Congratulations to Our 2nd Curator Appreciation Month Winner!

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We’re excited to announce our second Curator Appreciation Month winner, Laura Harmon! We hope you enjoy your complimentary 6-month subscription to Geni Pro! Laura shared her experience with Curator Erica Howton. Check out her story below:

I was looking up something and I ended up finding her and I found out that I was connected to her, so I asked how. She told me how we were connected and I didn’t realize one of the names so I asked if she had that person in her tree because I didn’t have them in mine. She then asked if I knew how Geni worked, I answered no because I wasn’t sure how I had been related to the person that we had in common. She explained what Geni was. She told me that Ancestry was a standalone tree (I had mentioned to her that I had used Ancestry) and that Geni was completely different, it was a world tree and that people had others in their tree that could be attached to someone in your tree. The whole tree that the other person had is now attached to your tree by the common ancestor you both had.

It all made sense now. I can now understand why I am connected to so many people on Geni and not be confused about how I’m related. She helped me out a lot and she is probably the best curator I have come in contact with. Extremely helpful with everything.

Congratulations, Laura! Have you submitted your Curator story? Send it to us and you could win a FREE Geni Pro subscription. Check out the contest details here. Due to the Thanksgiving holiday next week, we’ll be announcing our third winner of the month the following Monday. 

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