Discover your Irish ancestors

Posted March 17, 2010 by Geni | No Comment

Today is Saint Patrick’s Day – do you know where your Irish ancestors are? Geni makes it easy to discover them – if you do have ancestors born in Ireland you’ll find them here:

Your Irish ancestors list

The statistics feature is another great way to view this and to fill in missing data.

View your country of birth chart

If you have a lot of Irish ancestry, they’ll show up right in this chart. If you only have a few, they’ll show up in the “Other” slice.

Use the “Missing Data” slice to view a list of your ancestors that don’t have a country of birth entered.

Use the “Edit Profiles” tab to enter the missing data right on the same page.

Remember – when you enter data about your ancestors, your whole family benefits. And the more data you enter, the better your tree matches get and the faster your tree will grow!


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