Do You Share Personality Traits with Your Ancestors?

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When it comes to family resemblances, we often talk about the physical similarities between ourselves and our relatives and ancestors. From a cousin who shares the same eyes of a grandparent to a baby nephew who is the spitting image of his second great grandfather, these similarities are frequently a popular topic of any family get-together.

Do You Share Personality Traits with Your Ancestors?

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But what about personality traits? Has a relative ever commented that you share your grandfather’s sense of adventure? Or perhaps your calm and friendly disposition is exactly the same as your great aunt? It’s interesting to hear about these similarities in personality from your relatives, especially when comparing them to relatives who have long passed.

Just knowing you share personality and physical characteristics helps make us feel a little closer to our family’s past. As we look back on our ancestors, stories about our loved ones are remembered and shared. It’s important to record these stories and carry them with us in to keep their memory alive for future generations.

Do you or anyone in your family share similar personality traits with your relatives or ancestors? Let us know in the comments below!

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