only could not delete the erroneous profile, but I was unable to invite them to the proper profile.
    Also, some families use the same email for multiple persons.

  • Karen V.

    I would like either a blank for religion or a place to show changes during the life. My grandmother was born Catholic, but left the church after marrying a divorced man and would have been offended to see that as a current religion, although it was important to her life story.
    A blank would also be useful because we could specify denomination and better locate church records.
    And blanks for ethnicity would be useful as many of us are hybrids- say Native American and Frenchm, or Sicilian-English.

  • Karen V.

    I would like a way of compressing the blank space or the extended list of siblings so that when I see the tree I don’t get lost in horizontal scrolling. My tree is already unreadable because my great grandfather had 13 children.

  • Ramon T

    This is related to another post about importing/exporting the file.
    I’d like to invite everyone, even far relatives, eventually to the family tree. The problem about this is that I don’t know some of them from Adam – so I’d like to be able to back things up just in case something unfortunate happens (like someone deleting everything, or if people have already logged in, someone editing everyone’s info).

  • Bryce

    Great site. Our family is loving it.
    Couple suggestions.
    1. It would be nice if I could easily reply to the author of a message left in my guestbook.
    2. It would be cool if you could leave a message for groups of people (for all my brothers & sisters, or just my in-laws, or my father’s brothers & sisters, or the entire family.)
    3. It would be cool if you could easily crop a photo that you upload to only one specific person in the photo.

  • Anna Chew

    Guys, this is fabulous, I started to invite my family members and today I have 64 on my tree! I just found out some of their real names running this exercise, it was all really exciting. We also connected to other family members all over the world.
    I have a few suggestions:
    1. Allow us to send bulk emails to all on the list (blocking of emails from others is also necessary of course) – emails can be hidden or made public
    2. Notification via email when a new entry is listed
    Keep up the good work! I’ll be reviewing you on my women’s portal site I’m sure a lot of women are keen on such ancestry tracking service.

  • Alan Levin

    I have an extended genealogy and I’ve been publishing my tree at
    Do you have – or are you planning – a GEDCOM import and export capability? It will greatly enhance you chances of success (although I love what I see)
    Kind regards

  • Andreas

    Thanks for an absolutly briliant site! we have now 150+ nodes and a tree extending as far back as 1638.
    A suggestion:
    As we are a large family i would be great to see what updates other family members have done in the tree since my last log in.
    Keep up the good work
    /Andreas, Sweden

  • Fredrik

    You could use the space of the “Enter email” for other purposes once the user is registered, for example put in tiny icons for web site, skype, msn.
    There should also be a “collapse tree” icon (on all connections) to be able to reduce the scope of the tree so you could focus on certain parts of the tree. Would be great when adding new relatives that gets added way out on a branch and then you have to scroll back a mile to add the next.
    There should be an option to delete relations that have been made in error, not just change them. I have a case where there’s been a complex “threesome” created by error and I can’t delete the persons involved (despite one having an “X” displayed) or the relations, so the tree is at a halt there until this can be resolved!

  • Jörgen Björkman

    Nice to see the new update, it allowed me to remove duplicates in my tree.
    Here comes some ideas/feature requests for future upgrades.
    As I am swedish I would like my family tree in swedish with all relations in swedish. Please remember that we distinguish between paternal grandfather (farfar) and maternal grandfather (morfar). The same goes for aunt’s and uncles.
    Family Tree:
    There are 176 people in my family tree that are displayed on 18 pages. I would like an option to display them on one page that I could save as a PDF or RTF document.
    The relation column says “first cousin” about my father’s sister’s dauthter, I would like it to say “first cousin by my aunt Anna-Lisa” or “first cousin by my father’s sister Anna-Lisa”.
    I have an “uncle’s ex-wife”, but the family column doesn’t say wich uncle she was married to.
    The family column should also report ex-relationships.
    My maternal grandmother was married two times, my mother is the youngest daughter from the second marriage. My grandmother’s first husband i reported as my mother’s stephfather. This is wrong since they’ve never met and do not have a relationship.
    He is also erraniously reported as my ancestor when he is not a blood relative of mine. One should not always inherit all your parents relationships.
    My uncle’s ex-wife’s family is included in my family list ie “uncle’s ex-partner’s ex-husband’s mother”. This is too far away and not any blood relation to me and I would like an option to remove them from my family list. I’d like my uncle’s ex-wife to remain because she is the mother of my first cousin’s. Her family is not a decendant to my ancestors.
    I would like an option to display a persons immediate family list (herself, her parents her siblings and her children) the starting point could be any person in my family tree, not just myself.
    The Action column should have two more options, View Immediate Family Tree and View Immediate Family List (see above)
    When Viewing my mothers family list the column added by should be from her point of view (ie it should not be added by ‘Me’ when it is her son that has added the persons to the family tree, preferrably this column should always contain the display name of the person that added to the three.
    The Recently Added Family List sort by Last name does not sort by last name.
    Ancestors should only report blood relatives and not stepparents. or an option to remove stepparents.
    Decendants should not report stepchildren or have an option to remove stepchildren.
    Family Tree:
    An option to Save the family tree as a JPG image with the following options: entire family tree, immediate family tree (parents, children and siblings), a persons ancestor tree and a persons decendants tree.

  • Jörgen Björkman

    My Father and Mother were never married. They split up when I was four. My mother married my stephfather when I was eleven.
    An Ex-partner should not use the terms married and divorced in their relationship, use something like met and separated. It is also common for people to meet and possibly have children before they marry. The relationship should not be described as “first marriage”, it should use a more neutral term like “first relationship”.
    Perhaps add a relationship event log where you can add one or more events with date and place with the following event codes:
    Met, Engaged, Married, Divorced, Broke of engagement, separated, … (take suggestions on event codes from others or allow us to add our own codes). Each event should have a free text field where you can describe the event and/or the reason for that event. These events should be listed chronolgically on the persons profile.
    Also add an event log to each person where you can add events with date and place for a person with event codes like:
    Born, Died, Baptised, Graduated, Became parent, Married … (take suggestions on event codes from others or allow us to add our own codes). Each event should have a free text field where you can describe the event and/or the reason for that event. These events should be listed chronolgically on the persons profile.